If you have been part of the occult or if you know much about psychic powers, then chances are that you have heard about your angels and your guides. This is the idea that there is someone that is there to help you live your best life and to comfort you when things go wrong. The guides and angels are there to help you and they are there to help you when you need to ask questions, or you need help.

There are stronger ways that you can connect to your guides, and you can find out their names or you can even find out what gender they are. You can use a pendulum to help you ask the questions that you want your guides to answer.

There are some pendulums that you can buy that are already programmed to give you yes and no answers. There are different signals that your pendulum can give you and you can program your pendulum to give you a clearing action where you move it in a clockwise circle.

This means that the spirit will tell you that you can clear something that you are requesting. Clearing can help you to get rid of things that are blocking the pendulum from answering your questions. It can help your guides to help you reach a higher level in who you are and get rid of things that are negative and holding you back.

You can state an intention when you start such as, “I want to ask to be protected during this time. I want to know who my two major guides are that are with me all the time. Help the guides to make me reach my higher level and the strongest knowledge in my life. Ask the guides to stay with me even when I know more about them.”

You can use these questions to ask your guides to give you answers so that you can know them more:

  • Do I have guide with me? If you get a no answer, ask the guides to come to you and then ask the question again.
  • Do I have more than two guides? If you get a yes answer, then ask which guide is at the highest level.
  • Do I only have two guides? If you get yes, move on but if you get a no answer then ask that the blockages be cleared. Ask the question again.
  • Ask the source to make your guides reach your mind level so that you can figure out who they are.
  • Ask the pendulum to update your guides and to give you knowledge of them.
  • Ask the guides to clear your souls that are coming to give you negative energy and preventing you from getting the answers that you want to get.
  • Ask the guides to spell their name with the pendulum and use a chart to find out their names.
  • Ask the guides to give you one letter at a time. If you don’t get an answer, ask again.
  • Write down your guides name.
  • Ask your guides spell their name. If you don’t get a response, ask them again.
  • Write down your next guides name.
  • If the name is too hard to say, ask them to give you a nickname that you can call them.
  • Write down guide one’s nickname.
  • Write down guide two’s nickname.
  • After you have their names, ask them to tell you what gender they are.
  • Write down guide one gender.
  • Write down guide two gender.
  • You can get more information by asking more questions. Once you really learn how to read the pendulum you can find out who your two major guides are, and you can find out if you have more.
  • Make sure there are no souls that are attached to you that are blocking anything you ask.

If you still have problems getting the pendulum to answer you then repeat the process. Don’t be aggravated if you have to repeat things sometimes it takes a while to get to ask the guides questions. Make sure that you are being assigned the right guides for your life.