considerWhat is a psychic power? What can a psychic do? Are they really gifted? If they know so much, why most of them aren’t rich? 

Maybe you’re familiar with how psychics work and function, but if you’re not you may hold some common misconceptions about psychics. Today I’m presenting 5 myths about psychics that need to be cleared up, for the good of us all.

Myth #1: Psychics can read your mind
“How many fingers am I holding up behind my back?” I can’t tell you how many people make that joke around me. I also get “If you’re so psychic tell me when my birthday is.” When people ask me questions like that, I know they don’t understand what being psychic really means.

I can’t read your mind. I don’t know what you’re thinking. I do know what you’re feeling however. The gift of empathy allows me to pick up on your dominant feelings. If you’re worried, upset, angry, frustrated, happy, depressed, anxious, etc. you send off a signal that I can read energetically. If I then use my clairvoyance, clairaudience, or claircognizance, I may also know exactly WHY you’re feeling the way you’re feeling (i.e. “your dog just died” or “you just received a proposal of marriage.”) But don’t ask me what number you’re thinking of. I have no way of accessing that information.

I can, however, access your spirit guides. When I do readings that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m getting permission from you to access your guides so they can tell me what you most need to know to help you on your path. Guides can tell me all sorts of things. For example, they can tell me what job you have now and what job you wish you had, AND how to make that transition. Guides can reveal to me that you’re in an abusive relationship and tell me exactly what I need to say to you so that you can finally feel safe admitting it and working on a plan to extricate yourself.

Guides can tell me that the reason you don’t have any coaching clients is because of your alcoholic mother and the limiting beliefs she instilled in you when you were a child. And so much more. Your guides will tell me anything and everything I need to know to help you. That rarely, if ever, includes the date of your birth, how many fingers you’re holding up behind your back, or, sadly, lottery numbers. If only, right? 😉

two-roadsMyth #2: Psychics can predict the future
Isn’t predicting the future pretty much the very definition of a psychic? Nay. How can psychics tell you what’s going to happen in your future when the future is not set in stone? Free will rules here, not destiny. So you are free to go down any path you desire, you’re free to screw up your own life and you can’t blame destiny. Likewise, you’re free to make powerful decisions that lead to a path with purpose and happiness.

So then why and how do psychics tell you what’s going to happen? When a psychic tunes in to your energy and to your spirit guides, she can read your current situation and she can see where you’re headed. Think of it like walking through a maze. The psychic can see where you’ve been, where you are, and which way you’re headed. So she can tell you what’s coming up on the path in front of you. But she can’t make you walk that path. In fact, one of the best reasons to consult a psychic is to find out if there is anything coming up on the path that you may want to avoid.

A psychic can read your trajectory, and once you know where you’re really headed, you can make changes that will lead to better outcomes for you. So you’ll want to be very careful if you encounter a psychic who tells you that something is going to happen and she implies that it’s set in stone. That will rob you of your power and sense of free will. For example, I knew of a psychic who told someone she was going to cheat on her husband in 2 years and end up divorced. That’s ridiculous. Even if she was picking up a trajectory that included infidelity then what the psychic should have said was “if you continue down the path you’re on, it looks like you end up cheating on your husband which leads to a divorce, so if that’s not something you desire, here are the steps you’d need to take to avoid that.” See the difference?

A good psychic is someone who hands you a map and helps you define where you want to go and then helps you see how to get there using the map. It’s your life, and your choices will determine your outcome.

download-2Myth #3: Psychics can curse you or remove curses
There are a lot of people out there posing as mystical beings with superhuman powers of enchantment. They wield power over superstitious people and bend them to their will. Really though, a curse is just a wish… a wish that harm befalls someone! A wish has no power unless the person receiving the energy lets it into his or her life. In other words, you can’t be cursed unless you believe you can be cursed.

Likewise, there are a ridiculous number of “psychics” who earn their living removing fictitious curses from people. The latest email I got about this was a poor woman who was told by a psychic that unless she gave the psychic $18,000 that she and her two children would drop dead within 3 days. You will likely be unhappy to know that it took me 2 days and 10 emails back and forth to convince this woman NOT to give the “psychic” any money but to report her to the authorities instead.

However, there are very rare instances where a person is either under the influence of something demonic, or there is a negative entity attachment involved. In that case, the psychic should help the client remove the attachment and teach her client how to keep that attachment from coming back. This is a service I happen to provide for free to my clients if I ever see something like this happening, but I suppose it’s not outside the realm of possibility for a psychic to charge something for this service. Just don’t fall for the “you’re cursed and you’re going to die if you don’t give me your life savings” scam.

Myth #4: Psychics are psychic all the time
Skeptics might say that if someone is really psychic that nothing bad could ever befall them because they would see it coming. Again, when someone says this to me I know they don’t understand how psychic abilities work. Being psychic is like being able to listen to a radio and hear a song playing. When I do readings, I tune to my client’s station to hear the song being broadcast. When I’m done with my client, I leave their station and turn off the radio. There is no point in listening to my psychic radio constantly. I’d never be able to get on with my life.

I do, however, retain my intuitive abilities and my connection with my own guides, and they know they can send me an intuitive flash if something important needs to be conveyed. But if I stayed actively tuned in to them 24/7 I would probably go nuts. I don’t want to have to consult some other beings to determine when to take a shower, go to the bathroom, or brush my teeth. There are some risks I’m just willing to take. 😉

psychic-crystal-ball-1Myth #5: Psychics are just really good cold readers
Cold reading is the ability to tell someone all kinds of interesting and accurate facts about themselves by reading their body language or using generalized statements that could pertain to almost anyone on the planet. Cold readers also use tricks to get their clients to reveal information about themselves and then take credit for that information as though they were getting it psychically.

To be fair to the skeptics, there ARE people out there who cold read for others while purporting to be really psychic. Just like the “psychics” who get paid big bucks to remove fictitious curses, these cold readers are using deceit to make money and control their victims.

However, cold reading can’t explain everything. I’ve worked with thousands of clients and during readings I’ve blown myself away by some of the information that came through. In one instance, I told a woman word for word what she wrote in her journal the night before. It was 2 long sentences too, not just a general phrase. We were both blown away. I’ve also had contact with deceased relatives who have told me things that were so specific and so unique there’s just no way I could make this stuff up in my head. I would have nothing to go on. I hear it, I see it, and I pass it on. I’ve had clients who get investment advice from their guides that result in them earning hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don’t know how you can do that by cold reading. Hmm, maybe I should work on commission!

The bottom line here is that to find the most reputable psychics you need to do your homework and your research. Ask your friends for referrals. Look for testimonials. Look for longevity (has the psychic been around a while?). If a psychic is too cheap, watch out for the “curse” scam. Be discerning.