Friends but Not Dating

There are many people in life that choose to be friends with you and there are other people in your life that want to be more than friends, but they aren’t really dating you either. There are some friendships that are hard to label, and they go between a friendship and a relationship but aren’t either.

This kind of relationship has a sexual chemistry that is not talked about, but this is also someone that you go to when you need someone to love and comfort you. You know each other just like best friends should but you don’t commit to each other. You get upset because you aren’t sure just what you are with this person. This is sometimes called a situationship.

Instead of telling someone that you are in a weird relationship, just say that you are in a situationship, and many will understand this.

What is a Situationship?

A situationship is a word that means that you are almost dating someone, but you aren’t. You feel a strong connection to them, but you are wanting to keep them as your friend. You don’t have a label on the relationship, but you just love to be around each other, and they make you comfortable.

There are some that think you should know what kind of relationship that you are in but sometimes it is best to let things just be.

What Does a Situationship Look Like?

Here are some signs of being in a situationship:

  • You have a best friend, but you also have a lover.
  • You know each other’s weaknesses and strengths.
  • They make you smile.
  • You feel comfortable with them.
  • They are there for you when you need them.
  • You call them your best friend.
  • When people ask you if you are dating you say, “They are my best friend.”
  • People are always wondering what is going on.
  • You never define the relationship to yourself or others.

Final Thoughts

There are people that want to be in definite relationships but there are also some people that choose to be in relationships that are not defined. What kind of relationship are you in?