Akashic Records

There is an overabundance of universal information that we can access. These records are known as the Akashic Records. There are only certain people who have access to the Records, but you can try them out on your own with a bit of practice. If you are prepared to permeate through higher consciousness and tap into these Records or learn more about what they are, then this article can get you started. Read on to learn more.

What are the Akashic Records?

People have often asked if there is really an all seeing, all knowing place that is invisible, but full of information and time is totally irrelevant. You may wonder if human beings can take a mental walk into this place to acquire deeper knowledge. If these are areas that concern you, then you need to understand that this collection of data does exist and will exist and is known as the Akashic Records. In the Hindu religion, the five fundamental elements of life are called the Panchamahabhuta. The term Akashic may be representative of the fifth universal element termed Akash. Akash represents the one responsible for the spiritual plane in which the whole universe exists. However, in Sanskrit, the definitions of the terms akasha and akaash refer to metaphysical ether.

Who Can Access Akashic Records?

              Of all the chakras, the crown is the most spiritual as it leads to guidance from a higher source. Those who are deeply religious gurus and Hindu leaders that meditate daily, have such a pure chakra that they can easily converse with the stars. Besides these masters of meditation, celebrity status spiritualists seem to be delving into the universe’s database which is boundless. Even though these people seem to have a deep connection, you do not have to be extremely devout or extraordinarily gifted to reach into the Akashic Records.

How to Gain Entry

To gain entry to the Akashic Records, there are a few simple steps to take. These are shared below so you too can access the infinitely vast amounts of data that exists.

  • Begin by establishing a question you have for the Akashic Records
  • Completely clear your mind of extraneous thoughts, other than the question, just as when you would meditate
  • Release any blocks that are located in the crown chakra by concentrating energy to the area
  • Mentally and vocally speak and declare your intention and readiness to the universe so you can receive information
  • Allow yourself to be fully opened and awarded by the cosmos
  • Finally, take notes on what you experience in a journal, so you can review it in the future as you learn even more.

Akashic Records hold the essence of all things for all time. Though the increase of knowledge and familiarity with the Akashic Records, you are closer to enlightenment. Hopefully you can find all the information you seek.


  1. The article does a good job of presenting the concept in a neutral tone, without making overly dramatic claims.

  2. I’m curious about the scientific basis, if any, behind the Akashic Records and whether there are documented experiences of people accessing them.

    • That would be an interesting area for further research. Personal testimonials could provide some insights, although anecdotal.

  3. The article provided a clear and concise explanation of the Akashic Records, along with practical steps to access them.

    • It’s interesting to see how different cultural and religious elements are incorporated into the idea of the Akashic Records.

    • Agreed. The instructions are straightforward and helpful for those interested in exploring this concept further.

  4. The connection between the Akashic Records and the Hindu concept of Akash is quite thought-provoking and adds depth to the discussion.

  5. I appreciate the step-by-step guide on how to access the Akashic Records. It makes the concept more approachable for beginners.

  6. While the concept of the Akashic Records is intriguing, I remain skeptical about the existence of such a comprehensive universal database.

    • Skepticism is healthy, but exploring these ideas can still be an enriching experience, even if just for personal growth.

    • Skepticism aside, the article does present a fascinating perspective on spirituality and consciousness.

  7. The idea of using the Akashic Records for enlightenment is fascinating, and I find the meditative approach to be a useful practice in general.

  8. The emphasis on the crown chakra and meditation aligns with many spiritual practices, making the information relatable across different belief systems.


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