Rising Signs of the Zodiac

Rising signs can be hard to figure out and even if you understand what you are looking for, it can be hard to understand. The rising sign can tell you a lot about your health and your body and it can help you to understand your personal style. This sign also influences how you express yourself.

The rising sign is the thing that people see when they meet you and this sign is easier to guess than the moon sign or the sun sign is.

Knowing the Rising Signs

There are some things that can help you to know the rising signs. Not everyone will have the same traits even if they’re in the same placement but there are some hints that you can look for to know someone’s rising sign.

  • Aries Rising Sign

Aries rising sign shows you that they walk with their head held high. They keep their bodies moving and they are fast, and they talk fast. They will often choose the color red when they wear things. This sign is ruled by the planet Mars, and they are people that like to be challenged.

When you see an Aries, you need to stay out of their way and if you don’t return their wave, it might hurt their feelings. They are emotional inside, but they are tough on the outside.

  • Taurus Rising Sign

Taurus’ move at a slow speed, and they have deeper voices. Many of them love to sing and they love to wear colors that are earth tones. They are people that are comforting unless they get upset or mad at you and then you will have to deal with them being overbearing.

  • Gemini Rising Sign

Gemini rising sign is one that has nice hands and fingers. They are coordinated and they love to do things that require them to move and use their bodies. They are ruled by the planet Mercury, and they love to read and to talk. They look younger and they are graceful when they move. They normally have something in their eyes that show that they are being truthful.

  • Cancer Rising Sign

Cancer’s rising sign allows them to love their homes. They like to have a home that is cozy and inviting and they love to cook and entertain. They love blue colors and silver and they have caring faces. They speak with love, and they are tender when they talk. They seem to radiate energy but if they are in a bad mood, they will be snappy.

  • Leo Rising Sign

Leo has a rising sign that makes them dramatic. They are upright when they talk, and they love to be the center of attention. They will show off their confidence and they show warmth when they are seen. They are vulnerable and giving and they hate people that take them for granted.

  • Virgo Rising Sign

Virgo is a rising sign, and they are ones that love colors. They will wear clothes that are nice, and they have good taste. They move efficiently and they often are doctors or nurses. They are able to do what they are supposed to do to get the job done and they are normally creative.

  • Libra Rising Sign

Libra has a rising sign that shows that they are attractive. They are ruled by the planet Venus, and they have a nice smile. They seem to welcome everyone around them, and they are easily accepted by others. They are people that are able to get the party started and they seem to get along with everyone.

Even when things are stressful, they will be sweet, and they will handle the situation well. They are able to be diplomatic and they are a cardinal sign.

  • Scorpio Rising Sign

This sign is one that is mysterious and intense. They are people that have eyes that seem to be able to see right through you. They are tough and they are able to do things even if they have to keep going and going.

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, and they often wear black colors, and they love gold. They are able to figure things out and they are often talked about because of their detective skills. They have compassion for those that are hurting, and they are very kind.

  • Sagittarius Rising Sign

Sagittarius’ rising sign is one that loves to travel. They will go where they want, and they are happy to be around. They are ruled by the planet Jupiter, and they don’t like to be pinned down or to make commitments. They are philosophical when they talk, and they tell the truth, and they expect people to not lie. They move a lot, and they have strong legs.

  • Capricorn Rising Sign

Capricorn’s rising sign is one that has a strong attitude. They like to get dressed up and they like to listen more than talk. They are ruled by the planet, Saturn and they are very wise. They discipline themselves and they work hard.

  • Aquarius Rising Sign

Aquarius’ rising sign is one that loves to talk. They are ruled by the planet Uranus, and they are very exciting, and they love technology. They fix their hair and makeup with original ideas, and they are often inventors. These are people that are original, and they are a fixed sign.

  • Pisces Rising Sign

Pisces’ rising sign is one that has strong eyes. They are often dreamy, and they are mystical. They are usually shorter and smaller in stature than others and they love to wear colors like purple and silver. They love clothes that flow. They are creative and they are often considered earth angels.