Breakup Hurts

It can be hard to deal with a breakup, especially one that you didn’t want to happen. When this happens, you need to get your heart healed.

Here are some ways to make that happen:

  • No Contact Rule

One of the biggest rules after a breakup is the no contact rule. This means that you don’t contact that person or try to be in the places that person is for at least 30 days. You block them off of your phone, your social media and out of your life.

This is a time where you cut off all communication with your ex and is not used to make them miss you but used to help you have peace in your life and help you to realize that you can make it without them.

The best thing that can happen for you is that you can grow apart from the feelings of your ex. This can be successful because it can help to get rid of emotions that were there when you were with the person physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Sometimes, an ex will come back to you after this strategy of healing and both will see that they made a mistake but in order to really recover from a breakup, the best idea is to limit your contact with your ex by using a no contact rule.

  • Dealing with Overall Wellness and Goals

There are three parts of your life including health, relationships, and wealth. You need to make sure that you have an overall wellbeing which can lead you to being able to set goals. There are goals that can be global or those that can be local:

  • Global goals: Goals that take a long time to reach.
  • Local goals: Goals that are achievable short term.

You need to set large goals in your life so that you can set smaller goals to reach. A global goal should seem like a goal that is almost impossible to reach, and it will be a goal that is hard for other people to understand.

Once you reach this goal, you will have to set another goal that is higher. The whole reason to set these goals is so that you can have an overall goal of being healthy, having your needs met and being in a good relationship.

  • Finding Happiness

Another goal is the magnus opus goal. This goal is one that you ask yourself, “If I did this, would I be happy even if it was all I could do for the rest of my life?” If you can set a goal that you can answer yes, then you found the right goal for you. If you haven’t yet, keep finding your goals.

The greatest thing about these goals is that you have to live the process and learn to enjoy the challenges along the way.  The magnus opus goal is about setting something for a lifetime that is something that you will enjoy and want more than anything.

This kind of goal setting makes you ask questions so that you can understand yourself more deeply.

  • Find Your Tribe

Find people around you that influence you and who you care about and who cares about you. There are people that we won’t always worry about their opinions of us but there are also people that we will care about what they think.

Most people don’t worry about what someone they don’t care about thinks about them but if you find a tribe that helps you reach your goals, helps to encourage you, and helps you when you need it, then you have the right people.

Who you surround yourself with after a breakup really does make a difference. Find people that will pay attention to your needs and get rid of people out of your life that are just there to be nosy.

Notice the people that are there when you need them and also notice the ones that aren’t there when you need them. Look at your tribe and create a team that will want to be there for you.

  • Making Your Own Happiness

One thing that needs to be noted often is that you are the one that makes yourself happy and not someone else, including your ex. Even if you are in the perfect relationship, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be happy because happiness comes from within.

You have to make sure that you aren’t creating a place that is dangerous for you and that you aren’t trying to find someone that can come along and fix all of your problems because that is unrealistic.

People that go through breakups are normally not thinking straight. The more that you convince yourself that your ex made you happy, the more disappointed you will be. Everything starts in your mind and once you start taking care of that, your heart will be taken care of as well.