Some guys don’t have any desire to be in a serious relationship and they would rather just choose a situationship. Being committed it something that takes a lot of work and a lot of effort and if a man that likes to have his cake and eat it too, this might not be the right situation for him.

Sometimes the age matters when looking at a relationship and how committed someone wants to be or it can be other factors like being busy with life or even just liking multiple women. It can be hard for a guy to really make a relationship official, and this can confuse the woman that he is with.

Why Men Choose Situationship Over Commitment

Here are some of the reasons that men might choose to not be in a committed relationship:

  • No Obligations

This kind of situation makes it where a guy doesn’t have to commit. He can be with whomever he wants to be with, and he doesn’t have to feel obligated past dating or having sex.

  • Dating

Guys like to be in situationship because they don’t have to have the pressures of dating. They can have fun that night and not have to worry about anything else.

  • Something Better Might Come

A man that is in a committed relationship might miss out if something they think is better comes along. This is why some men choose to not be committed.

  • Having Fun

Other men will choose to be in a situationship because they want to just have fun and by being able to be with different women, they can have just what they want without having to be tied down to one girlfriend.

  • Want Things Casual

There are some men that will admit that they don’t want to have a serious relationship. They enjoy their freedom, and they enjoy keeping things casual. As he meets different girls, he can get to know them along the way.

  • All About Himself

Being able to be with as many women as he wants might feel good to him. Not only is it good for his body, but it might also make his ego stronger. There are guys that will just wait and see what happens and if they find the girls that let them do this, it works perfectly for them.

  • Being Free

There are many guys that feel like they lose their freedom when they get into a serious relationship. This is why there are some that just keep it as it is without adding all the added criticizing and complaining that comes with serious relationships.

Final Thoughts

There are different reasons that men might choose to stay in a situationship rather than being in a committed relationship. Men don’t like to have to worry about things, choose labels in their relationship or deal with the stress of making women happy.

If you are someone that likes to be in this kind of situation, go for it, but if you are someone that wants something more serious, get out while you can. Choosing this kind of relationship can be freeing for couples but if you decide that you are falling in love with him, it can become a sticky situation.

Make sure that you are clear right from the start what you want so that you don’t end up getting your heart broken.