Birth Card Numbers

Everyone has a tarot birth card that is there to support them and to help them to understand themselves more. The birth card comes from numerology and is used in tarot card readings. You can calculate this number by using your birth date and breaking it down to a single digit.

Calculating Your Birth Card Number

You can write out the date of birth that you have such as 11/22/1975 and then add the numbers: 1+1+2+2+1+9+7+5=28=2+8=10=1+0=1

Your birth number would be 1.

Birth Card Numbers and Tarot

Once you know your birth card number you can look at the Major Arcana tarot cards and find out which meaning that the card has for your life.

  • Birth Card 1

This is the Magician card. This can mean that you have strong skills and that you can influence the world around you. This card can mean that you can make decisions based on what you know, and you can be talented in all you do.

  • Birth Card 2

This is the High Priestess card. This is one that has natural abilities and strong intuition. They know things even if logical doesn’t make sense. They are able to have dreams that are vivid and to follow their hunches and be right.

  • Birth Card 3

This is the Empress card. This is someone that is connected to nature and is diligent. They are able to use the energy of the world to have peace and to connect to nature such as plants and animals.

  • Birth Card 4

The Emperor card is one associated with this number. It means that they are able to lead and deal with things that are hard in their life. They see opportunities and they embrace them and love them. They organize and use logic.

  • Birth Card 5

This is the Hierophant card. This card can mean that you believe in tradition, and you have learned lessons from your past that have helped you to move forward. You are often misunderstood by others, but this is okay because your ideas will be known soon.

  • Birth Card 6

The Lovers card works with this and that means that you are able to connect with yourself and others. You are able to use your spiritual energy to have deep knowledge and connection. You can connect with yourself and the community and find out new things.

  • Birth Card 7

The Chariot card shows that you can engage with your goals and your instinct. You will use logic to make good decisions and things will show up when they need to so that you can do good things in your life.

  • Birth Card 8

This is the Strength card. When you need to have strength, it doesn’t always come from being pushy, but it can come from being loving and compassionate to others. You have strength in being kind and being a leader of your community. Love goes a far way for you.

  • Birth Card 9

The Hermit card is one that can help you to answer questions about your inner being. It is how smart you are and the light that shines through you. You might hear things in your head, but you won’t be overwhelmed with this, and you will be able to rely on the spiritual world to help you.

Other Birth Card Numbers

There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana, and this can start with the number 0. This is the Fool card. If you reduce your digits and you see that you are not able to find a number that corresponds the right way, it might be a number that is part of another group.

This means that you will be able to take your advice on the cards that correlate if you have a double digit. For example, if your number is 12, you can use the card number 1 and the card number 2 to find out about yourself. Here are some other meanings:

  • 10: Wheel of Fortune: Means starting new.
  • 19: Sun: Find joy in what you are good at.
  • 11: Look at the issue from a different point of view.
  • 20: Judgement: Commit to the things that you say you will do.
  • 12: Hanged Man: When you feel overwhelmed, rest.
  • 21: The World: Embrace the world around you.
  • 13: Death: Find a way to let go of your ego.
  • 14: Temperance: Balance your energy and stop trying to convince others that you are worthy.
  • 15: The Devil: Nurture your connections and find out what is making you unhappy.
  • 16: The Tower: Slow down and look at things that come into your life. Take advantage of these things.
  • 17: The Star: Listen to what others are telling you and don’t be mad at their advice.
  • 18: The Moon: Step away from your connections and don’t hide your emotions.

Using Tarot Birth Cards

As you look at the cards, you can find out more about who you are. This can help you to understand your habits and your feelings. This can be an investigation that you keep looking at for the rest of your life. Find support and seek out information about who you are and what you like.

It can be hard to understand tarot and if you need help, find a reader that can give you a tarot card reading. This can give you more information on your birth card and what it means for your life. This can help you to be tuned into who you are.

Your tarot birth card can help you to understand other important dates and charts that you have associated with who you are.