Insomnia, especially when it is long-term, is difficult on the mind and body. Whether you cannot fall asleep, wake up during the night, or wake up very early and are unable to return to sleep, recurring sleeplessness wears on the nerves and on the emotions. Sometimes, the reason we cannot sleep is tied to anxiety or anticipation. However, when the reason is not obvious or the insomnia is persistent, it indicates a deeper issue. During the day, the ego is alert and our defenses block difficult things from our awareness. When we sleep, these defenses sleep as well and all those issues can seep into our consciousness.

As we face those fears and follow our hearts, it may take time and some sleepless nights, but it will be worth it. The natural way to cure insomnia is to set a bedtime routine and create good sleep hygiene habits. There are also many over the counter pills available to help. Something like melatonin is nonaddictive and natural, but other forms are available as well. At a certain point, these too may fail and we need to move to a deeper, self-healing approach.

Another way to deal with insomnia is to accept how strong fears can be and uncover them with gentle compassion and a creative approach. We do this by using our intuition and intuitive practice. The steps are shared below.

  • Accept and Surrender – Accept there is something you are unwilling to see, but that your physical well-being depends on figuring it out. Surrender to insomnia by committing to being present when you experience the insomnia. Go through the process and allow healing to take place. As you do this, give yourself some slack as you are going through your day without restorative rest.
  • Celebrate – Have an internal celebration, knowing that you are releasing whatever caused you insomnia and are healing. The dark part of what is brought to light is an innate gift and needs to be freed.
  • Organize – Keep a journal and pen next to your bed, also a headlight if you sleep with a partner.
  • Notice and Write – When you wake up or cannot sleep, pay attention to what is immediately in your awareness. Collect this and then sit up and write it down. For example, if you are dreaming, take note of the theme, symbols, and characters. Write as many details as you can even if they seem random. When you are fully awake, you can try to connect the dots. Write down the time of night for each entry and leave space for reflection. This should be done each time you cannot sleep or wake up.
  • Reflect – Set aside time when awake to review your notes and try to find meaning. This may include looking for a metaphor or meditating on a character or concept you noted. Dialogue with a character you dreamed of and pay attention to patterns like the time of night and reference them with the Chinese Five Element Time Table to associate the emotions.
  • See Patterns and Make Choices – Every few days, take inventory of the patterns and messages you have collected. You should be receiving more awareness in your waking time. Consciously slow down and allow yourself to feel whatever emotions are associated. This can be deep and difficult. If necessary, work with a therapist, healer, or intuitive counselor to work through them.

Hopefully you will cure your insomnia and end up healthier overall.