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Spiritual Retreat For A Happier Family

     A lot of people thinks about churches, temples, praying and singing religious songs around a campfire when they think of going on a spiritual retreat. A spiritual retreat can be any type of trip away from home. It can be as simple as camping under the stars, a family-oriented team building event,  or renting a cabin out in the woods for a week. As long as it doesn’t involve technical devices such as cell phones, video games, MP3 players, TVs and anything else that one can zone out with, it can be spiritual.

A spiritual retreat is time away with loved ones that allows for further understanding, communication and bonding. When a family gets to spend genuine time together away from all of life’s distraction, amazing growth can happen. Spiritual growth can be achieved through reflection, gratitude and appreciation for what you, as a family, already have in this lifetime. One majorly important gift being that you have each other to walk through life with.

Wondering how a spiritual retreat can form stronger bonds between family members? There are a variety of ways that a spiritual getaway, escape, vacation or retreat can ultimately bring you closer together.

Time Away To Listen

In this busy day and age, family members tend to unconsciously walk by each other in the home whether they are on their way to school or work. Even on the weekends there is little time sitting together and communicating as a family unit. By planning an escape away to a tranquil place with no distractions, you can all take more time to listen to each other. Many problems in the home start with miscommunication and lack of listening, so this type of break away will do wonders.

Reflection As A Family

When you plan a spiritual retreat with the family, (whether you are religious or not) you will have time to reflect on all of your life journeys so far. So many families get caught up in looking towards the future that they forget to look at their journey so far. Being away from your main sources of distraction allows a family to look back on the good old days, talk about that family vacation you took 10 years ago and laugh at funny past experiences.

Time For Growth And Nurturing

Every family needs time away to nurture the family soul. Family members need to re-connect when they have spent countless days just going through the motions of school, work and home life. A spiritual retreat out in nature is the best way to reunite as a family, share some loving expressions and work as a team once again.

This type of spiritual family escape is not an escape from each other, but rather an escape from all of the distractions that every day living presents. It is about being in the ‘here and now’ with your family and letting go of stress, as well as working through any family issues that need closure. As a family it is very important to remain connected, communicate and to create new memories that you will remember for years to come.

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