Lightworker Intuition in Business

A lightworker is a person with the ability to perceive what others are thinking or feeling. This can come in handy in life, especially for those in the business world. Still, many lightworkers ignore their intuition when at work. This article shares tips on how to tune in and use your intuition to work for you in business.

Lightworkers go through an awakening experience to remind us of who we truly are in life. This awakening is to connect us when we have strayed too far from our inner wisdom, voice, and soul’s purpose. The awakening leads us to make life changes. We make self-care a priority and take time to connect with nature, the universe, and the spirit on deeper levels. We connect to the self, even if it means others drift away from us. During this time, we allow our inner voice to become louder than the external world. So, why are we so willing to step back in the process when it comes to our business?

When we start a business, it is with a deep desire to help others in some way, to guide them through their journey. It comes from a place of service, love, and empathy. Then we find ourselves overwhelmed in the modern world as a spiritual entrepreneur. We may be trying to find ourselves an awakened business, but working in a sleep state. The noise of the world overshadows our inner voice. We may end up comparing ourselves to the business of others, taking advice from the wrong type of people, and questioning our service. This can leave us with the same uncomfortable symptoms felt before an awakening. We may struggle with self-doubt, fear, judgment, comparison, and even doubt our self-worth or abilities. This can lead to burnout to the point we give up and go to work for someone else where the same pressure does not occur.

Now that you know what can happen, what can be done? The basic answer is to use all the methods that you already use to tune into your intuition and inner voice to apply to your business. Tune out the outside noise and back to the self. If your business is not working, take some time off to readjust and see what feels right or wrong for you. Ask yourself the following:

  • Does pricing need to increase or decrease?
  • Do you feel good about what is being offered?
  • Is too much time being spent on social media?
  • Is there a balance of online and offline work?
  • Are you overdoing it or not doing enough?

Adjust the areas that are needed to find a balance between rest and work, meeting goals and being drained by them. You need to feel great about your pricing without it feeling awkward. You must also be visible in your business, even if you are seen and judged by some. This will help your business work for you.