Karmic Numbers 14 and 5

There are two tops of karmic numbers one is the karmic lesson number and one is the karmic debt number. The karmic numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19.

Understanding Karmic Debt

Karmic debt number is a number that can tell how much karmic debt that you need to pay back. When you have one of these numbers show up when you get a reading then it means that you have things in your past that you need to get rid of.

Seeing the karmic number can tell you if you have things going on in your life. These things are normally hard. Depending on where the number lands, it might affect your life in a way that you deal with something over and over again.

Having karmic debt is like owing any other debt. This is something that you have “spent” in your past life or in your present life and you have to begin paying it back. This keeps coming and accumulating until you get it paid off. This kind of debt is different though because it deals with the actions and choices that you have made in your life.

Seeing a Karmic Number

Seeing a karmic number means that you owe back some karmic debt. This is something that you can pay back by being positive and by living your best life.

Karmic Numbers 14 and 5

The number 4 can mean that you have stability and that you work hard to reach your goals. The 1 in the karmic numbers though means that you are selfish and that you only care about what you want or what you need.

Having a 14 or a 5 in one of your core numbers can mean that you need to pay back things in your life and that you are doing that in the present time. This can be times where you were selfish and times where you mistreated others. The number 14 and 5 can show you that you have been irresponsible and you need to learn to be more responsible.

These numbers can also relate to the fact that you have acted excessively over time. You need to learn to have discipline for yourself and to do things to live a better life.

A person that has these numbers will be learning a lesson along the way. These lessons can be mastered and then the debt can be paid back.

Here are some of the traits that you might see with these numbers:

  • Having a hard time staying in a relationship.
  • Going from career to career or job to job.
  • Being addicted to drugs, food or more.
  • Not able to focus.
  • Not able to commit.
  • Unhealthy dependence or independence.
  • Being too emotional.
  • Not able to be self-disciplined.
  • Strong sexual encounters.

Living a Healthy Life

Once you learn that you need to pay back karmic debt, you need to learn to have structure and to live your best life. You can set goals and have a clear mind.

There will be experiences that come in your life to test you and you need to make sure that these things don’t make you think or feel negative.

You will be successful in what you do if you look at what is going on and you decide to make changes. Change sometimes take hard work and you will often have to move forward in order to really succeed in getting rid of karmic debt.

Being challenged can be hard but you will be able to face these challenges by looking at your life in a different way and not letting obstacles hold you back.

If you have already faced changes, you might be more mature and you might have already began to pay back your karmic debt. By knowing that you have this karmic debt and you are living a better life, you stop feeling like a victim. This is something that you have done to yourself and even if you cannot remember doing something wrong, the more positive you are the faster you will fix the karmic debt and live a better life.

Final Thoughts

Your karmic number can show things that are happening in your life that are holding you back. These issues can cause you not to be able to commit to others and can make you feel lost or confused. You need to face these things and when you do you will gain back your independence and you will see that you are more comfortable in who you are and where you are going in your life.