Lovers Tarot Card Spread

People get to the point in their lives where they want to more than belong and they want to connect. If you are someone that wants to have a companion and to have better relationships, there are things that you can do. It’s important to find people that have the same ideas and value that you have and these people can make your life whole.

Lovers Tarot Card Spread

There are different words when it comes to describing love and the Greeks had eight different ways that they described love. Here are the types of loves according to the Greeks:

  • Philautic

This kind of love is self-love. This is the love that you have for yourself and the worth that you feel when you think of what you want and need. You need this love so that you can share your love with other people.

  • Philia

Philia is an affectionate kind of love. This love is love between family members and friends that you have met along your journey. This kind of love is mutual and brings respect and values. This is more of a mental connection.

  • Pragma

Pragma is a kind of love that grows as you get to know each other, and you share a commitment with someone. This is an effort that you have to put into the relationship in order to reach this point of love. This connection is a subconscious connection.

  • Storage

Storage love is a kind of love that you will have with people that you know and that you have known for a long time. This could be a family member or someone that you grew up with. This kind of love is based on memories that you share.

  • Eros

This love is romantic love, and it is a lust that you share with someone. This is a physical connection.

  • Ludus

Ludus is when you flirt and when you are in the process of forming a romance with someone. This love is normally a newer love but can also be found in people that have been together a long time. This is considered an emotional bond.

  • Mania

Mania is obsessed with love that makes someone feel that they own someone or that makes them feel jealous. This comes when you rely on someone, and the connection is a survival connection.

  • Agape

This is the kind of love that is selfless and unconditional.  You can only give this love if you don’t expect anything back in return. This is when you love someone and have compassion for them even if you have gone through painful things with them. This is a spiritual kind of love.

What is the Lovers Tarot Spread?

This spread is one that is inspired by the Fool’s Journey and is represented with the Major Arcana cards. These cards can show you what you need to do on your journey and how you can find love. Here is what the tarot cards mean:

  • Card 1

This card shows what issues that you have that are standing in the way of you finding love. It can show you what blockages that you have when it comes to love.

  • Card 2

This is the work card that will show you what kind of inner work that you need to do in order to love more fully. It also shows what you have to do to keep your love strong.

  • Card 3

Card 3 is philautic or self-love. This card shows how you see yourself and can help you to understand what kind of self-love you have.

  • Card 4

Card 4 represents Philia or affectionate love. This card can show you how you relate to other people and friends.

  • Card 5

This card shows Sorge or familiar love. It shows how you relate to people that are part of your family.

  • Card 6

This card can show Eros or romantic love. It finds out how you relate to your partner and what kind of love that you want if you are single.

  • Card 7

This is the card that shows Pragma or enduring love. This is a card that shows how you feel about being committed.

  • Card 8

Card 8 shows Ludus love or playful love. This shows what you think about dating and how you are able to flirt with others.

  • Card 9

This is a Mania card. This shows how obsessive it is that you are with love and what causes harm to the love that you have.

  • Card 10

This card shows Agape love or selfless love that you express to others. It shows how you can give freely without wanting anything in return.

Final Thoughts

When you want to express love to others and you want to know the meaning that love has for you, this is the best spread for you to try.