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  1. Aldwyn is the best. Very open and honest.

  2. Thanks for always looking out

  3. crystalrose is great. Right on target.

  4. It’s always a pleasure to speak with Tiffany. She brightens your day with her great advice

  5. Some interesting people in my life, and I needed to get a perception-check on the signals I think I’m getting. Shasha is very quick, and I’m confident of her accuracy because of what she mentions that could not be inferred from what I say. Excellent reader, compassionate yet straightforward, and easy to talk to. Not to mention that she could easily be charging three times what she does…

  6. Thank you for listening and your great energy.

  7. Nelly continues to be a superb coach and psychic seeing-eye dog in a problematical but often wonderful relationship I’m in. Just this evening, my beloved made an overture of healing that is most welcome but potentially fraught, and Nelly gave me just what I needed to take the next step with the confidence that it’s the *right* step.

  8. Jaclyn thanks so much for your honesty,

  9. LoveTiffany , your amazing like always and you know how I feel and my situation. You always have the right words to say. Your so full of love and peace. Your honesty and comprehension means alot to me. Your my number 1 in my heart. Your not judgemental. Thank you for being there when I need to talk to someone.bi love you and have an awesome day.

  10. Aldwyn, thanks for the excellent work

  11. Thank you Suprinam for some great insights you have.

  12. GiftedMary,thank for your many helps into my relationship with him. I’ll wait!

  13. “Lucas has been the secret decoder ring for me in a
    developing relationship where my beloved’s process is
    somewhat veiled (not to say convoluted) and some of her
    feelings are not on the surface. In this, Lucas has been
    enormously helpful in my refining of my own intuition and
    clarity as I learn my sweet-heart’s ebbs-and-flows. This
    evening I was introduced to her mother & stepdad, and I
    called Lucas to debrief a bit. As always, Lucas was very
    quick in her reads, and brought out some important
    details that I can stick away for later. Thank you, Lucas!”

  14. “PsychicKim1 has been SO very helpful as I navigate the vagaries
    of a slowly-developing, slowly-building relationship with
    an amazing but also somewhat wounded woman… my
    sweet-heart keeps her feelings very veiled in some ways,
    and Ps insightsychicKim1 and superb talents as an empath have
    helped me to not make any really-major missteps (except
    maybe one, but that’s because I wasn’t paying attention).

    PsychicKim1 is clear & direct, and her maturity and integrity are
    above reproach. I will certainly continue to call her as this
    thing unfolds and changes.”

  15. “MysticSage is really quick, she’s got tremendous compassion and
    integrity, and she has a really clear view of what’s really going on.
    I appreciate her straightforward style, and she’s got a great sense
    of humor, as well. At her per-minute rate, her skills are a bargain.”

  16. Very precise and you’re truly gifted. Thank you Thulla .

  17. Thank You jaclyn <3

  18. Thank you, Aldwyn, for telling it like it is

  19. Spot on with this write-up, I truly believe that this website needs far more
    attention. I’ll probably be returning to see more, thanks for the advice!

  20. I listen to u waited a day or so and he did text me… even thou we are still complicated now, still thx for ur help PsychicGem , I’ll stay strong.

  21. Geralyn Gahagen

    Thank you once again Allseemarla. If you could please send me the ending of your last sentence, I would really appreciate it nevertheless she’s someone you can trust. xx

  22. Divine, love to hear what you have to say as always comes to pass even when I think it’s impossible! thank you for your support, insight and clarifying things for me.

  23. I need MamaSita every time i am confused… She is the best guiding me and give me strength

  24. Erica Castillioni

    Excellent reading! Picked up my situation very quickly. Can’t wait for her predication’s to come to light.

  25. Thanks Missaleen for advising me on questions around my son and daughter. You have been able to reassure me and answer my concerns even though my internet is cutting off us twice. I tried to reach you again after moving to another spot but you were gone already. Will try to speak with you again in the future. Thanks a lot, Viv

  26. Topaz has been so patient guiding me along this dreadfully long path without a single hesitation. Her guidance, support, and confidence in my future continues to surprise and motivate me!

  27. Wow she is the one and the best I was talking to her and ask when I’m gonna see him she say sat or sun and then she say I see strong feeling today wow. When she say that he was there in front of me at my work I love her she is the best and most accurate, what Nicola say always come true thank you

  28. I had an amazing reading and connection with Huni. She gave me wonderful insight into situations and gave tremendous advice. Thank you

  29. Nadia confirmed everything I have been told. I am grateful she is here for me. Highly recommend! She picks up and knows things without asking for sepecific details.

  30. Jenny Lachapelle

    What can I say…in matters of love, Nicola has always had strong intuitive precognition. I have no idea how it works–where she gets this otherworldly ability to sense the ‘now’ and predict ‘what’s next’…but more often than not, she is right over the target. When you read with her, it’s very apparent she is being thoughtful, sincere–and is fully conscious that what she is saying is heavy stuff–it’s uber important to those of us that seek her out. I appreciate this–and I can feel it. She doesn’t blow smoke or give out feel-good words–she reads responsibly. I asked her to lay the truth on me–no matter what it was, my sanity needs that. She came back unequivocally that this man wants me and will be back to reconcile our bond. Nothing much more I can do but see how it unfolds. But I am very fond of this reader and respect her intellect, her creative expression in trying to convey which has to be ‘looking through a glass darkly’ at times–and most of all, her professional integrity. With Nicola , you get the best that she’s got to give.

