psychic medium that is a recovering alcoholic

Sunshine is a psychic medium that is a recovering alcoholic. She also has other gifts such as being:

• A spiritual advisor.
• A soul healer.
• Shadow worker.
• Witch.
• Magician.


She founded Sunshine Readings, and she loves to give readings to new and returning clients. She was born under a full moon on October 5th and then later when she was 11 years old, she realized that she had some kind of spiritual or supernatural gift.


She was raised as in a Catholic school and church, and she wanted to be an altar girl but was denied by the priest. This made her question the Catholic church and turning away from the teachings.

Facts About Sunshine

Here are some facts about Sunshine:

  • She builds software for companies.
  • She has 5 cats.
  • She is a Grey Eclectic Ritual Witch.
  • Her signs include the Libra sun, Aries moon and Cancer Rising.
  • She has built many different businesses.
  • She loves metaphysical stores and it helped to build up her spiritual life.
  • When she was 16, she bought her first tarot card deck that she uses today.
  • She loves all gods.
  • She loves to cook.
  • She loves working and is serious about entrepreneurship.

New Reader

When she started reading tarot cards, she looked up all the meanings of the cards but realized that she would have visions and symbols coming to her mind when she was doing a reading. She wasn’t very serious about it and the readings weren’t always very serious.

She later married a man that didn’t believe in her spiritual journey, and she felt shameful and hid her gifts. She began to doubt her abilities and only after she got divorced did, she pick up her tarot deck again. She still felt ashamed and didn’t like that she was a witch, all while questioning if she even had real gifts.

Later in Life

When she was 40 years old, she went to Costa Rica for her birthday and ended up drunk which led her to her life of alcoholism. She got to the point where she had to change her life and she started Alcoholics Anonymous. This helped her to get back on her spiritual journey and it was then that she discovered that being a witch would help her in her own recovery.

While she was in AA, she did her own shadow work and decided to use tarot cards and readings as a way to be sober and better in her life.

Embracing Her Gifts

Even though she wasn’t exactly sure of her gifts, she embraced them. She stopped pretending about her gifts and she started opening up about what she believed. She began to open her heart to those around her and she got happiness in herself and her gifts.

Life of Sunshine

Sunshine is happy with her recovery, and she believes in her gifts as a spiritual advisor, healer and medium. She has done her own shadow work and she fights against limiting beliefs and against fear.

She believes that people should look for the light even when they are struggling with life and that emotions are powerful. She is a witch that practices magic and is learning how to be an alchemist. She wants to see everyone she meets to shine and to find their own beautiful light.


  1. Sunshine’s ability to leverage her spiritual skills in her business ventures is impressive. It’s an example of how different talents can complement each other.

  2. Sunshine’s life illustrates how adaptive and multifaceted humans can be. Her journey is a powerful reminder of resilience and the ongoing quest for self-discovery.

  3. Her story about facing and overcoming shame related to her spiritual gifts really resonates. It’s crucial for individuals to embrace their true selves despite societal judgments.

  4. The journey Sunshine has undergone is quite remarkable, especially her struggle and recovery from alcoholism. It’s commendable how she’s embraced her spiritual gifts.

  5. The combination of shadow work and Alcoholics Anonymous in her recovery is an interesting approach. It shows how combining different methods can lead to success.

  6. Sunshine’s diverse abilities, from software development to spiritual advising, show a unique blend of skills. Her persistence in overcoming personal and societal challenges is noteworthy.

  7. I find it interesting that Sunshine’s spiritual gifts were integrated into her recovery process. It’s a testament to how personal beliefs and practices can aid in personal development.

    • It also illustrates the importance of finding individual paths to recovery, tailored to one’s unique experiences and strengths.

    • Indeed, it shows the potential of integrating various aspects of one’s life to support overall well-being.

  8. Her story highlights the intersection of technology and spirituality. It’s fascinating to see someone proficient in both fields.


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