Complicated Relationship

Do you wonder if you are single or if you are committed? This can be something that is confusing. Maybe you feel that you and your partner aren’t getting along so great, and you feel that you have to be careful about everything you do and say.

Some relationships can be complicated and this can have to do with your goals and what you expect out of your partner.

When Relationships Are Hard

Relationships are hard sometimes, and all relationships have some kind of problem. The issues that you have can be confusing and they can be hard to work through. Make sure that you are living a life where you are not compromising your mental health.


Relationships that are hard will and sometimes you have to give up your own wellbeing in order to stay in the relationship. This can cause you to feel depressed, anxious, or stressed.

Talking it Out

Relationships are hard and you need to make sure that you are talking things through. A relationship will never end if you are communicating. Sometimes it is better to be alone and to be single than to be in a relationship that is toxic for you.

Your Perception

People see things from different points of view. These kinds of relationships are often up and down. Even though there are good and bad things in the relationship, some people will cope and view their partners in different ways so that they can stay stable.

Being in a hard relationship though will cause you to feel that you are losing control and it will cause your partner to sometimes try and make you be in a relationship that isn’t serving you.

How to Deal with a Hard Relationship

If you are in a hard relationship then you need to make it better. You need to not stay in a relationship that won’t get better or leaves you feeling upset.

Your own Views

Don’t look at the relationship in a false way. There will be ups and downs, but you need to make sure that you are being honest with what is going on. By not being honest, you are hurting yourself.

Being in Conflict

Hard relationships happen because you are in conflict and you need to take time to figure out what is going on. Write down the behaviors that you are seeing in your relationship and find out how you can change the situation.

Knowing the Problems

Look at the problems that you and your partner are having. Write down the behaviors that are causing the problems and how to be in control of the situation.

Talking it Out

Talk about what is going on in your relationship. You can talk to your partner, or you can talk to a therapist. Make sure that you are communicating and coming up with a solution.

Having Support

When you have conflicts in your relationship you need to be around people that encourage you and not people that shame you. Talk to your family or your friends.

You Can Leave

Remember, if things don’t get better, you can leave, and you aren’t always stuck. Some people will stay in hard relationships because they are stable or because they are too invested. The relationships can have challenges and even if they are hard, the people will often stay because it seems easier.

If you have big problems or if there is abuse, there might be time for you to move on and to not stay in the relationship.

Final Thoughts

Relationships that are complicated can be hard to stay in but you have to make a choice. You will see that some relationships make you stressed and anxious. Figure out what is causing you to feel this way and get the help that you need. Talk to family, friends and even your partner. If the relationship is too hard, leave it and find something better.