  31. Thank u She knew what was going on why my situation before I even mentioned! Fab reading

  32. Thanks Aris! Living and understanding the spiritual path has been so much easier with your guidance over the last two years. I realize I was a slow learner, so I appreciate your patience and even now when I get bogged down with the human aspects of it all, I am grateful that you still show me patience and understanding. Your support and insight have helped me to heal and walk my path. Still working on differentiating the linear from the spiritual but I am slowly but surely getting my footing. Much love and light your way!

  33. Aww IntuitAlex… long journey for me and you continue to amaze me with your insight…. and predictions which have all come to be…. So glad I found you….

  34. love readings with MamaSita. always exciting and spiritual and love to learn how to enhance my psychic abilities with her.

  35. Missj is an angel. She is like a sister mother best friend role into one. She knows exactly why I’m calling and she answers my question before I ask it. She is very spiritual and helps with any negative energy you may be feeling, she eases your mind and your soul. She got in touch with my relatives who passed on and validated that your loved ones truely do live on around you, guiding you and protecting you. She is genuine, insightful and tells you the truth. Excellent advisor, true psychic, wonderful human being. You cant go wrong with a reading from her. Love Missj .

  36. I always love our readings. MissJ is fabulous. She amazes me everytime I talk to her. Thanks for always being there. You are the best.

  37. Had a very detailed reading with Bensua, she saw alot regarding a past situation that I never brought up but she knew. Gave me good news for the near future. Got disconnected before I could thank her and wish her many blessings.

  38. Amazing!!! She feels me and helps calm me. She helps me stay focused and grounded!! Love her!!

  39. LadyLight’s always amazing. Thanks for helping me navigate this spiritual journey. Lots of love and gratitude 🙂

  40. GiftedGeorge is insightful and truly picks up on the truth of what is happening.

  41. MissTula is phenomenal and supportive and has a gift.

  42. You must give Dorothy. I a try totally happy with my reading

  43. I was amazed at how much she was able to pick up on without me saying anything…that alone is enough. Will wait for predictions to unfold. Thank you Catalina

  44. Loved MissTula, I have to say she will be one of my favorites. She confirmed what others have said, and she made me feel better about the situation. Thanks MissTula!

  45. Catalina deserves a 1000 stars I have been reading with her for months now and everything is unfolding exactly as she said

  46. Katey’s correct. Timing nobody seems to be accurate at however, if you want the end result call Kimberly. She really does read your soul.

  47. Thanks Catalina! Living and understanding the spiritual path has been so much easier with your guidance over the last two years. I realize I was a slow learner, so I appreciate your patience and even now when I get bogged down with the human aspects of it all, I am grateful that you still show me patience and understanding.

  48. Very accurate, with time frame. Will definitely get back to Lynn whenever I need her advice. Thanks Lynn.

  49. Such short time, but Robin is always gives an honest reading; not telling me what I want to hear. Thank you!

  50. As others have said, Topaz is all you could ask for. Caring, honest, and accurate. A recent prediction of hers came true, though I doubted it would. Now I’m just waiting and watching for more to happen, and I know they will. Timing has been good too. I’m confident in her, try her. Then you’ll be posting your own review, like me. Many thanks aren’t enough Topaz!

  51. So powerful and wise. I feel blessed to have had these readings from Dom.

  52. Thanks so much Andrea for fantastic advice. I love the reading and I hope and pray it will happen. Thanks for being wonderful and uplifting. Blessings

  53. Kristen Bramlett

    Thank you very much! You were so accurate with describing how things have been. Lucas you’re a talented, gifted advisor. Many blessing right back at cha!

  54. I loved reading with Fiona. She’s such a nice, funny and caring lady. Also, all her prediction came true so even if not all is bright and shiny but she told me the truth. It’s good.

  55. Very reassuring. This is the second time that Aldwyn has predicted a money matter for me turning out ok, and the time frame for it is WOW. Good outcome has happened which she predicted and others said would take longer to solve. Just awaiting final confirmation that the transfer is complete. Thank you Aldwyn!

  56. Gabrielle McMillan

    First chat reading ever. She was very kind and I felt connected to my situation. Serenity gave me tools to help manifest my situation. I hope it works out the way she felt it will. She even sent me a message after the reading which I felt demonstrates her caring nature. I would recommend her.

  57. Starangle seemed to be genuine & confident with her predictions; Indeed, her predictions come to pass after 2 months.

  58. I’m blown away! Kindness, knowledge, compassion, insight, what a wonderful and amazing woman Solutions is, simply fabulous. Thank you for easing my mind and helping me clarify what needs to be done.

  59. I simply love Deanna she is also a top psychic adviser of mines and she always gives me and exciting, explosive reading and i’m always in a positive uplifted mood after chatting with her..Excellent.

  60. Every time I speak with Norie, our connection is stronger and I have a better appreciation for her patience and understanding while guiding me on this journey. Slowly things are coming to fruition, I can not wait for what awaits and write her to tell her she was right along. Norie is truly an angel and a blessing to us all. Thank you for your ability to touch my soul and see the unseen in me.

  61. OMG I felt special. Thank you for the lovely words Melissa, lightened my heart, hopefully solved my mystery. Lifted my spirits I feel teary like I have met a kindred spirit without ever met someone. Thank you Melissa, will let you know when predictions come to fruition. Thank you

  62. Thank you so much, Serenity! Serenity made me feel so relaxed with her reading, she is very friendly and has a calming energy and I have been under a lot of mental stress with regards to a friend, who does not communicate very well at all.

