About YesPsychic.com

Hello, readers,

My name is Sydney Grove, and I have been working with the psychic industry for over 15 years. In the beginning, it was hard to find any psychics who were advertising their practice online; the industry was still mostly brick and mortal offices, buildings, or living rooms. This, of course, gave people the classic palm reader impressions that we all think of when we think of a psychic- crystal ball, glass bead room dividers, the whole nine yards.

Times have changed, as have the methods that psychics use to advertise their businesses. The online world is full of people advertising businesses small and large. There’s a lot of opportunity for growth in the digital age, but this also introduces a bigger opportunity for scammers to run rampant.

When I meet someone face to face, it is often pretty obvious when they are lying or not telling the whole truth. Body language and tone of voice are two ways in which the human brain is designed to interact with other people. We receive a vast amount of information just from those two sources. However, when we interact with others online, there are layers of obscurity that can get us into trouble.

Genuine psychics often don’t need to advertise their talents-people hear about them via word of mouth, friends recommending friends, and more. There are still legitimate psychics who work online so that they have the chance to reach a broader audience of clients around the world.

In my experience, common sense goes a long way in sorting out which online psychics are legitimate, and which ones are just trying to scam you out of some time and money. Unfortunately, many people who fall for these scams are vulnerable, distressed, or otherwise not paying close attention to the red flags that are coming up. When people visit a psychic, they are looking for answers to tough life circumstances and questions that can cloud their judgement.

I made this website as a resource for people who are curious about getting a psychic reading, but who might not know where to look for the most genuine readings. I have compiled a list of reviewed and recommended psychics who work online, who can give you a reading online, over the phone, via email, or a variety of other methods.

Let us know what your psychic experiences have been like- the more we know, the more we can help each other!

-Sydney Grove