Lights in Your House Flickering on and Off

Have you ever walked into a room and the lights flicker on and off? If this is happening to you, you may wonder what the meaning behind it is. Is it an electrical situation or is it a spirit coming and going?

Are you ever different places and you notice the lights are flickering even on the street or at a friend’s house?

When there is different electrical activity around you, it can mean that your spirit guides are close and that they want to connect with you.

Maybe you are someone that is a spiritually in tuned person or maybe you are an empath who has a strong energy center. No matter what it is, you might be someone that the spirits want to talk to.

When you look at all of the energy around you, it shouldn’t surprise you when the energy levels raise when someone that is able to reach the spirit world walks into a room.

Everything on earth and everything inside of you is made up of energy. A person that understands Reiki knows that electricity can be triggered when a spiritually strong person walks into a room.

Electrical Activity

When you have a spirit around you that wants to talk to you, they might flicker the lights around you to get your attention. You may have already checked to make sure that you didn’t have an electrical problem and when you realize you don’t, but the lights are still flickering, this can be a sign.

A spirit might want to connect with you so they will flicker your lights to get your attention. Before people became mediums, the spirits would use lights to communicate with people around them.

Some mediums will still use electronics such as EVP recorders and radios to talk to spirits and some have lights that can flicker when the spirit comes into the room.


Spirits can communicate by using the electricity around you. Since they have high energy and lights have a lot of energy, they can spread this energy and tap into it so that they can get the attention of those around them.

This can be exciting to someone that wants to know about the spirit world, but it can be frustrating if they are breaking your electronic devices.

When a spirit meets you, they want you to know that they are there, and you can talk back to them or get them to answer you by flashing the lights.

A spirit will use their energy to trip breakers or to make light bulbs flash.

Lights Flickering

Another reason that lights might flicker is that the spirits are trying to contact you in the physical. Once you have a gift and you want to speak to the spirits, you can use the electronics around you to talk to them.

One thing a spirit might do is to burn out a lightbulb because their energy is so strong. This is one-way that you can know that a spirit is close to you.

When you find that your electronic activity is increasing, this can be a way that they are reaching you and can help you with your mediumship giftings.

Having strong emotions can cause the spirit to have more electricity and they can use their energy to tune into your electronics and reach you from the spiritual realm.

Managing Energies

There are ways that you can manage the energy of spirits that come around you. One thing is that you need to be aware of your gifting and what the spirit wants from you. This can help your light bulbs to stop breaking and other things.

Learn what they are trying to tell you and develop your giftings.

Why Spirits Flicker Lights

A spirit can use their own energy to reach you and their energy will change as space changes. If the lights are moving around you, you can guess that it’s a spirit.

The electrical activity that you have around you can draw energy to your spiritual awakening. This can help you to adapt to the energy around you.

When you pay attention to the energy flickering, this can be a loved one trying to talk to you. Pay attention to how it makes you feel.

A spiritual event can make you more conscious of the spirit world and this can bring forth a lot of energy and the devices around you can change.

When you have a strong charge, you attract more energy and more spirits. If you want your lights to stop blowing out so much, try to breathe in energy and communicate with your spirits before they have a chance to flicker your lights.

Here are some things that you can pay attention to:

  • The idea that you might be a psychic or a medium.
  • That you have spirits in your home.
  • The different ways spirits communicate with you.


A flickering light can be a coincidence, or it can be a spirit that is trying to reach out to you. Pay attention to this happening more and more so that you can find out which it is in your life.