  63. Thank you so much. The time seems to run out on the right moment lol. Sorry couldn’t say goodbye to you properly. Thank you for giving me positive and hopeful message. Wish things go smoothly in August just like you said. Xoxo

  64. Amazing!!! Very impressed. Essential is fast and to the point. Really enjoyed the reading. Will call again

  65. Shirley Caesar

    My first reading is with Serenity and she is awesome!! We hit it off and I will continue to call her for updates.

  66. Crystal Beagley

    Great with energy. I feel she picked up in my situation and my poi accurately without much detail other than my sharing my thoughts and feelings.

  67. I’m so grateful for having her in my life. Sunshine is a real psychic.

  68. Tiffany Norris

    Melissa’s very warm, friendly and very connected to my situation… was able to pinpoint details without me telling her!! Appreciated her awesome advice and insight!! Loved the reading!

  69. Katherine Jenkins

    A short but sweet 10 minute reading. Thanks. Violet’profile is an accurate description of her. Straightforward, accurate and honest. No fluff and fishing for answers. Present, past and future addressed.

  70. Andrea was GREAT! I got a lot of information and even some homework for me to practice which I really loved learning about. SORRY it cut off on you Andrea, I didn’t get to say goodbye, but I wanted to thank you and I will be back for sure 🙂

  71. CherryLyn was spot on when I asked her about my relationship with my partner. She truly put my mind at ease and gave me wonderful advice. I will definitely be coming back.

  72. I am truly grateful and so fond of Serenity because she is just uniquely gifted, and I love her personal style. I am touched of what she saw. Her views matter a lot to me. Thank you, Serenity.

  73. I have had readings from many different psychos and I’ve learned over time the ones that are authentic. Ginnie is excellent and immediately connected with me. I felt like I had been knowing her forever!!!!

  74. Wow! MissTula immediately pick up on significant things from my recent past without me mentioning any hints of it. She picked up on my energy dead on.

  75. Hunter, I will be calling you soon to keep you updated on what happens. I am so glad though, that I finally got myself back and have no interest in my ex anymore. I even somewhat regret giving him so much time and energy in the past but we live and we learn.. At least I didn’t marry him! I really hope things pick up with this new guy. I feel such a positive energy about it and I always have a feeling that he is a good person.

  76. Thank you Lotti. After we talked, I received an email that I didn’t get the job we discussed. You are so right with it so yes i’ll follow you about the other job who gave me an offer.

  77. Great as always!!!!! Thank you Emma!!! I believe and trust in all that you see unfolding in my love life–a life that has been enriched tenfold because of your guiding love and light. Have a happy, blessed Thanksgiving my dearest friend!

  78. I am so glad a call back I haven’t talked to you for 2-3 months. What can I say? You cleared my insecurities about me & M. I’m looking forward to your predictions. I love the part about my perfume & something personal of mine that he has that he smells and I realized that I fix leave something up there. I wish I could hear the last part of our call. I am staying patient & will call again. You are amazing Alison.

  79. Thank you so much Freyalana and it was wonderful to hear your calming voice again. Thank you for being there through this crazy journey with me on both fronts. You have been grounding and caring and someone to count on always. Sorry it seemed so rushed at the end….I knew would not have the opportunity to add so I apologize for that! Thank you for your vision, thoughtfulness and accuracy Freyalana.

  80. Your last reading has stayed with me Melissa. The advice to”not climb in the cocoon with him” hit home so as I wait I’m busy like a butterfly doing my thing. Thank you Melissa…

  81. As I have said before, sharing time with you Robin is like being in Heaven. I cannot think of a more delightful person to share my thoughts and feelings with. Thank you, my friend and in my heart and soul, you truly are..

  82. Her readings are supremely accurate, honest, realistic, hopeful, intelligent and always bathe in genuine caring and warmth. My coffee tasted a hundred fold better after our replenishing conversation this morning dear, dear friend. Thank you my dear Robin.”

  83. Excellent as always! I will talk to you again Constantine. I love you so much! You’re the best guide. Thank you.

  84. Thank you Angelica for talking to me last night. You helped me tremendously. You are amazing!! Thank You for all you do. Lots of Love..XOXOXO

  85. Renee was nice. The prediction came to pass just a few weeks after the reading. I’m so happy.

  86. What else can I possibly say about Liam except that he has kindness and decency personified. I just adore him!

  87. It’s always a comfort to speak with Katerena. She has such a gentle way about her and her readings are always excellent.

  88. Freyalana is the best of the best. You don’t have to say much of anything, she is in tune and can read your situation. If you want the truth and a solution, choose Freyalana as she will guide you in the right direction!

  89. Thank you for reading. The world needs more people like you that shows love, kindness and tenderness to other people that really impress me about you!! You always have a kind word to meand it’s sooo nice talking to you…..xoxoxo

  90. OMG! You’re so amazing Ginnie. I wish i could have continued but i ran out of funds but will call you in a month to update and finish reading. I would love to finish and get more insight….. Thank you so much, u are really amazing and real…

  91. luv, luv luv…. Thank you Shemere. I know in my heart your predictions will no doubt come to pass.

  92. Thank you for always calming me down. I always call Dora when there is a pressing question, doubt, or when I just need answers.. she is so ethical and trustworthy. She will always tell you the good with the bad, and she always gives me bits of information no one else ever picks up on.

  93. May your time away bring you something extra special. You are always spot ON BIG HUGS Angelica!!!

  94. Joan is a excellent advisor. She’s very accurate and gives good advise.

  95. I love her! Ruby is my go to. Never steers me wrong & always remembers where we picked off last. I call her weekly and she keeps me sane.

