The Moon Phases and Love

The moon phases affect your life in more ways than you would even imagine. The moon is there before you were even born and then the day you are born, it affects your life. The birth chart that you have can help you to know your moon phase and it will help you to understand who you are and what is in your mind and your soul.

As soon as you understand your moon sign and how much the moon affects you, you will understand your personality and even the relationships that you are in. The moon phase is there and can help you if you know exactly the date that your relationship started. It can help you to understand your past, present and future.

Moon Phases and Love

The moon phases work with the energies of the universe and it influences the way that you feel in your life and the things that you want. As you look at love in your life, you will see that the moon has played a huge role in this.

Look at the moon and consider what the moon looked like when you began your relationship. What was the moon like the first time you held hands or the first time that you kissed? Once you know the moon phases and what they mean, you can get more insight into your entire relationship.

New Moon Phase

The new moon means a beginning and it is a time where there is a new start. If you started your relationship in the new moon phase, then you will have energies that you might not understand. This energy is good for you thought and will help you to make a strong connection with your partner and will help you to understand where to go next.

Understand that this is a moon phase that can bring about bad things and darkness too, always be mindful about this.

Waxing Crescent Moon Phase

During this phase, there is a light that gets strong. This means that your intentions are growing too. This is a phase of the moon that gives your relationship an honest and stable place to be. You can get the directions in your life that you need and the relationship will get so deep that you will have to understand your beliefs in order to really get it.

First Quarter Moon Phase

The first quarter moon is a time when you will feel that the energies are stronger than ever. This will be a time where you will have energies and passions. This will be a time of growth and a time to plan things and to make good decisions.

Set goals during this time and find out what you need to have answered in your relationship.

Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase

During this phase of the moon, you might be thinking about your relationship. You need to be aware of what is going on in your own self and make sure that you are meditating and thinking positively about your relationship.

Full Moon Phase

During the full moon, you will have strong emotions. You will need to be bold and to take risks. This is a time to make sure that you look at the energy around you and make sure that you aren’t being impulsive when making decisions.

Waning Gibbous Moon Phase

This is a time when you will notice that darkness is coming. Your relationship will be reliable at this time and you will feel that your partner is present with you. They will be bonded to you stronger than ever.

Last Quarter Moon Phase

This is a time where your relationship will be about forgiveness and renewal. It will be a perfect time to let your good feelings and memories come out. This will give you a healing energy and will soften the heart of the relationship.

Waning Crescent Moon Phase

During the waning crescent moon, you will have a mysterious energy that might make you surprised and curious. Embrace this and allow it to make your relationship more exciting and fun.

Final Thoughts

This is a time where you need to communicate with your partner, and you need to make sure that you get rid of any negative energies in your relationship. Be open minded and make sure that you are working hard to make the relationship happy and exciting. Grow and let positivity fill your life and your spirit.