Finding Your Real Twin Flame

Finding real love is the goal that many people have. The strong connection that you can have with someone is with your twin flame. This is a connection that lasts forever. There are millions of people that are looking for their twin flame, but many people will pick someone to have even if it is a false twin flame.

These are relationships that are loving but then in the latter, the relationship will end in something that is hurtful and disappointing. If you have been with someone and you thought they were your twin flame and you realize that you were wrong, there is still hope.

Knowing a Real Twin Flame

Take time to separate yourself from the person that you think is your twin flame. This relationship should be full of peace and if it isn’t, you need to separate from them if you want to find your real twin flame.

Before you let them go, it is important to understand why they aren’t your real twin flame. A real twin flame will be based on an attraction that happens immediately and there will be unconditional love and a strong spiritual connection on top of it. This is someone that will understand you completely and even if you have to deal with challenges, you will have the connection and the love that you need. If you don’t have these things, the person you are with isn’t your real twin flame.

Healing After Letting Go

Once you know that your partner isn’t your twin flame and you choose to let them go, you have to start life new. You have to let go of the relationship and let it be over. Even though this will be painful, you have to understand that it is part of your life and later you will see that it is the best thing that you could do.

Accepting your emotions and letting go of anger, guilt or resentment will help you to leave the relationship in a peaceful manner. You will be able to start healing in your mind, body, and soul. Also, you will have learned from this relationship, and you will see that you can get up after your mistakes.

  • Let Your Feelings Show

Even if you have just left a false twin flame, you will have strong emotions. They will be someone that you thought was your forever love and the breakup might have left you feeling angry or upset. You have to let these feelings show and not suppress them.

Talk to people that you trust like your family or friends. Talk about your emotions and don’t hide away and keep your emotions hidden. People that love you will know you and you will see that as you talk to them that many of them have had bad relationships and breakups, too. They will understand what you are going through and will support you.

  • Do Things You Love

To get over your heartbreak easier, find things that you love to do and do them. Getting over a false twin flame can be hard but as you go out and live your life and find happiness, you will start to feel positive again. Pick up healthy habits that can improve your life such as working out, eating healthy and doing fun activities.

If you love to travel, do it, if you want to take a new class, do it. Find new friends and get your vibrations high. Know that your twin flame will come when the time is right.

  • Have Peace

Don’t get obsessive on finding your twin flame but let your true love come to you. Let the universe help you to find your real twin flame and this can help you to have strong emotions and help you to feel powerful again. When you are at peace and you are calm, it is a time that your twin flame could come.

  • Be Positive

Even though you were in the wrong relationship, you need to wait to meet your real twin flame. You will see that this is positive and even if you go through negative things, this is a step closer to finding your real twin flame.

You are smarter because of the lessons that you have learned and as you get ready to find your real twin flame and to be happy, you will become a better person along the way.

Final Thoughts

Letting go of someone that is a false twin flame can be hard. You should feel thankful for everything that you were able to learn along the way. The universe will bring blessings to your life, and this is a time that you should take good care of yourself and put yourself first. Work on who you are such as reaching your goals, living a better life, and reaching your dreams. As you feel good about yourself, you will get closer to finding your real twin flame.


  1. It’s important to reflect on why a relationship didn’t work, but I wonder if the twin flame theory could be more comprehensively explained.

  2. The article’s advice on not obsessing over finding a twin flame is sound, but the notion itself seems somewhat subjective.


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