Understanding Tarot Cards about Family

If you are about to have a family get together, you might wonder more about your family and what you are going to face during that time. This might be a time that you will get together to eat or to listen to music, but this might mean things that you have to deal with.

Maybe your family has pets that you are allergic to or there are perfumes that make you sneeze. You might have a family that likes to make rude comments or a family that eats food that you just can’t bring yourself to eat.

Family Support

Families often need some support more than just cooking or learning to wear the right perfume, but they might need emotional support that you don’t realize.

If you are worried about your child that might be having problems in school while your families kids are doing amazing in everything they do, this can cause you to not want to go. Or, if you have relationship problems, you might wonder if the rest of the family will notice.

Getting a Tarot Reading

You can get a tarot reading or use your own tarot cards to find out more about your family. Here are some ways to find out more:

Family Dynamics

You can find out more about the family as a whole when you use the tarot spread. Watch out for the Seven of Swords to know more facts about them.


You can use a two-card spread and find the energies. You can find out what kind of emotions that people are having and if you can trust your family. Look for the Empress reversed.

Your Own Partner

Find out what kind of energy your own partner has at these get togethers and watch for the King of Cups. You can find out if your partner is being honest to you.


Do you have a child? Find out what kind of energy they have. Are they afraid of things or are they happy? Do they feel that they are overly different? You can find out more about their spiritual being. Watch for the High Priestess card.

With the Fool card, this can mean that your child is spontaneous and that they have strong talents that are their own. They love others and fit well with people and the community. They have many ideas and people listen to them.

If you get the Five of Cups, you might need to help your child. Chances are that they will be withdrawn, or they will be quiet. They might need someone to try and get them out of these feelings.

To help your child, you can watch for the Magician card. This can mean that you need to reach out to others that have children that have problems. You need to pay attention to the child’s emotions and find out if you can help them with any of their problems. Chances are that they will be creative, and they will be strong.

The Sun Card

The sun card shows you that the child you have is loved and that people celebrate who they are. They will go on the right path in their life, and they will eventually reach their destiny.

Getting Support

It isn’t always easy to trust your family but when you want to find out about their emotions or their struggles, you can look to a tarot reading to help. This can be help that is related to you outside of the home or help within your home with your partner or your child.

Find out more and figure out what kind of love and support that you can get.


  1. While I don’t personally use tarot cards, I can see how they might help someone feel more prepared for family interactions. The focus on children’s emotions is particularly noteworthy.

  2. The tarot card interpretations for different aspects of family dynamics are quite detailed. It appears to provide a structured way to approach and understand familial relationships and individual emotions.

  3. Family gatherings can be stressful, and having a method to predict potential issues might be beneficial. Tarot readings as suggested here could be one of many tools to consider.

  4. Tarot readings might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they do seem to offer a unique way to explore familial issues. The focus on children’s well-being is particularly beneficial.

    • I agree that children’s well-being is crucial, but I’m cautious about relying too much on tarot readings. Evidence-based methods might be more reliable.

    • It’s true that evidence-based methods are important, but combining them with personal belief systems like tarot could provide a more holistic approach to understanding family dynamics.

  5. Integrating tarot readings into family support strategies is intriguing. It’s important to remain open to various methods that can help address emotional and relational concerns within families.

  6. The article’s emphasis on emotional support during family gatherings is important. While the use of tarot cards is a bit unorthodox, any approach that aids in understanding and support can’t be discounted.

  7. The idea of using tarot cards to gauge energies during family get-togethers is unconventional. However, if it provides insights and makes interactions smoother, it could be worth exploring.

  8. This article provides an interesting perspective on using tarot readings for understanding family dynamics. It certainly offers a unique approach to dealing with family gatherings.


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