Purple Aura

Each living thing has its own aura, and this is the auric field. This is a shield that protects people and things from negative energies. The color of the aura is different for each person, and it has different layers that give information about the personality and emotions of the person. This can tell you about the soul.

All of the auras are there and can give you different colors depending on how you are feeling and what you are thinking. The aura color can change and isn’t permeant and so it can be changing even through each thought. Those that have done shadow work and have strong spiritual senses are often able to see auras.

An aura that is purple is one that is growing in their spiritual being, and they are aligned with their spirit and their soul. They are enlightened and they have strong intuition. They have been on a path of spiritual growth, and they are considered to be sensitive.

Here are other traits of a purple aura:

• Healers.
• Psychics.
• Strong psychic gifts.
• Strong values.
• Spiritual.
• Compassionate.
• Wise.
• Kind.
• Connected to the heart.
• Use the heart more than the mind.
• Strong inner connections with the heart and soul.
• Introspective.
• Often introverted.
• Childlike.
• Imaginative.
• Excited about life.
• Passionate.

Personality of Purple Auras

The people with purple auras are usually sensitive and strongly connected to nature. They have strong feelings, and they are able to balance their physical and emotional being. They can do inner work in order to have peace, but they are not always able to do this because of their state of mind. The best thing that they can do is to ground themselves and to make sure that they are balanced.

Life Path of the Purple Aura

People that have purple auras are normally healers and they are people that are very spiritual. Sometimes, they even go on to be spirit guides. They usually have a job as a teacher, or a psychic and they do things to help others. Some of the jobs that purple auras are drawn to include:

• Counselors.
• Therapists.
• Psychologists.
• Healers.
• Shadow-self workers.
• Pain takers.

These people want to take away the pain of those that are hurting and so they will use their psychic gifts to make that happen. They usually love to try tools of divination that can help others such as:

• Tarot cards.
• Astrology.
• Numerology.
• Metaphysical studies.
• Mythology.

They want to grow, and they want to use their soul energies in order to make themselves and others to feel strong. Since this personality is kind and caring, they touch the lives of those that they meet. They are able to exchange their own energies in order to help others. They are drawn to the soul and the divine.

Purple Aura Shades

The shades of the purple aura can mean different things for each personality:

  • Lavender

This color aura is one that is feminine and calm. They are passionate about what they believe in, and they often are childlike and innocent. They are inspired by goodness and patient and positive people.

This kind of aura will be someone that gives a lot and loves with all of their heart. They give selflessly and never expect anything back in return. They have a high vibrational energy, and they can connect to the higher powers. This means that they can help others and guide them to higher places as well. A teacher with this color aura can help their students to heal and to reach higher energy levels because they are patient, and they know when there is trauma.

This personality is someone that loves to dream and someone that will take the thoughts that they have and manifest them into a reality. They spend a lot of time daydreaming and being in a fantasy, but they do this because they want to protect themselves from hurt and pain.

This kind of person will listen to things that calm them, meditate, take time to make sure that their body and their space is cleansed and will do what it takes to balance and purify their home.

If in a relationship, a lavender person will need to stay grounded, but they are great partners because they keep things fun and exciting and when there is conflict, they will figure out how to make it better.

  • Violet

This color aura is one that is humble and dedicated to helping others. They are energy healers and teachers, and they have leadership qualities that are always around them. They are compassionate and kind and they do service and humanitarian work. They have a higher spiritual level of consciousness, and they help those to reach their spiritual path. Many gurus have this color aura.

  • Dark Purple

The dark purple aura is not always positive. They have many things that are blocking them from reaching their higher self. They sometimes miss their psychic gifts because of the blockages. This color can warn the person to find a healer to clear their aura. This can help them to be guided and healed.

Chakra and the Purple Aura

The crown chakra is associated with the color purple and so if you have this color aura it means you are connected to your crown chakra. This is a chakra that allows you to reach higher and to reach a spiritual place that others might not be able to go.

The crown chakra is where you can get the support from your spiritual guides, and you can have visions and create a soul purpose in your life. You can use this color to improve everything about yourself. The purple aura often follows people that are on a path to love and discovery and those that are reaching in their inner being. It usually is the color of psychics, healers, mediums, and other spiritual people that have been enlightened.

People with this color aura are able to work through their trauma, even childhood trauma to become stronger and better. They know that shadow work is important, and they will often be healers and guides.

What Makes a Purple Aura Negative?

Even though having a purple aura is obviously a great thing, there are some negativities associated with this. For one, those with this color are often emotional and need to stay balanced. If they aren’t, they won’t be protected, and they will often worry too much. They will want to send their love out to everyone else and this means that they don’t always take care of themselves like they should.

They can only balance themselves if they are open to every living things such as animals, people, and nature. They have high vibrations, and they are thoughtful and loved by creation. They have to embrace this and see this as a way of serving others in order to bring power and balance into their life.

Do You Have a Purple Aura?

Anyone can have a purple aura and if you have these personality traits, chances are that you do. Take time to meditate and to create a place for yourself where you can be calm and in a place of hearing. Find out what kind of aura you have. If you aren’t able to read auras on your own, talk to a psychic and get an aura reading to find out what color your aura is.


  1. While the article is insightful, I’m interested in understanding more about the empirical evidence supporting these claims.

  2. I’m curious about how one can develop the ability to see auras. Is it something that can be learned or is it an innate gift?

  3. The description of lavender and violet auras and their respective traits adds depth to the understanding of different personality types.

  4. The idea that aura colors can change with thoughts and feelings resonates with the concept of human emotions being fluid.

  5. The article provides an interesting perspective on auras and their connection to spiritual growth. The descriptions of the different shades of purple auras are particularly detailed.

  6. The connection between the crown chakra and the purple aura was well explained. It aligns with many traditional spiritual teachings.

  7. The notion that dark purple auras signify blockages preventing psychic growth is an intriguing concept. How can one work to clear these blockages?

  8. The section about the life path of people with purple auras as healers and spiritual guides was especially compelling.


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