Meditation for Healing

Do you have past problems or trauma that you wish to get rid of? Do you wish that if you messed up in the future that you could go and change it? You can with time travel meditation. Do you wonder if time travel is something that can happen when you meditate? You can make this happen if you practice meditation each and every day.

Once you learn to live in the now then there will be no place that you allow pain to come in. The things that you are upset about, or you feel about are things that are normally in the past. There are even times that people don’t remember what they did in the past and why they feel so bad now because of it.

Spiritual healers often talk about meditation and time travel. Meditation time travel can help to change the past and the future.

Human Mind

The human mind is something that is very creative and is very strong. Once you learn to focus, you can do things like cooking while you read a book or you can do two other things at the same time.

Someone driving on a trip can have the place in their mind that they want to go before they even get there. This often means that a person is living in their past or future without even realizing it.

This is something that happens unconsciously. This means that it is happening, and they don’t even realize it. When a person is completely aware of what they are doing, they are able to get the results of what they want to accomplish. When you do something without really understanding it, it means that your mind doesn’t understand and at the same time you are collecting karma.

Using time travel meditation can help you to go back and recreate the memories that you are having so that you can act differently this time around.

How Does Time Travel Work?

Some people believe that magic is possible, but they don’t believe that your mind has the way to make magic work. The mind creates something that is magical each day because there are different thoughts and different ideas that go through their mind. As thoughts are created, they can become a reality but sometimes it takes time for this to happen.

Guided meditation time travel can happen and if you follow these steps then you will be able to control what happens in your thoughts and your mind. Here are some steps to make this happen:


The first thing that you need to do is to relax. Find a place that you can go and won’t be disturbed. You need to find a place that makes you feel calm and a place that you can stay for as long as you need to.

Make Your Mind Relax

After your body is relaxed it is time to relax your mind. Deep breathe and calm yourself. Hold your breath as long as you can and then let it out.

Before you do time travel meditation though, you need to get rid of all the negative feelings that you are having. Remove these feelings from your mind and as they come to your thoughts, deep breathe until they are gone.

Go to the Past

It is time for you to go back into your past. You are the one that is in control of where your mind goes. Think of water all around you and imagine that you are in a boat. Since water is so important in the body, it can affect what happens in your body.

Let Your Mind See the Event

Let your mind see the event that you want to change. Look at every detail. Pay attention to what you are feeling and seeing. As your mind goes to the past, make sure that you are remembering every single detail. Think about how you want this event to change.

Create Your Days in the Past

As you are in your past, think about the day that you are in right now. Notice what you are feeling in the present and make sure that you have the people and things with you that you want to be with.

Come Back to the Now

Once you are done with your past, come back to the now. Go back to the boat and let it take you back to the present. Returning can make you feel excited and happy. Come back to the present and focus on how this makes you feel.

Notice your Senses and Feelings

Everything that you saw in your meditation is there to help you have a better future and a better life. Look at your future and pay attention to what your mind and body are feeling. If you haven’t tried it yet, try to practice other kinds of meditation.

Music and Meditation

You can use music while you meditate because it can help you to be calm. Use whatever music you want but music that keeps your brain waves moving is the best kind.

Time Travel and Meditation

Anyone can time travel through meditation including the Yogis. Yogis are people that spend much of their day in meditation and travel around the universe. They have strong minds, and this can help them to time travel as well.

Even you can use meditation to time travel. Learn to practice being calm and focusing on your mind. Meditating each day can give you the practice that you need to stay calm and to be more mindful of what it takes to get you where you can time travel.

Final Thoughts

Time travel meditation is a way that people can go back to their past through meditation so that their future can improve. Meditation is powerful and it can help to change your reality. Don’t think small but use meditation to do big things.