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How to Attract Your Perfect Match

How to attract your perfect match

While getting into a romantic relationship may be easy, it’s important to get into a relationship that energizes you, with a partner who is in alignment with you, not someone who consumes your energy. If you’re looking to attract your perfect partner, there are a few changes you can make …

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Is It More Than Companionship?

We tend to envision someone who comes into our lives, makes us happy by taking all our problems away as our forever partners just as we see it happens all the time in the films. This finding can easily make you blinded in love till you lose that chance of …

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Reasons Why You Want Your Ex Back

It’s easy to reconnect with your ex, especially now with the help of social media, the temptation is always there. But always remember this, this has been proven and tested: When you stay connected to your ex, you are only giving yourself a hard time and prolonging your healing process. …

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Are You In Love?

Valentine’s Day is approaching. You have a Valentine…but are you really in love with him or her? With your head spinning from all the heart-shape chocolates and red roses, it can be tough to figure out. Fortunately, scientists have pinned down exactly what it means to “fall in love.” Being …

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Can Men Smell a Desperate Woman?

This happens frequently enough, yet women are still surprised when men who haven’t talked to them in ages start coming out of the woodwork. It’s a fairly easy explanation: the second a man senses that he is out of your mind, he frantically tries to crawl back into your sight …

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Is He Losing Interest?

There are definitely signs he’s losing interest in you when you feel like your relationship is heading south. It’s sad when someone you care about begins to lose interest in what you have, but if you think it might be happening, you should try to prepare yourself. Talking things out …

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How to Deal With First Date Disasters

As the attractive collegiate that you are, you’re probably meeting your fair share of swoon-worthy guys. Whether you’re at school, on break, or even in the local Starbucks, you’re definitely turning heads. With all of these exciting prospects at your fingertips, you’re bound to score a few first dates (or …

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20 Stupid Things You Should Never Say on a First Date

What’s the worst thing somebody can say on a first date? How bad can a date be? Everyone has been on at least one horrible first date. Let this sampling of things serve as a cautionary tale. They are all 100% real. Here are 20 common, yet inappropriate things often uttered on …

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