Side Chick?

When you think that you are the only one for him and you find out that you are a side chick, this can feel like cheating. This isn’t love and this isn’t a time to make future plans with this person. Never think that this will turn into love and don’t ever think that he cares about you more than just what he proves you to be.

Here are some signs that you might be a side chick:

  • He Keeps You a Secret

Since you aren’t his only one, chances are that he doesn’t tell people about you. Rather you stay in the relationship or not, know that he is proving that he doesn’t really care for you the same way that you care for him.

You might be in a place where you have to admit that you are a side chick, but you might feel that if you give your all then he will change his mind and love you.

  • He Doesn’t Talk About the Future

He won’t be there when you need him, and he doesn’t talk about the future. He calls you when he needs to have sex or when he is bored or lonely.

Chances are that he doesn’t make plans for you to meet his friends or to spend the holidays with him either.

  • He Doesn’t Take You in Public

A man that really cares about you will want to show you off. He will want to take you out and show the world who you are. If you aren’t being taken out on dates and he wants to always keep you at his place or yours, he is probably seeing you just as a side chick.

  • He Has No Future Goals

Men are private of course but when a man isn’t including you in his future or making future goals with you then he probably doesn’t love you. If he is keeping you private and he isn’t telling anyone about you then be aware of this.

Pay attention to relationship goals and if he is making any or if he is even talking to anyone about your relationship.

  • Dating

This man probably doesn’t want to take you out on dates. Instead, he probably calls you to come over for a roll in the hay or he calls you to come and watch a movie which leads to other things. Instead of taking you out and dining you, he is keeping you have hidden in his home.

  • He Doesn’t Use Endearments

Pay attention to how he talks to you and what he calls you. Does he call you sweetie or babe? If he doesn’t then chances are that he doesn’t feel that way about you.

  • Plan B

Are you someone that is always a plan b? Does he only call you when people cancel on him and when he has nothing else to do? If you aren’t a plan A then you are probably a side chick.

  • Know Your Place

It is important that you know where you stand in the relationship before you really put your heart into it. If your man only sees you as a side chick, you have to decide if this is what you want or if you are wanting something more serious.

If you want something serious, chances are that you are going to need to break the relationship off and find someone else that is going to give you what you want and what you need in your life.