The Power of Wearing a Pentacle

The Power of Wearing a PentacleThe Pentacle is a sacred and treasured symbol of people following earth-based spirituality.  Although it has been maligned as a symbol of dark magick, it represents the unification of humanity with nature and has been revered by an array of religious traditions.  Read on to discover four ways you should be proud to wear a pentacle.

  1. It Shows Your Devotion to Nature

The pentacle is a five-pointed star encased by a circle.  The points represent the four elements of Nature: Earth (lower left point), Air (upper left point), Fire (lower right point) and Water (upper right point).  The fifth point is the tip of the star and represents our tie to the Divine.  The circle encasement shows us that each facet is profoundly tied together and is never ending.

  1. It Enhances your Inner Power

Wearing a pentacle acts as talisman or amulet.  What your pentacle is made from helps you tap into key spiritual forces.  A wood pentacle strengthens your ties to nature and the natural world.  A gold piece infuses you with mental acuity, energy and insight.  A silver piece helps you receive the full power of lunar and psychic energies.

  1. Provided Benefit in Spell Casting

Any talisman becomes infused with your personal energy and thus helps ensure success when performing magick.  Since many pieces have an inscription creating a tangible bond with a Divine being, they can help you get the Universal “buy-in” for your spells, so long as you cast with pure intentions.

  1. Visible Symbol of Protection

The pentacle is a must to ensure psychic protect during spell casting.  Since your pentacle was coconsciously chosen by you for its various spiritual attributes and worn on top your skin for days on end, it becomes intrinsically tied to your very being.  This will help keep you safe from all negative energies or attacks, while allow you to have greater control over unseen forces around you.


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