Mercury Retrograde

Retrogrades are typically things most people see as bad things. The name just sounds bad and most of those who deal with astrology list retrogrades as times to hold back doing certain things or play situations out with more caution.

The truth is planet retrogrades are more common than you know and many people are born with one in their birth chart. In fact, up to 20 percent of people are born during a planet retrograde.

What Is a Retrograde?

A retrograde is when a planet seems to go the opposite way from its normal orbital path. A planet that moves from west to east may seem to move from east to west instead. All planets do this from time to time and it’s a natural occurrence.

Mercury has three to four retrogrades a year so it’s highly probable for people to be born in one.

Why the Focus on Mercury?

Each planet has some ruling influence over certain human functions. Mercury’s influence is over communications. This includes writing, research, speech, reading, and even negotiations.

Because a Mercury retrograde can make communication confusing, most astrologers advise putting off important matters like negotiations until it’s over.

Traits of Those Born in a Mercury Retrograde

Having a Mercury retrograde in your birth chart may not seem that desirable and it brings on some challenges. You may have always felt like you’ve had trouble expressing yourself and had to craft some unique ways to do that.

Those born under this retrograde typically don’t like technology because they feel they can do a better job themselves and they often feel like they don’t fit in. This could prompt more creative, out-of-the-box thinking but could also influence people born under this retrograde to be people pleasers, towing the company line, or being “yes” people rather than speaking up.

Yet, some may hate superficial speech even if they participate in it and long to be authentic. The struggle between the two is real.

Charting the Retrograde

All Mercury retrogrades aren’t the same. As it was stated, Mercury does this three or four times a year so it can retrograde under numerous signs. The timing and sign it retrogrades under also affect the characteristics of those born under it and how they should deal with things.

Earth Signs

Those born in a Mercury retrograde in their Earth sign are going to be more philosophical than others born under the same sign without a retrograde. While those born under Earth signs tend to be rooted and highly logical, those born in Mercury retrograde are looking for new ideas and questioning the status quo. They also like to stir the pot for reactions.

Water Signs

Water sign people tend to be more naturally emotional and intuitive but those born in a Mercury retrograde can control feelings better than their peers not born in a retrograde. However, their intuitive gifts may show up at inopportune times because they try to ignore them.

Air Signs

Those born under air signs tend to be perfectionists but the challenge of those born in a Mercury retrograde is they don’t think or act linearly. They can do mental jumps that make no sense to other people. They can see the end of a project without any of the work to get it there or will jump in the middle of a task before doing any prep work.

This can drive others crazy as most people don’t think this way and need a more synchronized pattern.

Fire Signs

Those born under fire signs are authentic and honest, sometimes to a fault. The Mercury retrograde enhances this and makes them “no frills” people who don’t tolerate superficial people. However, others perceive their attitude toward others as being judgmental or aloof, or even haughty.

While this isn’t true, it is a perception many born under this retrograde live with. For those born under fire signs, the journey is far more crucial to life than the destination.

A Positive About Mercury Retrogrades

Those born with a Mercury retrograde in their birth chart have one distinct advantage. While others are holding back as retrograde approaches, you are full of both intelligence and energy. You won’t get overwhelmed or have meltdowns that other people have during a Mercury retrograde.

While retrogrades have their downsides and precautions, they aren’t all doom and gloom. There are some positives about being born in a Mercury retrograde. You can make the most of them once you understand how such a retrograde affects you.


  1. While Mercury retrogrades are often viewed negatively, it’s refreshing to see an article that highlights the potential benefits for those born under this influence. Balance in perspective is always welcome.

  2. It’s interesting to see how planet retrogrades, especially Mercury, can impact human behavior and characteristics. The distinction between those born during a retrograde and those who are not is quite thought-provoking.

  3. The concept of Mercury retrogrades affecting human communication and behavior is intriguing. It could perhaps be a useful tool for self-reflection and understanding personal challenges better.

  4. The article provides a detailed analysis of how different signs are affected by Mercury retrogrades. It’s particularly intriguing how Earth, Water, Air, and Fire signs display unique traits during these periods.

  5. The notion that Mercury retrograde can bring about unique traits in people based on their sign and timing of birth adds depth to astrological interpretations. It’s a perspective that warrants more exploration.

  6. Understanding the impacts of Mercury retrograde on different signs can help individuals navigate these periods more effectively. The breakdown by element is really helpful for practical applications.

  7. The differentiation between those born during a Mercury retrograde and those who aren’t is insightful. It suggests that these individuals might have a different way of processing and communicating information.

    • Indeed, it makes one wonder how these individuals adapt in various social and professional environments. It’s an aspect worth exploring further.

  8. While the influence of Mercury retrogrades on communication is widely discussed in astrology, it would be beneficial to see more scientific evidence supporting these claims. The concept is fascinating, nonetheless.


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