  96. Liam! You’re phenomenal! Liam, thank you so much! God bless you! Thank God!

  97. So sorry we ran out of time, Shemere! Thank you for making me feel warmth whenever we speak. I will talk to you soon! Hopefully tomorrow. I wish I had a ton of money to speak with you Shemere… Take care…

  98. The best! Juliann knew names of family members, and things I never told him. Juliann’s excellent!

  99. Even with limited time, Robin accurately describes POI and any history involved.

  100. Robert is one of a kind reader. I left the reading filled with hope and peace of mind. Will wait on prediction, but feeling very assured.

  101. Sita, it’s been 5 months since our last communication so it was a pleasure to connect with you this time again. Thank you for your reading. Will let you know how this turns out with MR. I’m still very much interested but I am also aware that he needs to handle things on his end first and foremost. Thank you for your lovely compliments. You are such a beautiful person Sita and a delight to speak to.

  102. Luke remembered me from a year ago. He makes me feel better especially during really hard times.

  103. I’m so sorry we got cut off, Ms. Stephanie. You were absolutely amazing and very accurate. You picked up on things that no one on here had ever done. You are amazing! Here to your predictions to come to pass!

  104. Hi Kim. Thanks for thinking of me and sending me a message. If only I could reply back on that message thread… Anyway, thank you for the wonderful phone reading last week. It was comforting to get some assurances.

  105. Doreen is great. She predicted a man would return to my life and he sure enough did. We’ve hit a bump in the road and she feels he will be back.

  106. Incredible lady and extremely gifted! Tula has been spot on eversince.

  107. I love talking with Ginnie. She sees the situation perfectly and gives me accurate information. She even gave me the initial to a person in question and gave me insight. Very detailed and unbelievably correct. Whenever she reads for me she will say things as if she already knew them without me even telling her. She just blew me away each time. WOW! She is one of my trusted ones.

  108. Ivana Patterson

    Wow!!! Thank you Christopher. You have a deep kindness in your soul. I found the reading to be very positive and uplifting. I will keep in touch. Thank you and God bless.

  109. Spot on.. Thanks again Tanya.

  110. Wonderful as always! I am very excited and optimistic to see the predictions Ruby gave me for the next couple months manifest. Thank you so much for everything, you will have a returning customer in me.

  111. Martha, the little girl from the French alps’ thanking you :-), and I will call you back another day – you are amazing! and I felt very connected to the conversation with you! Thank you!!

  112. Alex always keeps it real. I love his spirit, his compassionate nature, his kind and honest readings. He calls it as he sees it. He answers my questions whole-heartedly and with conviction. It is always a wonderful pleasure to speak with Alex. Plenty of hugs to you, Alex!

  113. Nicholas, thank you for remembering me and my situation immediately! Haha. Thank you for the advice as well. I needed to hear that.

  114. Sharon Saint Germain

    Ran out of funds but will call her back later. Georgina, I trust you and cannot tell you enough of how much I enjoy speaking with you.

  115. Gabrielle takes my breath away with her scintillating gift of seeing. She warms my heart with her genuine caring for those who seek her advice and guidance. She fortifies my faith in all that is loving and joyous, and true in this world and in the sweet abundance of the Universe. You are a treasure of treasures my dearest friend and guide and adviser Gabrielle.

  116. Highly accurate. You are such great blessings to talk to, Alex .

  117. Excellent! I appreciated the fact that you remembered me and our earlier conversation! Thanks for your accurate insights and I look forward to speaking with you again Vivian!

  118. Thank you Michelle for calming me down today. I have been struggling with my ordeal for a long period of time now..this October would make 7 years. Just your kind way of explaining things helped me very much. Thank you and God bless your beautiful soul.

  119. Elizabeth Curtis

    Cindy really is truly gifted and real. She knows what is going on and still sticks to her first projection. She remembers me and the first reading I had with her. How can that be I don’t even remember what I did yesterday This just shows that she is a gifted and real Psychic. Thanks and God Bless Cindy.

  120. Patricia Atieh

    Nina is amazing!! Her predictions have come to pass. I called to thank her and she gave me more to watch for. I’m so excited that finally I’ve found an advisor that reads my situation and is not sugar coating it. Thank you.

  121. Gloria Karpinski

    Delightful! Marie’s reading was not general. Shes definitely is gifted and goes in depth. I will call her back.

  122. Lauren Waymouth

    Kristine is such a lady! Every time I speak to Kristine, she makes you feel so welcome and taking care of is delicious what can I say!

  123. What a blessing to be able to talk to this lady. Martha gave me one of the best readings I have ever had and kept it short and to the point. She is truly wonderful!

  124. Lisa, as you said it would happen: The man with the birthday the same as your dad left the relationship with the girl who is named after a cocktail. You said there would be 2 more bumps. We have definitely encountered the first one. Thank you Lisa.

  125. Ok, I’m going to follow your advice and text him like you said. I’ll try my best to see if me and him can talk either on the phone or face to face. Just in case I’ll call you tomorrow to see what options I have left. Noel, thank you for everything.

  126. You’re excellent Kristine. I am looking forward to your predictions to come true. I will call again when I get more funds.

  127. Katherine gave me specifics and insights into an incredibly difficult and convoluted situation that only a woman with her true capabilities could have. Katherine did not tell me what to do, but she showed me what I already knew and helped me to embrace it.

  128. Readings have been over the last seven months. They are now just starting to happen as always stated by this truly gifted advisor. I am blessed to have had Tula. I have learned that that things will happen when divine timing dictates. We must be prepared when they do. My gratitude to all of you. Tula, what can I say? We have
    a lot to talk about! 🙂

  129. Great! Gia knows so many things and has been right on for me! Thanks for your advice, and showing me the direction that I have chosen. Lots to think about & do. I always feel uplifted after I get off the phone. Thank you for that too!

