Understanding Mediumship

Understanding MediumshipSome people think that all mediums are the same and that each of them have the same results and the same way of contacting spirits.  When you watch television shows and it shows a stereotype of a medium then it shows that they take the spirit world and bring it with the natural world and that they get the information the same way.  The truth is that mediums get information in different ways and it is channeled different ways.

Going to a Medium

There are different reasons why someone will go to a medium, but you always should understand what they do and what you are going to experience before you go.  No one should go to a medium without some kind of understanding about what the reading is going to be like.  It is important to note that mediums do not read minds or give information when no information is given to them.  A spirit can choose to talk or to withdraw and so you never know what might happen when visiting the spirit world.

Great Tips

Mediums are not the same and they specialize in different techniques.  The spirits can connect in different periods and communicate through different types of tools.

When communicating happens, it can happen rather quickly, so it is important that everyone is paying close attention.  A spirit does not always speak in the form of full sentences and can come as a vision, impression, symbol, feeling and sometimes only speaks a word or two.

A spirit may choose not to come that day and might be a timid spirit and not be talkative and be shy.  Spirits that are angry will not cooperate, even if you are seeking them.

It is important that a medium gathers information and shares it with the client as easy and smooth as possible.  This information can come in the form of vague images and feelings and sometimes a detailed message.

Divination Tools

There are certain tools that mediums use and each medium might choose to use a different type of tool.  Some of the tools are Angel cards, Tarot cards, dark surfaces, automatic writing, bones, tea leaves, pendulums, crystals and more.

Using a tool is just the decision of the medium and the type of readings that they do.  Each medium might use a different tool and will decide based on which tools he or she is comfortable with.  It is not the style that matters or the style of the reading, what matters is that the medium is honest and gives the best information that comes.

When a reading happens, if the medium does not give you evidence or a secret about your dead loved one, don’t be upset.  Spirits sometimes choose to not connect with the medium and might even just come in the form of an image and never speak a word.

The medium will be working with your dead persons spirit and they might not always want to communicate.  Imagine if you were helping bring in a surprise guest and you wanted to reveal a secret about them to a bunch of people that you don’t know.  Some spirits, even though they are dead, still want to keep their own secrets personal and they still have different parts of their personality.

They might not trust the medium right away and so a reading might not go as you hoped that it would.  The best way to get a psychic medium is to realize that this can be a process and to be open and not to expect a miracle to happen.