Alpha Fornacians

There is a new soul group. If you are someone that is interested in learning things spiritual such as reading Akashic records, channeling and more, you can understand this more by understanding the soul group.

What is a Soul Group?

A soul group is a set of incarnations that happen, and souls are born. This is an energy that has no movement at first because it is new. Then it takes on a certain environment that it chooses, and the energies will stay with it for the life of the soul. Once the soul comes to earth, it will absorb the energies of the original place that it came from.

There are 23 different soul groups that are known right now and the newest is the Emotional Realmers or the Alpha Fornacians. This is a place that comes from the 9th dimension which is a world that is emotional and relational but is not phyiscal. The souls there don’t have real bodies but just emotional bodies.

The souls can go to this dimension, and they can experience new emotions. The Alpha Fornacians have skills in their emotions, and they are very intelligent. They support emotional intelligence, and they bring other people love, compassion, empathy, and awareness of who they are.

They teach the world around them to be more emotionally aware and expressive and how to handle things that are negative in their emotions and thoughts.

The souls will help humans to handle the emotions that they experience that come from things such as:

• Grief.
• Rejection.
• Tragedy.
• Conflict.

They want to bring peace and harmony to those that live in the world, and they will do what they can to reverse the emotions that are stopping the world from being a better place.


Alpha Fornacians is a place that is similar to the earth and can evolve and change through both negative and positive things. The negative emotions are part of life in this place, but the difference is that the incarnation is removed, and it is in a totally different dimension.

Alpha Fornacians struggle with the world and the earth because of the phyiscal part of it. They have to do what it takes to have phyiscal success and this can be frustrating sometimes.

How Old Are They?

The souls have been on earth for around 6000 years and most of them live about 50% of their life here. They make up 0.6% of the earth’s population. These can be people that have children that are overly emotional and intelligent, and they can be people that work in mental health fields.

Some of them have a hard time saying what they are feeling, and some have autism and other emotional situations or come from cultures that encourage men to keep their emotions to themselves.

Many of these people from this soul group came during World War 1 and 2 and this happened when people weren’t emotionally able to handle things that happened.

Are You An Alpha Fornacian?

Here are some signs that you might be an Alpha Fornacian Soul:

  • Intelligent.
  • Emotionally intelligent.
  • People come to you to help them handle relationship problems.
  • An old soul.
  • Work in the mental health field.
  • Work with autistic people.
  • Compassionate.
  • Understanding.
  • Find things to be tedious.
  • Can read others and know their emotions.

Here is the common question that people ask about this soul group:

Is a soul group literal? These souls come from different environments and different areas. They are represented both literally and metaphorically and they represent different soul groups that come for the same purpose. People that can read Akashic records often find the soul groups to be more understandable.

Final Thoughts

There are different soul groups in the world, right now, 23 different ones. Do you belong to a different soul group?