Spiritual Healer

Healers are needed and they need to come forward.   A healer is a person that can help those that are hurting and suffering and can help people out of their current conditions.  They have the ability to help them spiritually, mentally and physically.  They can help those that are wounded and those that have lost their faith in life and in humanity.

People that are sad and worn out, those that are afraid and do not function well anymore need a healing.

If you know someone in your life that is a healer or if you are one yourself, these gifts are strong and can be helpful.  There are signs that you are a spiritual healer.


Most people that are empaths are also spiritual healers.  These are people that can feel the emotions of others and the feelings that they have.  Being an empath can leave you feeling sick and dry and out of energy because you are always picking up the energies of others.  This can be overwhelming and hard and since an empath is so sensitive, it can make them very emotional and upset.

Love Being Alone

A healer likes to be alone and wants to spend time with themselves. This isn’t because they don’t like anyone it is because they need to be able to replenish their energies and to have a chance to balance themselves.

More to Life

A spiritual healer feels that there is more to life than making money and they need to follow what purpose they have.  They want to help others and sometimes they feel trapped in their job and just want to do a job where they can help people.


If you are the go-to person for advice, then chances are you are a healer.  You seem to have all the answers and you know how to drop things and listen to what other people are saying.

You are highly sensitive and easy to talk to.


A person that is intuitive will be able to make decisions that will steer others on the right path.  You will just know when something isn’t right, and this could mean you are a healer.

Mental Health

If you have struggled with your own mental health, this could be because you have stress other people put on you.  Since healers are the most sensitive, they can struggle with their own health to help others.


If other energies are zapping your energy, then it can leave you needing to be in bed for a while.


A healer always can feel the emotions of others and if this is you then you are able to be a spiritual healer and are probably destined for it.

Healing Careers

People that are drawn to careers in health and medicine will go there if they are spiritual healers so that their purpose can shine.  They want to have a purpose and look for careers that give them one.


If people are feeling centered and happy around you, it is probably because you offer them some kind of light and hope.  A person that is a spiritual healer has these gifts.

Being Different

A spiritual healer is a different kind of person and sometimes seems like an outcast.  They are this way because the world around them doesn’t understand the pain and suffering and they have no emotional feelings so they cannot relate with you.  Since society is so down on showing your feelings, being a healer is hard.


If you are always coming up with new ideas and you have a new idea for everything, this can be hard and complicated, but it is a sign of a natural healer.  What would the world be like if we all gave out our ideas?

Deep Thinker

If you think a lot and come up with things because you see the bigger picture, chances are you are a spiritual healer.  You can see things about life that others cannot see.

Connected to Nature and Animals

If nature and animals give you peace, this can be a sign you are a healer.


You might not talk a lot, but you are able to listen, and you listen well.  You tune into what people are telling you and into their emotions.  You can read their body language and not only that, you can give them great advice.


Being a healer is a gift that is needed in our world.  If you have any of the signs, work hard towards being a natural healer and help the universe.