Using Magic to Reach Reality

Have you ever visited a magic shop and you love the different crystals you see and other tools? Maybe you want to read a book on soulmates or you get excited about the different essential oils.

Some people will buy magic to help them to do magic while some will do their own magic. But what is the real reason beyond magic? Can you use it to put a love spell on someone that you like or use it to make your boss love you more than everyone else? Keep reading to understand magic even more.

Understanding Magic

There are different kinds of magic such as ceremonial magic and this kind of magic can be used to reach different goals. There are different kinds of magic that readers will use to reach into the spiritual world.

The initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magic can cause there to be illusions in a way of art. This happens because your brain has to understand what is seeing including:

• Seeing: a circle, triangle, robe, lamp, implement.
• Hearing: invocations.
• Smelling: Perfume.
• Tasting: sacraments.
• Touching: Under.
• Mind.

When you combine these things, it might not look right but you can speak to the spirits and you can use your brain to bring about methods that stimulate and regulate the things in your mind. This isn’t always knowledge, but it can be something that comes when you practice and when you stimulate the mind.

The definition of magic happens to make changes. This can cause the reality of a person to be more focused and to be the one that manifests things. This can cause there to be a lack of understanding and if you have to find love by doing spells and chants then this is a disappointing thing.

Magic is no way to make a relationship work. This isn’t something that can make you find money and this will never move your energy like you expect. This cannot even make you reach your destiny. If you want to find a man to be attracted to you, try to use things like vision boards and ask your angels to help you.

Kundalini Magic

This is a kind of magic that works with the base of the spine. When this magic moves through your chakras, it brings freedom. It can be thought of as sexual, but it can also be divine feminine energies. Men want this too and it isn’t just about sexual experiences.

As this energy moves through your body, the chakras need to be reached for meditation. You can meditate and you can do yoga and breathing exercises to guide you.

Some magic can be learned when you watch a podcast, read a book or study, but some you have to learn yourself. There are different forms of magic and some people are students so that they can learn.

Keeping Away Evil Spirits

This is a kind of magic that can remove negative energy and can keep evil spirits away. Some religions do this based on their faith while others will use things that they think will protect them like amulets and symbols. Some believe that using mirrors will reflect negative energy away from them and out the door. Other people will wear their clothes inside out when going outside at night so that they won’t be taken away by spirits. Other people will use horseshoes at the entrance of their home to protect themselves.

Some believe things like:

• Splashing water on people and things to get rid of evil.
• Using the Hamsa symbol.
• Putting sandalwood blend incense on things.
• Baptizing.
• Using charms.
• Using holy water.
• Commanding the evil not to come.
• Burning white sage.
• Spraying salt water.

Finding Lost Things with Magic

When things get lost and they become frustrating, you can see that you can use magic to find these things. Spell work and other things can work right away and some people will use things like a pendulum to find people and things by letting it move over a map. Some will pray and others will ask guides to help them.

A person that is missing will can be found and many think that this means that they have to do magic. Don’t lose hope when something is missing, be confident that you can use your energy to find things and bring things back home that are gone.

Talking to the Archangels

Different people believe that there are different archangels that can help to protect them. Some of them include:

• Mikael.
• Jibreel.
• Michael.
• Azrael.
• Metatron.
• Gabriel.
• Michael.
• Raphael.
• Uriel.

Some people in the Kabbalah believe that there are twelve different archangels. The archangel is considered to be the highest ranking angels and they are there to help protect people and defend them.

Some believe that they can wear a pendant of St. Michael to protect them and that the higher archangels will guard them. Some also believe that a person can wear charms, keep statues and other things that will keep the angels protected.

Manifesting a Career

There are magical things that can be used to help you on your career path. You can find out how to be successful and how to use magic to make things happen for you. If you want to compete for a promotion, you can dress good and make sure that you have your credentials up to date. When you do this, you will see that you can contribute your life as a team.

If you’re good at doing your job then you will be successful in any career that you want to be in. You can change how you look to your team and make the boss want to promote you. Being about your career will help you succeed.

Love Manifestation

When someone really loves you, it doesn’t take magic to make this happen. No candle will keep you passionate in a relationship. There is no real magic that will help you to have a lover forever and if love is forever then you are working to make the relationship strong. You cannot cast spells on a person to make them want to be with you.

Relationships are about loving each other and working to make things work. You cannot manipulate and lie about magic. You cannot do spells and focus on doing nothing. Instead, you need to focus on making the relationship better. The more that you love and the more you give, the chances are that you will get these things back. Don’t neglect someone if you want to have love.

Attraction Spells

Trying to make someone love you that doesn’t will not work with magic. You can use magic to attract people but they won’t stay in love with you. The incense and candles that you use won’t bring someone to your life right away. If you want love, work on yourself. Work on doing things better. Take a class and become more knowledgeable and live your best life. This is what makes people attracted to you.

You can change your clothing style, change your hair and do things to attract new people to your life but some are looking just for sex and to attract those kinds of people. When you have confidence and you are living your best life, you spread this energy and people will be attracted to this.

Changing Your Reality

Magic can be used to attract people, money and careers but it can also be used to change yourself to have a better reality. Some use magic to change themselves and to find better ways to live and to make the world around them better.

One way to do this is using positive affirmations. When you use these each day then you will be using magic to be more positive and to send a good message to yourself.

Some people will read inspirational poetry and other affirmations and they will buy books or write their own down. This will help to live them up and to get them out of bad moods. These things can be written to fit your own life and can make you feel more alive.

Magic is something that can be used in a positive way without using spells. By being positive and making the best changes for yourself, you are using magic to become stronger and better. Try to use oils, crystals, spells and other normal things to help make your magical path more exciting. Use magic the best ways that you can each and every day.


  1. The article provides an interesting overview of different types of magic and their applications. However, it would be beneficial to include more scientific perspectives on the subject.

    • I agree. A balanced approach that includes both mystical and scientific views would provide a more comprehensive understanding.

  2. The piece covers a wide range of beliefs and practices, which is commendable. However, it’s important to approach such topics with a healthy dose of skepticism.

  3. The article could benefit from including statistical data or studies on the effectiveness of different magical practices. That would add credibility to the discussion.

  4. It is crucial to differentiate between psychological effects and supernatural claims when discussing magic. The mind is powerful, but that doesn’t necessarily validate all mystical practices.

  5. The section on keeping away evil spirits was quite intriguing. It would be interesting to see a comparative analysis with practices from different cultures and religions.

  6. While the article provides a broad overview, it’s essential to consider the ethical implications of trying to manipulate outcomes through magic.

  7. The idea of using magic to manifest a career seems more like goal-setting with a mystical twist. Practical steps are equally important.

  8. Meditation and breathing exercises mentioned in Kundalini Magic align with many scientifically-backed mindfulness practices. It’s a good blend of mysticism and evidence-based techniques.


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