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Are you someone that believes in luck and loves certain lucky charms that fill you with hope and excitement? There are lucky symbols that are all around you and sometimes they will come to you to inspire you and to make you make good choices.

Anything that you find to be a lucky charm can be good for your life and the best symbols and signs are those that you feel connected with. Maybe this comes from your past lives and the cultures that you lived.

Here are some of the most known lucky symbols!

  • Four-Leaf Clover

This is an Irish good luck symbol, and it represents love, luck, faith, and hope. These are rare to find but the Celtic Druids would find them and use them to get rid of bad luck and evil spirits around them.

During the Middle Ages they believed that the four-leaf clovers were there to help people to see witches. The three-leaf clover in the Christian religion represents the Holy Trinity and the four-leaf clover is a sign of the cross.

Some believe that this is a lucky charm because they are so rare and there is only 1 in every 10,000 clovers.

  • Horseshoes

Another popular good luck symbol is the horseshoe. St. Dunstan was a blacksmith, and he was said in legend to make a horseshoe for the devil’s horse and instead he nailed the horseshoe to the hoof and the devil agreed to not enter the house of anyone that had a horseshoe hung in the doorway.

Witches, elves, and fairies are thought to be afraid of the horseshoe because of the strong magic that it had, and people would hang these on their door to keep out spirits and creatures that would cause harm.

In the 8th century, people in Europe would hang these because they were shaped like the moon and would ward off the evil eye. Others would use it to attract good luck and it was thought to send good luck to anyone that walked under it.

  • Ladybugs

Seeing a ladybug can mean good luck for you. In legends in Europe, farmers would ask Virgin Mary to help their crops to be safe from bugs and then the ladybugs would come and keep dangerous bugs away.

In the 10th century, ladybugs were thought to be good luck and a sign from God to pardon criminals. Norse mythology and the god Thor would give ladybugs in a lightning bolt to help the earth. French people often believe that ladybugs would go in a certain direction and that was where the lucky came from. Others believe that if the ladybug lands on someone sick that it was there to take away the sickness.

Since ladybugs are part of the earth, they can visit you to help you to balance your root chakra and they can help you to change. Ladybugs might help to guide you on the right path in your life and can give you positive energies.

  • Coins

Finding a coin might help to bring you good luck. The meaning of the coins is wealth and abundance and people of Ancient Greece believed that seeing a coin in the water would keep it from ever going dry.

Coins have a connection with the spiritual world and people believe that if you find a coin that you are getting a message from a loved one that has died. Finding a coin can also mean that you are going to get money coming to you and encourages wealth and good fortune. If you find a coin put it in your pocket and keep it to bring in the good luck.

  • Goldfish

Goldfish are a positive sign, and it is a Buddhist legend that when you see goldfish that you can be enlightened. The fish also symbolized the biggest rivers and would encourage joy and courage for people. The Chinese believe that goldfish give them their wishes. If you see a red goldfish, it can mean luck and the black ones make evil go away.

Goldfish also represent fertility and good fortune and if you dream of one it can mean that you need to pay attention to the world around you. You also might get two goldfish to bring you a good relationship but if you want to be positive, keep eight.

  • Shooting Stars

Seeing shooting stars is something we all would love to do so that we can make a wish. People have been doing this since the beginning of time.

When some see a shooting star, they believe that it means bad luck though and that a disaster is coming to them. But in early Christianity, the shooting star was believed to be souls of people that angels came to take to heaven. Other cultures believe that a baby is going to be born.

Seeing a shooting star is a time to make a wish and if you don’t, the Welsh believes that this will bring you bad luck. Others believe that you should say “money” over and over until the star disappears.

Some believe that this can mean that change is coming, that your wish is coming true, that you’re going to find true love or that your soulmate is coming.

  • Keys

Finding keys is like having a horseshoe and is thought to protect people form evil. Keys aren’t made of the same material anymore but in Ancient times, the Greeks and the Romans believed that keys could unlock the doors of the gods. They believed that the goddess of the doorway, Diana, sent them the keys.

Some children in ancient times would sleep with keys under their pillows while the Japanese culture would use them as a lucky charm that they were going to get money. Giving a key to your partner might mean that you are letting them into your heart in some cultures.

Using Good Luck Charms

Here are some ways that you can use good luck charms to help better your life:

    • Get a tattoo of a good luck charm.
    • Wear the good luck charm.
    • Put it on clothing.
    • Put a picture or symbol inside of your home.
    • Write or draw the lucky symbol.

Getting a Psychic Reading for Luck

If you keep seeing any of the signs or symbols above, talk to a psychic and find out what it might mean to you. You might see these things show up all over the place and it can have a positive meaning for your life!


  1. I did not know that seeing a coin in the water was considered a sign of never going dry in Ancient Greece. Cultural interpretations of luck are truly varied.

    • Yes, ancient beliefs about coins and their connection to wealth and the spiritual world provide a rich tapestry of human history and understanding.

  2. The symbolism of ladybugs and their role in agriculture is particularly interesting. It’s remarkable how nature and folklore intertwine.

    • Indeed, the role of ladybugs in both mythology and practical farming is a wonderful example of human appreciation for natural allies.

  3. The diversity of lucky symbols is quite fascinating. It’s intriguing to see how different cultures have developed their own unique symbols over the centuries.

  4. The role of goldfish in different cultures is enlightening. It’s nice to see how a simple creature can carry so much significance.

  5. The varied beliefs surrounding shooting stars are quite diverse. It’s amazing how something as simple as a meteor can hold different meanings for people.

  6. The story behind the horseshoe is quite compelling, especially its connection to European folklore and myths.

  7. I appreciate the historical context provided for each symbol. It adds a deeper understanding of their origins and significance.


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