When is a Dream a Psychic Dream?

In a person’s lifetime it is expected that they will have at least 100,000 dreams.  They can range from simple visions to near death or conversations with spiritual beings.  At times you can wake up from a dream feeling like you ran a sprint, exhausted and seeking the understand the message of your nocturnal vision.

Psychic dreams are unique.  They serve as crystal clear images of future events and the senses you experience are incredibly heightened, they feel life-like.  You awake knowing that you image will become reality.  Deceased loved ones that contact you during these dreams in a way that feel like you are enjoying them the way you could when they were alive.  There are also dreams that warn you of impeding dangers.  Its eerie how succinct the images and messages are portrayed.

It is unknown how and why psychic dreams occur.  Acknowledge when you have a psychic dream and seek to understand what it’s trying to tell you.  It’s import you listen to your psyche when it talks to you.  When you dream your brain sends electrical currents that can transport you into a heightened state.  This state is similar to the brainwave pattern a psychic can enter prior to giving a reading or to connect with the afterworld.

When you have a psychic dream that involve spirits, getting the information is like being a part of a move where you are star.  It can be easy to predict the future during your sleep.  Begin by ensuring you are receptive to receiving messages in your dreams prior to falling asleep.  This open the gate to the spirit realm and it will gratefully send you important information.  Keep a journal by your bedside to record your dreams immediate upon waking up.  Review it periodically and be awed by all the critical data you picked up while you were sleeping.  Use this information and the tools shown to make better choices during your waking hours to create more impactful solutions for your pressing concerns.

Our survival urges and psychic abilities are inextricably entwined during sleeps.  This is because all boundaries fade during sleep and our subconscious is able to work more effectively.  Space, time and life as we know it ceased to exist.  Some of the most satisfying psychic dreams involve interactions with our deceased loved one.  Although the finality of their physical life is gone, psychic dreams gives us the opportunity to make peace with unresolved issues and continue our connection from the great beyond.