Cutting Relationship Cords that are Broken

You might be someone that has been trying to forgive and get over someone that has hurt you in a relationship. You might want to move on and feel that you’re stuck, and you don’t know why. Maybe you have learned to forgive them, but something still seems to be holding you back.

When this happens, the first thing that you should do is to check your chakras and see if they are balanced and grounded. If they are, chances are that you might have an energy cord connected to this person.

Sometimes when you are doing some self-growth, you will have to face hard emotions. You will have to look at your energy and see things that you might have overlooked in the past. Each time you’re in a new relationship that ends, you need to check to see if you have a relationship energy cord connected to that person.

Energy Cord

When you have relationships with people that are strong such as a lover or a friend, even a parent or a child, you might create an energy bond. This can be seen as a cord of light if you are talking to someone that is clairvoyant and they can see these things. The cords can be good, and they are appropriate and positive, most of the time, such as a child and a parent bond, but sometimes they are negative. Cords help you to exchange energy with someone that you’re in a relationship with and so the cord can be negative if the relationship isn’t a good one.

Having a cord with someone that isn’t a child might be something that might not be as positive. Most connections can start out as positive and as you go into adulthood and you figure out who you are, you can plug into your own natures and your own life, and these cords can grow and expand. The best thing that you can do in relationships is to have energy cords that are temporary and not permanent.

If you find out that you are struggling to let go of a relationship, chances are that you have a permanent cord with that person and you need to get rid of this. This can be symptoms of not being able to stop thinking about that person or feeling like you’re dependent on them.

Why Are Cords Bad?

People create energy cords so that they can keep their energy dependent on that person. This can be something that is kind and loving but as the cord is there for the long run, it can make you co-dependent on that person. When things get even more connected, it can drain you and make you feel tired. It might stop you from being able to reach your true destiny. When the cords are full of energy, it can be positive such as love and care, but it can also be negative energy such as anger, hate and other negative emotions.

Cords help to influence the energy of yourself and the person that you’re connected to. When you breakup with someone, the cords will still be there, and this connection can cause you to want that person back or to feel that you can’t make it without them. This is a cord that is part of the heart chakra.

Cords can get damaged and tangled and this can leave you feeling tired and drained and not being able to do things properly. It can cause your chakras to become blocked which can lead to problems in your mind, body, and soul.

Talking to a psychic or doing energy healing can help you to get rid of these cords that are holding you back. They can also help you to balance your chakras and to let your energy shine through. People are always forming new energy cords in relationships and the more you are understanding and conscious of this, the more careful you can be as to how you give your energy to other people.

Do You Have Cords?

There are cords that are usually found in the second, third and fourth chakras but they can go to any of the seven chakra centers. The energy that you have with these cords can be seen if you are constantly feeling upset or sad. If you breakup with your partner and you can’t get past your emotional feelings, you might have a cord with your ex.

You have to look at your life and think about your relationship and the situations that surrounded it. You can look at your own chakras by meditating and using your intuition to guide you. Figure out if your chakras are open or if you feel that they are shut. A closed chakra can mean that you’re tired, stressed, anxious or have other negative feelings. An open chakra can mean you have energy and you’re able to have boundaries and to be positive.

If you don’t want to look at your own chakras or you feel like you can’t do it, talking to a psychic can help you. Or you can take time to sit and reflect on your relationship and focus on the person that you broke up with. How do you feel when you think about them? What is your heart telling you? Notice how your body is responding. Do you feel that your throat gets tight or your heart hurts? Are you frowning or making an angry face? Do you feel that tears are coming? Does your back get tense? Sometimes you can feel a pull around the chakras where your energy is being blocked and this can be where the cords are.

Thinking about the cords can help you to know if you have one. You can get rid of this cord and so if you find that you are connected to someone else’s energy, don’t fret.

How to Get Rid of Energy Cords

Getting rid of energy cords is easy. It can help you to get over the hurt that you have after breaking up with someone. All you have to do is to have a candle and a place that no one will disturb you for a while. You can light incense or use essential oils or crystals to help make your energy more positive.

Sit in a comfortable place and deep breathe. Light a candle or your incense and notice how you are feeling and breathing. Pay attention to the chakras where you feel like you have connected cords. Imagine that you are reaching into your chakra energy system and that you are unplugging the cord from your chakra.

Say things like, “I am letting go of this person from my chakra energy. I release my connection with them and my desire I have for them. I am a complete person, and I am whole, and I don’t need this cord. I can love and be loved by others without this cord. I ask that the angels and the guides come and help me to have my own energy and that they connect with my energy in a positive way. I ask that the person that I’m connected to gets the same energy from their guides as well.”

Think about the chakras and imagine a white light filling you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Ask your guides to close off these energy cords and thank them for helping you.

Another method is to visualize yourself cutting the cord with a pair of scissors and you can do whatever method you feel works for you. If you need to, do this for at least 21 days and you will see that this can help you to move forward from the broken relationship.

If you have a relationship that you want to stay in and you both wanting to be positive, make sure that you both remove the cords that are holding you in place. This can get rid of negativity and bring in positive energy.

Having a cord can become knotted and it can cause your heart chakra to be blocked. This is the place of love and so it can be hard for you to find love and to move forward when this block is there. As you remove your tangled cords, you will see that you will feel energetic, and you will feel healthier in your mind, body, and emotions. The feelings of being stuck can leave and you can let go of the relationships that no longer serve you well. Let go of negative energy and move forward to real happiness and bliss.