This is one of the things I love talking about, the Law of Attraction. Why? Because it is not what we think it is supposed to be. Surprising right? It is popularly known as the Law of Attraction but I prefer to call it differently. Before it became famous, there are a lot of information that was left out.

Law-of-Attraction-1Firstly, that there is no such thing as Law of Attraction. They weren’t going to ever tell you this. They might if you pay them and buy all their books and DVDs and go to their workshops and seminars. It is a made up label that states only half of the Hermetic Law of Polarity, which is both attraction AND repulsion. And really, the Laws of Vibration and Correspondence are much closer to LoA. Also Law of Gender is key to manifestation.

The Law of Gender states that no creation, spiritual, physical or mental is possible without this principle. The yin yang symbol is a perfect example of this Law. This Law lives within us in our minds as well. The conscious mind being the masculine, active, positive force and the subconscious the feminine, passive, negative force. Both are needed to create and manifest desires. The subconscious is always connected to the Unconscious or Divine (or God, the All… there are many labels attributed to this omniscient intelligence). The conscious mind has no direct link to the Divine so it must go through the subconscious to have this relationship. It must also be trained to have communication with and exert will over the subconscious mind. One must become whole in this manner if one is to be successful in manifesting desires.

Positive thinking is but one half of the story. We can be positive until the cows come home and still nothing is manifested. This is the long way around. This way can take months or years to get what you want. It is possible but it is not effective. Law of Gender clearly states that nothing is ever created without these two forces (masculine/feminine) working together. And in this, it only matters what the subconscious knows because that is the part of the mind that is magical and creates your reality. It is the part that manifests what it is impressed with, programmed with, from the conscious mind and also things that slip under the radar of the conscious mind and goes directly into your subconscious. In order to avoid this willy nilly way of creating, one must exert the Will over the conscious mind and train it to be still and communicate with the subconscious. (I have written how to do this in previous posts on LoA).

Law-of-Attraction-2The subconscious is constantly attracting and repulsing without any help from your conscious telling it what to do. Essentially you are constantly doing magick without even paying attention to it. So imagine how things would be if you were to consciously program the subconscious to do what you want it to. Everything that exists is energy flowing at different vibrations or frequencies. Your desire is a trigger that creates flow in your life but it can be tricky. If you are constantly worried in your conscious mind about paying bills or finding the love of your life, then you will only attract more worry and lack, because you are programming your subconscious to create more of that worry and lack. The subconscious will comply with all your demands and create them for you.

The problem lies with the conscious mind and its filter. Imprinting of the subconscious happens constantly whether you are aware or not. Things slip in while you aren’t looking. Music has this effect. A song that is played over and over will play over in over in your conscious mind eventually and this will indeed imprint your subconscious mind. So it is prudent to be aware of what you are letting in. It is two-fold. Be aware of what is streaming in and also program yourself. Control your conscious mind. This takes training and discipline, however, so it is not for everyone. It is for people who are willing to take the time and put in the effort in the right way so you are not wasting your time on something that doesn’t work.

Law of Attraction is magick. Weak magick but magick nonetheless. But it can be made strong with diligence and the proper training and tools. And actually understanding how it works and the true Hermetic principles behind this theory. As a tarot reader, I understood this through the Lovers card.

Abstract earth hoovering over an open hand with sky background

Here we see how it works in a picture very clearly. Above there is an angel representing the Divine Mind or The Unconscious. That place where all is known, everything that ever was, is or will be is there. The collective data of all existence. Below there are the figures of a woman and a man. The Angel is gazing down upon both of them, showing that the collective data is available to both of them, but only the woman is gazing back at the angel, while the man is gazing upon the woman. There is much much more to this card, but for this purpose we will just look at the 3 figures and their placement in the card. The man represents the conscious mind. He has no direct link to the Divine, even though the Divine sees him clearly. The woman represents the subconscious mind which is always in contact with the Divine. It is clear in this symbolism that the conscious mind (masculine force) must go through the subconscious mind (feminine force) to reach the Divine. The woman and the man are on an even field next to each other, she can tell the man what the Divine knows if he would just be still and quiet for long enough to hear her. He needs to be trained and disciplined to hear what she has to say. To hear the messages from the Divine.

I hope this has cleared some things up about Law of Attraction. I will continue to call it that since the words already have power now that there is a belief in this thing we do all the time. But I know it is not a real Law of Nature, just barely half of the Law of Polarity.