  130. Ginnie, you continue to amaze me with your compassion and consistency! You know how much I pray for the outcome you see although it feels less attainable than ever! That said, I know in my heart that if you didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel you’d never encourage me to stay the course. And I suppose the charts you drew are evidence of this. So thank you, for friendship, a good laugh, wisdom and encouragement–the chart does resonate and I think you are totally awesome, regardless of the outcome!!

  131. Excellent and calming as usual. Gia is incredible!!! Let me tell you i used just about all the 5 star advisors and Gia is hands down the best one.

  132. I’ve been reading with Sita for years. Needless to say, her gift is undeniable. Lately, I’ve gotten into the routine of taking notes and her predictions have come to fruition. At the time of the readings, I would think ” no way”, and it’s not only come to pass, but it’s delivered in a gentle, confident manner. If I had to put it in percentages, Sita would hit it on a 95% success rate…. And that’s no joke. It’s a true blessing.

  133. Ginnie is amazing as usual… Just waiting for the prediction to pass now… So hard since I am not very good in waiting…

  134. Oh Amelia, I thank you so much! Sure hope you are right on the new headway! been a long time coming!!

  135. Christopher is truly great psychic. Talked to me a long time tonight and calmed me about the Chuck situation. Said we are definitely life partners and he’ll come around soon.

  136. I love you, Molly. Shalom! I don’t know what I would do without you! Thanks my love – you were absolutely correct, it’s a reality show I’ll be casted! Thank you.

  137. Had a short reading but I love her sincerity. Thank you so very much, Dee.

  138. Amelia is whip-smart, wickedly funny, eerily accurate and gently wise.

  139. Molly is a true gem. She connects thoroughly with you and is able to articulate the situation and/or person precisely and clearly. She pinpointed the day he would call and he did! Her psychic ability along with your strong astrological understanding gives you a wholesome reading with substance. She is the best on here!

  140. Thank you Donovan, you’re always in my heart! You are so gifted.

  141. I waited patiently in line for a very short, honest, to the point conversation with Donovan. Donovan help me to make a very important decision, and I am very grateful for that.

  142. This was the first time a spoke with Donovan, he was wonderful. He read everything so clearly. He helped me see other ways to go. Other things to look for. It was a wonderful reading. Thank you so much. God Bless.

  143. Another great reading! Robin is fantastic, and once again picked up on details without my telling her. She is definitely worth the wait to get through to. You won’t be disappointed!

  144. Serena’s ever so patient. Always good talking to her. She is awesome.

  145. Thank you again for everything, Ashley. I can’t begin count the number of “ah ha” moments I’ve had with you.

  146. My reading was absolutely the greatest. Tammy is fantastic, I got all the answers I was looking for. She gave me a calm and peaceful feeling which I also needed

  147. Pamela has become a very special friend. She is my Earth Angel. I do not know what I would have done without her. Thank you Pamela.

  148. Charmaine Van Loon

    First time talking to Alexis, she was great! Picked up on the nuances of him, me and the situation! Didn’t get the best of news, but that was Ok for me to hear.

  149. Freya is a good reader. I have read with many psychics but this lady opened my eyes. Thanks for helping me out.

  150. Dee was patient, compassionate and honest with her reading. She reaffirmed my feelings about my situation but gave me honest truths about what was really going on. I feel more clarity about the situation moving forward. Thank you Dee!

  151. I give this rating because it was the first time she assisted me. I consult psychics and get as many deals on readings as I can because I am beside myself with a situation. Kiera confirmed what the others say and I love believing she is.

  152. Ginnie is 100% awesome. I got all the answers I needed.

  153. Her spirit connections are so nurturing. Ginnie’s very awesome.

  154. I could tell that Amber truly pours her heart into her work. She played a role in my continuing path of healing, and I am beyond grateful.

  155. Amazing! I had very specific questions. Zylisaa confirms I am on the right path.

  156. I really enjoyed my reading with Amber. She was very honest, but not in a derogatory manner. She didn’t sugarcoat things either. I also appreciated that she didn’t attempt to offer counseling advice.

  157. I wish I could give more stars! Lupe connected immediately and repeated to me what spirit said to her and without me giving her any details she listed about three very specific things that are accurate. She also picked up on another person who I didn’t mention at all and gave me great advice about the situation. Do yourself a favor and call Lupe with your questions.

  158. I felt Troy picked up on the situation accurately. Very quick too.

  159. Wow, Maya is great empath! I can feel her sincerity. She’s very nice too.

  160. Carol told me something specific I know for a fact is true! She is picking up on thought processes, she’s really good!

  161. You were awesome, Katerena. I got so much from my reading. Thank you for your insight. I would love to chat again.

  162. I really appreciate Carol, her guidance has helped me so much in dealing with relationship challenges. She is really cool and very sweet and is so confident in the information she provides. Highly recommend her. Only advice it helps to be prepared with what you specifically want to ask : )

  163. Molly is good she described him like a book! I have talked to many advisors. She is one of them very kind and good.

  164. Maya got right to the point of all the questions I had and picked up on everything so fast. She’s very accurate and no sugarcoating, which I loved. Would definitely call again.

  165. Thanks so much for your time and insight, Alex! Thank you for the truth.

  166. As always, Penelope reads the poi thoughts and feelings with complete accuracy which is very important stuff to know. Ty Penelope.

