Using Crystals to Help Plants

Crystals are great tools that can help you with many things. Crystals are an important tool in our journey and can help you to reach your greatest potential in life.


Here are some things that crystals can help you with:

  • Getting rid of negativity in your life.
  • Help you to grow.
  • Protect you.
  • Clear your mind.
  • Heal your body.
  • Heal relationships.
  • Give energy.
  • Help you to study.
  • Help with work.
  • Help you through obstacles.

Crystals are great for many things, but did you know that a crystal can also help your plants?

Crystals and Plants

If you want to add crystals to your plants to give them color, you need to figure out what kind of elemental your plants are. This can help your plants to feel healthy. An elemental feal is something that different plants have and what crystals match up with them.

A green pepper or a sunflower are fiery plants and a plant such as lavender and lemon are considered calm and clearing. Knowing what kind of elemental your plant has is important when you want to pair it with crystals.

Moss, rose and other earth-based flowers like the dirt while lotuses and chamomile are water plants. You have to understand the elemental so that you can pick the right crystals.

Best Crystals for Plants

Once you understand your plants, you need to understand your stones.

The green calcite, for example is an encouraging stone. If you see that your plants seem weak and are not growing like they should, this stone can help them to come more alive and to grow better. You are giving your plant a positive stone and if you put the stone on top of their soil, it can benefit your plant.

Cerussite is a plant that can be added to water and sprayed on your plant to keep pests away form it.

Tiger’s Eye is a stone that is of strength and if you need your plants to grow better, put this stone on the soil but do not bury it.

Moss Agate is a gardener stone and can help to increase the energy of your plants. It can balance the plants and bring them health and it can help you with your own chakras if they are unbalanced.

If your plants are wilting, then you can use angelite for the plant. This allows there to be balance and to let the water flow. You do not want to put this stone in water because it changes it from angelite to gypsum and so you need to let the stone sit close to your plants. You can also sage your stone to get rid of negative energies on them.

Another stone that is great for seeds is moonstone. This stone can help the plant grow with deeper roots and can help to give the seed a strong start in growing.

If you have inside plants and you are not taking good care of them, they can get tired and droopy. Plants listen to noise and can pick up stress. Use green aventurine to put into the pot so that the plant will have more positivity and the negative energy will go to the stone.

Green tourmaline is another great stone for plants. It gives energy to the plants and helps them to connect to the earth. Even inside plants can grow big.


There are many other stones that can help with your plants. Ask your spirit guides to help you choose which stones to put in your garden. Listen to your intuition and trust yourself. Let your intuition guide you with which stones to add to your plants.

Crystal Planter

If you want to help your plants and to make things beautiful, create a crystal planter. That way you can plant your plants right in the stone and it can get the best of both worlds.


  1. While the idea is intriguing, it would be helpful to have more empirical evidence. Personal experiences can be very subjective.

  2. Understanding the elemental nature of plants and matching them with crystals is a fascinating perspective. I appreciate the detailed examples provided.

  3. The detailed descriptions of specific crystals and their purported effects on plants are noteworthy. However, verification through controlled experiments would lend more credibility.

  4. The article connects the use of crystals to both plant and human health, suggesting a holistic approach. I’d be curious to learn more about the historical and cultural background of these practices.

  5. Using crystals in gardening seems like a creative approach to plant care. It adds an aesthetic and potentially beneficial element to the practice.

  6. The article provides interesting insights on how crystals can be beneficial for plants. It would be intriguing to see scientific studies supporting these claims.

  7. The concept of using crystals to improve plant health is new to me. Has anyone tried this with noticeable results?

    • I’m interested in trying this out. However, scientific validation would make me more confident in its effectiveness.

    • I’ve used green aventurine with my indoor plants and noticed they seem to thrive better than before. Could be a coincidence, but it’s worth exploring.

  8. It’s fascinating how crystals can be integrated into gardening. I might try incorporating some of these stones into my garden and see how it goes.


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