Can They Feel You Missing Them?

Is there someone that has come back into your mind lately such as a friend that moved away or even your ex that you broke up with ages ago? Even though you and your ex no longer talk to each other, and they are no longer in your life, you just wake up one day thinking about the good times you had together.

This is like smelling something that brings back a memory and you can’t seem to get it out of your head. This is strange but you can feel their presence and even if you are over them, you might start to miss them. This doesn’t mean that the relationship that you are in now is bad or isn’t working or that you are going through any kind of life problems, but it might have you wondering.

You might even feel embarrassed that they are coming up in your mind and you might wonder if they are missing you at the same time? The chance is that if you have this feeling that you might both be missing each other at the same time. When this happens, it can cause there to be a psychic vibration that comes to both of you.

Everything is Energy

Everything is made of energy, and this means that your emotions, your body, and everything is full of energy. The vibrations that happen around you can affect you and other people. These vibrations can even affect the situations around you.

Do you ever wonder why you are able to connect with some but not with others? This is all because of energy. When there are two people that have matching energy, they have a chemistry, and this chemistry draws them together. When their energies aren’t matching, it can cause them to clash.

Missing Someone and Energy

If you have a strong connection with someone it doesn’t go away just because you aren’t together. This is a connection that will last for a long time and maybe even your whole life.

Have you ever had someone call you that you were close to because they felt like you needed them even though they hadn’t talked to you? This happens because there is a spiritual connection that goes both ways.

What about the people that don’t have a strong connection yet? This could be someone that you went to school with or someone that you worked with, and your connections might not have been except in passing.

Not all people will be able to know if someone is missing them but if you are an empath and you are able to pick up the thoughts, feelings, and energies of others, you will probably know if someone is thinking about you.

Energies and Thinking

Thoughts are full of energy. Twin flames are able to get together because they manifest each other by thinking about their twin flame. Your heart can manifest what you desire but this has to do with your thoughts and actions. Your feelings and thoughts can dominate the energy around you.

When you think of someone consciously and unconsciously you will have your thoughts reflecting in a good or bad way.

Butterfly Effect

The idea of the Butterfly Effect is that when butterflies flap their wings at a high pace that they can cause atmospheric events to form. Even though this is a small creature, it can create such a big effect.

There are signs that someone is missing you and since they are thinking of you, it can cause the vibrations to make a chain of events. Maybe you miss your friend a lot and you change your profile pic on your social media to something that was important to you and your friend.

When your friend goes through social media and they see it, they will start to think of you because of the picture. The actions that you took happened because you were thinking of your friend and your friend feels your energies.

Signs They Miss You

There are signs that you can feel around you that can show that someone is thinking about you and missing you!

  • You Feel Aligned with Them

Maybe out of nowhere you can’t get this person out of your mind. You seem to be doing the same things you used to do when you were together. You run into them, and you notice them, or you seem to notice them from far away or when they are online at the same time you are.

  • Talking to a Psychic

A psychic can let you know if someone is missing you and thinking about you or not. Find a psychic that you can trust and get a love reading and you can get answers if you feel confused.

  • They Reach Out to You

This could be someone reaching out to you directly or indirectly. They might comment on something that you post or send you a message or invite you to an event. They might try to talk to you to see what is going on and this is happening because you are both connected in your minds.

  • You See Them Everywhere

Maybe you haven’t seen this person in a long time and now it seems like everywhere you go, there are there.

  • Dreaming

Dreaming about someone can be coincidental but if you keep having the same dreams and they are intense and strong, chances are this is telepathic dreaming. This happens when you are able to talk to each other or have the same dreams as someone you are thinking about.

This isn’t something that happens a lot, but some people get the opportunity to meet up with others in their dreams.

  • You Feel Them Missing You

When you sleep and your emotions and your thoughts are at a standstill, this is a time that you can actually feel when someone is missing you. You might feel moody out of nowhere or feel emotions that you didn’t feel before.

These are signs that you might not be able to explain but this can show that someone is thinking about you. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, talk to a psychic that can help get to the bottom of things.

What if They Miss You?

If you can’t stop thinking about someone and they are missing you, what should you do? This could just be happening because you are in a certain place in your life, or it could be because you are meant to be back in touch with them.

The only way that you could really know what was going on is if you decide to connect with them again. Here are some things that you can try to connect with someone that might be missing you:

  • Manifesting

Manifesting doesn’t mean that you just think of someone, This is when you are positive, you think of someone, and you trust what the universe has for you. There are ways that you can manifest healing in your life if you need to heal before you ever consider talking to the person again.

This gives you a clear direction regarding what you want and need in your life. Meditate when you manifest to help you to focus on your life and what your wishes are.

  • Be Prepared

Prepare yourself for that person to reach out to you. What are you going to do when they do? It’s okay to worry about these things and to have some fear but don’t be afraid of what life has for you. Prepare to deal with things as they move forward. Here are some things that could come with meeting back up with this person:

    • Even if they reject you, so what? It has happened before.
    • Zen: You might get stressed. If you do, do some Zen to get rid of anxiety.
    • Ground yourself. If you miss them and the miss you, you still need to ground yourself so that you can be strong in this time.
  • Talk to Them

Prepare for yourself to talk to this person and then do it. If you can’t get them out of your mind, reach out to them. Don’t sit around waiting for them to come to you. Be mindful of what you feel and message them or call them.

Sometimes someone can miss you from a distance and if that is the case then that is okay as well. Here are some ways that you can talk to them without looking desperate:

    • Have patience. If this is someone that you broke up with and you are missing them, you might not be ready to go back into this relationship yet.
    • Keep things friendly. Don’t expect to start dating or to get back into some romance. Keep things friendly and kind as things rebuild.
    • Have boundaries. Everyone needs to have boundaries to be safe and protected.

Even if you get rejected, which is a terrible feeling, you will feel better that you know if you want to get back together with this person or not. There will be a small hole that is always there if you miss someone and meeting up with them might allow you to release that pain.

Be brave and don’t let the fear of rejection hold you back in your life. Move forward with what the universe has to show you and at least you will know.


  1. While the article presents an interesting theory, it lacks empirical evidence to support the claims about energy vibrations and psychic connections.

    • True, the scientific basis for such phenomena is still debatable and needs more rigorous exploration.

  2. The idea that strong connections don’t fade easily resonates with me. It’s common to think about people who have played significant roles in our lives.

    • Absolutely. The persistence of certain memories and connections speaks to the depth of our interactions with others.

    • Yes, lasting connections are part of human nature. It’s how we interpret and act on these thoughts that matters.

  3. The notion of telepathic dreaming is an interesting one, but it would be helpful to see more scientific explanations or studies on this subject.

  4. The article covers a broad spectrum of concepts from energy to telepathy. It’s a thought-provoking read but requires a balance between belief and skepticism.

  5. The part about empaths picking up on thoughts and feelings is quite relatable. Empathy can heighten one’s awareness of others’ emotions.

    • As an empath myself, I find that being attuned to others’ energies often makes me more aware of their needs and feelings.

  6. The concept of energy and vibrations affecting our connections with others is quite intriguing. It offers a different perspective on relationships and how we interact with people.

    • I agree. The idea that our emotional and spiritual energies can resonate with others opens up new ways to interpret our experiences.

    • Indeed, it adds a metaphysical layer to our understanding of human connections. It’s fascinating to think about how our thoughts might influence our interactions.

  7. It’s important to consider that feelings of nostalgia and missing someone can also stem from natural human emotional processes, not necessarily psychic vibrations.

  8. I find the Butterfly Effect analogy quite powerful. Small actions can indeed create significant outcomes, especially in the context of human relationships.


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