  167. Stephen McBride

    Thank you for your insight. You are so awesome, Sena. Thank you again.

  168. I thought I would give Sam one more try. As always, Sam gave a detailed and accurate reading.

  169. I love Tula. She’s very honest. She reads with such confidence.

  170. Sadie Maighread

    I am grateful for your bare knuckle truth, Nicole! That what I asked for and needed! I really appreciate your thoughts and encouragement to get me thru each day.

  171. Dorothy Cornova

    Jem’s good! She read him very well and did say that contact was coming. She was right.

  172. Michelle Davies

    Carol is very direct. You need to ask her to slow down. She is good in reading my current situation. She is good in what she is doing. Accurate. I will try her again.

  173. Absolutely honest, accurate, and cuts through the fluff in the head of the person I had inquired about. Thomas never fails to deliver!

  174. Very sweet and honest, loved talking to her… Grace eased any pain I was feeling.

  175. Maria seems to be accurate, she read the man I was involved with pretty well. She will tell you to be quiet as she ask her questions to her guides, cards or whatever she uses. She even told me I can’t connect with him if you’re talking to me at the same time.

  176. Guadalupe Bernal

    Debra is excellent! She gave me answers to my questions without having a clue about a situation. Nothing made sense to her but it was perfectly logical to me. Only her, of all psychics I asked, told me that my bf is with our neighbor at that moment-which I already knew, that told me I could trust her answers. Thank you Debra.

  177. I love talking to Shana. She is always very accurate in reading feelings and picking up on the energy of others. My readings have been so helpful to me and I so much appreciate her time and patience with me.

  178. Very accurate!! I enjoyed talking with Katerena. She made me feel more sure about my decision.

  179. I called to ask Carol about a woman and a job. She said yes to the woman if I can wait a year and “yes” to the job after my third interview. I got word today that I was hired. I’m very happy.

  180. Maya’s extremely gifted. I had an excellent reading with her!

  181. I have read with Ginnie three times. I sense she is always accurate, because her readings about the same person I ask about are always the same. So, I know Ginnie is intuitive.

  182. Maya is always spot on! I appreciate the reading with her.

  183. Dee seemed really nice and sweet. She told me twice that me and my ex were going to get back together. Dee is really good with picking up their feelings and emotions.

  184. Always my go to when I really need to know what someone is thinking. Thanks, Tammy!

  185. Wow! Astonishingly accurate, comforting yet honest. Amber told me things other people actually said – word for word. Many thanks to Amber and the angels she helped connect me with!

  186. I have high hopes. I do hope your prediction happens that he comes back in a romantic committed way! Shelly, am so happy because of you.

  187. Ginnie is pretty good and she’s my go to girl for now… I really like her.

  188. Love Jasmine! She can tell you what someone is thinking and won’t leave out the good stuff. Thanks.

  189. Patricia is always correct. She says info that she would have no way of knowing!

  190. I no longer have the words to describe how close she allows you to get you your loved ones here and now… Thank you, Ginnie.

  191. Amazing! Saul, you are the best.

  192. She is awesome. Maya is my go to person.

  193. Ginnie is amazing! She just spits things out that doesn’t quite make sense at the time until it actually happens. Ginnie sees good things for me and my guy. Am hoping she’s right on track.

  194. Right on target on all readings. Richard got a gift. Call him, be amazed and blessed.

  195. Leon is interesting. Very different style but accurate.

  196. Sable is a very clear and true psychic. She is unusually good! No nonsense very direct and accurate. I will definitely be using Sable again!

  197. I just had another great reading from Robin. As usual, she was able to connect very quickly and gave me great advises.

  198. Ashley picks up accurately complex feelings and has more than once provided accurate predictions on events and given descriptions of the other party whether work or relationship concerns. She is gifted and has worked on developing this. It’s evident.

  199. Very positive and encouraging. Felt honest and straightforward. I am so thankful for choosing her.

  200. I know I call you a lot and bug you about the something over and over again but you never hesitate to help out, Nina. Thanks.

  201. I’ve been reading with Sena for a couple months now on various subject matters. She delivers messages honestly but compassionately. This last time blew me away when she was able to connect with my Grandma and was able to confirm that it was actually her.

  202. Annabelle offers very sound advice. She’s my go to person when needed.

  203. Robin is always a treasure. This was a follow-up to discuss a shift in events that confirmed Robin’s insights. She is always kind, compassionate and very direct. She has helped guide me through a series of shifts in an evolving relationship.

  204. Absolutely excellent! Love her! She connected quickly and seemed to have a good feel and read on the persons involved. I will definitely be speaking with Zuri again. Thank you Zuri!

  205. So beautifully gifted and insightful. Stephanie’s words touched me deeply!

  206. What she said about POI was accurate and some of her predictions have already come to pass. I will use Richelle again.

  207. Liz is awesome! She’s sweet, kind and in sync!

  208. She’s very encouraging and supportive but not overly sensitive. You will not be disappointed. Looking forward to next time, thank you Robin!

  209. Really great insight! Will definitely book again with her soon! I’m so thankful for having Nancy as my advisor.

  210. As always, Ginnie is on point in my situation. She’s not only my psychic advisor but she has become my friend.

  211. She was sweet and on point. She is wonderful, she started telling me stuff w/o me tell her anything. She was hitting it on the money.

  212. My first reading and am very pleased with Sable’s energy and forwardness. She was able to tell me a lot of stuff and I will definitely be calling her again! It helped me during this anxious time I am having. Thank you!

