Time Travel

Mental time travel is an experience where you leave your body and you travel to the past.  There is no way that you can travel faster than time travel and it goes even faster than the speed of light.  There are laws of physics that are broken in order for you to get back.  You have to find the world that is different and a subject that will come to you.  The world is open to your mind and you have to know that the physical world is what keeps you where you are.  Just like dreaming, you can travel through mental time in seconds where it seems like you are gone for hours.


Some scientists have shown that the mind doesn’t know what is happening now and what it has imagined in the past.  This means that each time you have a negative experience that you live over and over again that you do not add more negativity as you go, you just live it over and over again.

This means that when you experience something just once, that you will live it thousands and even countless amounts of time.


When you want to learn to mental time travel, you have to learn to meditate.  You have to learn to leave the past experiences that you have had that are negative behind and also leave your fun behind as well.

You have to be in a relaxed state and close your eyes.  You must imagine that you are living in a horizontal line that is a timeline of all the things you have done in your life.

Look to the point that is furthest to the left and then to the right.  Think about a time that you have experienced something from your childhood.  This timeline will help you to know what experiences that you have brought with you, rather negative or positive.  Be aware of what the present has and what is at each and every point.

Negative Experiences

When your mental time travel, imagine that you are going backward in time and that you have come to different experiences in your life.

See these experiences from a new level and figure out everything that you gained by leaving the negative behind.  Change your perception of life to a positive thing and then freeze it.  Think about what lessons you have learned and then come back into the present.

Continue to travel back in time to the places where things were negative and then focus on what you learned from them.

You might find that when you travel back into your childhood years that you have created a new experience or a new negative belief.  If that happens, take time to look at the moment before you experience it.  Imagine that you feel happy and light and that you are confident, and you embrace those negative feelings.

Come Back

Next, make sure that you make your way back to the timeline and to the place where you are.  See yourself moving past one experience that is negative to another.  See how your emotions are in each of your experiences.  Notice that you are absent from each point and that you will continue traveling to where you are now.

Sense inside how you feel different in the present than you did the past.  What is different?  What has changed now?  What did you expect?  Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your freedom and how good you feel.  Move to the front and count up and open your eyes.  Each time you want to let go of a negative feeling in your past, do this exercise again.


Know that you have the opportunity to make your past experiences positive.  You can release yourself from all of the negative experiences and allow yourself to have a happy life.  Use these steps to change your life and have a positive transformation.  In a short period of time, you will see that even though you remember your experiences, that they are positive, and they have kept you free.  The Universal law says that you attract the same experiences in your life unless you change the belief to being positive.  Do this so that your experience can be changed from bad to good.


People believe that their experiences define them, but the truth is that they can take their negative experiences and achieve success for their future.  They can experience a change in their belief that allows them to perceive things differently and see life in a positive life.  Let yourself mental time travel so that you can change things about yourself that you didn’t like.  You will find that the pain that you once had is gone and that you are thankful for your experiences.