Everyone needs a quiet place to let out their stress and to be able to clear their mind and their thoughts. This is why it’s important to find a place that you can set where meditation is free and without distraction. This should be a place that is only used when you meditate.

When considering the perfect meditation place, make sure it’s a place that you can concentrate and a place that you can use for your own.

Setting Up a Meditation Place

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you are setting your meditation place up perfectly for you. Here’s how:

  • Why Do You Want This Space?

Why are you wanting this space? Is this a place that you are going to use for your meditation that you do on your own or something that you are going to share with others? You want to have the right feelings and purpose of your space.

  • Picking a Space

Having a place to meditate can help you to develop your meditation time. It can be somewhere that you can go when your emotions are strong, and you need to calm down or a place that you can go just to relax and figure out what is important to you.

You don’t have to have an entire room, but you can choose a corner or another space within a main room of your house. This can be the corner of your living room, your bedroom or it can even be a space outside like a garden or porch area.

  • Decorating

You should find items that are important to you to add to your space. Gather things from your home and things from nature that you can use in this area.  Use your five senses to help you:

  • Seeing: Find pictures that have symbols or meaningful things that you can choose.
  • Touching: Use beads such as mala beads or stones to hold while you meditate.
  • Smelling: Some choose to burn candles or incense or use things from nature to bring a scent to the room.
  • Hearing: Meditation can have peaceful sounds such as soft music or a meditation bell. You can even use guided meditation.

What things do you want to add to your space? Make sure you find things that won’t cause you to be distracted in your area. You can use statues or candles or even plants. Some people will add pillows and blankets to use while they relax in their area.

  • Up Your Space

You can up your space by adding things such as pillows or cushions to make your area look nice to you.

  • Keep it Sacred

Sacred doesn’t necessarily mean spiritual or religious. This could be something that you want your area to look like such as something that will cause you to give more time to your meditation.

  • Try Out the Space

Take time to try out your space as you keep adding things. Make sure that its comfortable to you and just what you want for your area.

  • Meditation Time

Pick a time each day that you are going to meditate and make sure that you keep that time. If you start small, increase the time as often as you feel that you can.

  • Be Comfortable

When you meditate, you want to make sure that you are comfortable. Wear clothing that brings you comfort and helps you to not feel restricted.

  • Calming the Mind

People that first start meditating often worry that they aren’t going to be able to do it. Most meditation requires people to clear their thoughts, but it is important to realize that thoughts will come, and you have to learn how to let them pass through.

Deep breathing and using mental talk is another way that you can meditate to keep the mind chatter away. Its important to be aware of your background and your breathing. As you focus on the thoughts that do come, you can learn to calm them and take them out of your mind.

Accept your meditation techniques and set goals that you can keep. There are different practices that you can use that can help to calm your mind. Take deep breaths, smile, stay relaxed and keep a sense of calm in your mind, body, and soul.

Starting with Meditation

Starting meditation can be easy but it can be intimidating if you let it be. If you start tomorrow and decide that you are going to take a half an hour each morning when you wake up before you do anything, after a few days you probably will quit.

Be honest with yourself on what kind of time you can give to your meditation even if it’s just five minutes a day. The time that you meditate doesn’t really matter but what matters is that you are realistic about it and that you are taking time to meditate and that you are putting it as part of your daily routine. Just like showering or brushing your teeth, put meditation as something that important.

Find people that you can talk to or try to find group meditation online that you can do with others. You can talk to people that meditate and ask them questions and find out what they do that you might like to try. The best thing is, don’t give up and keep pushing until you get the meditation time in that you want to do.