  213. Loved my reading with ShaSha! She was spot on about my person of interest! She was super nice and helpful! I look forward to calling her again, and you should too!

  214. Sita was wonderful. This was my first reading with her. Sita was very friendly from the beginning. She saw things that I knew in my heart but needed clarification on. The things she told me were right on target. She gave honest, helpful advice. I felt as if I was sitting talking to my best friend sipping iced tea.

  215. She’s wonderful and so gifted. I love Taylor. I will call back again.

  216. Wonderful, very intuitive, empathic and a kind woman. I will be calling Robin again. Thank you.

  217. Thank you so much. Tara is easy to talk to and confident! Let’s see what happens!

  218. Carol is has a very powerful ability and amazing gift. So many details and insights she gave me have proven out to be true!

  219. Thanks so much for your great advice. You are always on point. Among the best on here. Talk with you soon. I strongly recommend her! You won’t be disappointed.

  220. You have a very special gift and I thank you for sharing it with me. I will be calling again to get your advice, Annabelle.

  221. I had an awesome reading with Sam! He’s a very good reader!

  222. We instantly connected and Sita started picking up things right away without much input. She did ask some questions but my answers just clarified what she was seeing. This is my first reading with her and I feel that Sita is very honest and straightforward with what she sees and doesn’t see.

  223. Donovan! You are a blessing to everyone. Thank you for always giving an honest reading.

  224. After speaking to Patricia, I finally feel at peace. Now I know why, everything is happening. Patricia did give me a time frame and I am hoping it comes to pass. She gave me more information then any other reader.

  225. Maya is amazing with details. I read with her months ago and predictions from that time panned out as I reunited with an ex. The problem is things fell apart again. I will post again if things pick back up as Maya said they will.

  226. Thank you Sable for talking to me last night. You helped me tremendously. You are amazing! Thank You for all you do.

  227. Amanda Dammegard

    I am looking forward to her brilliant insights unfolding! Tammy has been my psychic for 3 years now.

  228. Jasmine, thank you very much for your assurance. I have been able to keep my stress level down and focus on what should be done to prepare for the audit.

  229. I’ve come to think of Ella as a friend as well as a psychic advisor. We spoke of soulmates tonight and I believe that Ella is one of mine.

  230. I’ve been through hell these past two years, and only for the past 7 months have I discovered psychic readings. Robin is the top person who feels my spirit. I will continue to spend the money to talk with Robin because she was that instrumental in turning my life for the better. Thank you Robin!

  231. You are truly gifted, Zen. Thank you for your kindness and patience. Many blessings to you always 🙂

  232. Jerra Williams

    Great as always. Olivia will make you feel a lot better.

  233. It’s very positive as always when speaking with Andre. He’s really nice and gifted.

  234. Zahid Chaudhary

    I would trust Brandi with my life. She never failed to provide an accurate reading. All her guidance resulted to a better decision.

  235. Ari Rutherford

    Luna was a pleasure to speak with. She knows a lot of details and spot on without me telling so much.

  236. I really like Tiffany. She’s a wonderful person and I felt she was very in tune with my situation. Thank you, Tiffany!

  237. Gertrude Strader

    Ginnie, you gave me what I had hoped was true to my intuition. A person should trust their thoughts; as they are true to their mind!

  238. Aurora is always amazing. It’s like talking to a friend. Thanks for the advice, I’ll talk to you soon.

  239. Your prediction came to pass, Theresa. I am so happy with the result and happy for choosing you as my psychic.

  240. Amber is the sweetest and most sincere psychic I’ve ever met. She gave me the hard truth in a gentle manner. She really cares…

  241. Thanks so much for the reading, Astra. I really appreciate it and hope all your prediction come true in a month or so.

  242. Thank you for helping me see clearly, Ella. It is just difficult sometimes in this “pause”. Love to you my dearest.

  243. Abigail Spellings

    She reassured me with what my husband told me that I am only woman, wife and mother of child.

  244. Wow Natalie, you were right again. You’re amazing, your prediction just came to pass! You are the best, Natalie!

  245. You are fabulous! Chen, thank you so much for a great reading. You gave me the peace of mind that I need.

  246. The reading was one of a kind. Rita gave me a lot of spot on information and timelines. Some of her prediction came to fruition.

  247. Renee McAllister

    Serenity, glad I called back. Thank you for your wisdom and understanding!

  248. ShaSha is the best! This is my 2nd call to her and she’s as excellent as before. Today’s called was great as well, picked up on the development quickly without me saying anything to her. Very reassuring and calm to speak with. You’re great and worth the money and time.

  249. Wanda Finkelstein

    Sena, you are the best! Everything you told me that would happen over the weekend happened! This was a difficult situation for me. It turned out to be a wonderful weekend and the way things were going it looked impossible for it to turn out as well as it did but I have learned that if you say something is going to happen it is going to happen.

  250. I asked Summer a specific question and she answered my question with details. She was so spot and it’s so amazing!

  251. Sandra was fabulous. She was quick with her feedback and captured my situation and the direction my life was going to take over the course of the next few months.

  252. I see why everyone loves Luke. He cares about your situation and I will use him again.

  253. All I can say is thank you! I don’t know how you knew specific dates but you did and I am amazed! Thank you so very much, I will be calling again and I send much love and many blessings your way.

  254. Camille was amazing, she picked up on the situation and person to the “T”. She told me how it was eventhough it hurts and was she was right. I couldn’t argue… Camille picked up on my feelings exactly and didn’t tell me things I wanted to hear just to use my minutes or to make me feel good. Thanks Camille, I will definitely call you again!

  255. You were right, Fran. I’ll see him in 2 days. Thank you for all your spot on readings!

  256. Thank you for everything, Alexander. You are my rock… You always set my mind at ease and tell me the truth even if it’s good or bad. I will keep you posted.

  257. Natalia is like a dear friend. She reassured me that he will be back and wants to be with me. She was right before. Thank you, my dear.

  258. Gigi, thank you so much. Your prediction happened the same day that we spoke later in the afternoon!

  259. Thank you, Charlotte. I will keep my head up and I will let you know of my progress.

  260. She picked up things right away and was really accurate. She is detailed with her predictions and timings. I will keep you posted about how things go. Thank you!

  261. Amber is always great to speak with. She’s very sweet and I always feel calmer when I’m talking to her.

  262. You were my angel, Astra. Thank you for giving me the courage to do what I have to.

  263. Ronnie, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind and compassionate words. I believe what your guides said, and I feel a little better about my situation. I will let you know how things are going. God bless you and your guides.

  264. I love Mabel! It’s been a month since I spoke with her and she tuned-in greatly. She’s the best.

  265. Today was my lucky day! After weeks of trying, I was finally able to speak with Sita and it was definitely worth the wait! I am sure that her predictions about my getting a new job soon will come true as well. I look forward to speaking with Sita again.

  266. Alexander, you are the best! You could see so many things in my life without any word from my side!

  267. Katerena, it’s starting to happen! You told me that I would get a job and I got a call yesterday about it. All your predictions came to fruition and can’t wait for more prediction to come to pass.

  268. Lily was very warm and very friendly. I feel at ease in airing out grievances and she gave me a solid guidance.

  269. Thank you for being patient with me, Amber. Your predictions have not changed.

  270. Sable provided accurate readings with so much information. Don’t hesitate to call her.

  271. Another great reading with the ever so gifted psychic. Thank you, Sita!

  272. Ginger is an absolute must! She’s the greatest! Always helps me keep grounded in this journey!

  273. Jen is very accurate in her reading with a situation or thoughts, as well as prediction. She is usually verbatim with what the POI said or will say. Unbelievable!

  274. You really are truly phenomenal, Brooke. This is only the second reading you have done for me and it was even better than the first and the first was outstanding. You are a treasure and my trust in what you see and say is infrangible! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  275. Penny is one of the most gifted advisors on the planet… She’s truly gifted, accurate and amazing!

  276. This is my second call with Kayla. Kayla is straight to the point, professional, yet caring and gracious. I am looking forward to the short term prediction. Thank you.

  277. Ginnie, thank you as always. I’m seeing we are moving in the right desired direction as you have predicted. Waiting for the next few months to unfold as you see.

  278. Sara is just the best and out of this world! I have been having readings with Sara for awhile now and I recently went back to the chats and notes I made, honestly everything has come true! We should all be thankful we have pure spirits like her in this world!

  279. Arjun is the most amazing reader I’ve read with. Thank you, I’ll update you soon.

  280. Hannah saw my poi getting in touch with me today, well he did and I’m so glad. She also predicted that it’s not gonna be an easy journey until everything is smoothed over so just have to be patient. Hannah can truly see the situation well.

  281. Sena is amazing! Her predictions are scarily accurate.

  282. Lily is truly the best! My favorite in this whole wide world. If you don’t believe in psychics, she will prove it to you that it’s real! She’s the real deal! So sincere. So accurate.

  283. I adore you so much, Katerena! Thank you for everything you do.

  284. I love Katerena! She can connect with me so well.

  285. Her voice alone is so soothing and calm. You are always right on. Many blessings to you.

  286. Astra was very accurate during our chat. She’s highly recommended. Thank you.

  287. Daisy has a remarkable ability. I’m extremely grateful for her gifts and talents.

  288. Prediction happened just how Annabelle says it would. Most of her predictions came to fruition.

  289. Daisy is one of the best readers I have ever had. She takes her time to give an excellent and accurate reading.

  290. Shana’s so detailed and accurate. I went back to the notes that I took during the readings. Things unfolded exactly as Shana said. At the time she said it, you may have a hard time believing her but they will end up happening.

  291. I hope Serenity’s predictions do happen as it did before. She’s been very helpful.

  292. Thank you so much, Tina. You’ve been there for me during tough times and you helped me so much to see the light. Thank you!

  293. Amber is one of the calmest advisors I have ever spoken to. I can see why her rate is increasing. She is extremely talented and she provides very in-depth information and long responses. She is very professional yet friendly and easy to connect with. You will not regret choosing this advisor.

  294. This was my first reading with Dorina. I asked how my business was going to do within the next two months, she said there will be an increase and boy she rocked it. Absolutely right.

  295. Ginnie is great! All her predictions panned out and I love it so much.

  296. Without Janet, I would not have the promising life I have! She’s been helpful and supportive all the time.

  297. Jonathan Butler

    Luke is beyond compare! Not only does he understand the situation at hand and the pertinent person’s intent but knows details that have astounded me! He is also warm, patient and comforting. I have trusted her implicitly.

  298. Janelle is great! I’m not sure if she even uses tools because she connects so fast and gives you a ton of information. I will definitely be using her again! She is very direct yet compassionate and calming. Thank you!

  299. Charles Delgado

    Audrey, thank you for your spot on and wonderful readings. Choosing you as a psychic has been one of the greatest decisions I made.

  300. More predictions coming to pass. I don’t know where I would be with my situation if I didn’t have her insight. Thank you as always!

  301. You are so sweet, Nancy. You have been an angel to me. Thank you for guiding me all these times.

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