The Importance of Intuition

Every day we are guided by our intuition without realize it!  One area that greatly benefits from intuition, but is seldom discussed is the business sector.  We all get encouraged to follow our logical mind, but what about your gut instincts.  By tapping into the messages from the quiet, yet persistent inner voice, can help you build a lucrative brand and career.

How intuition builds a better brand

Your brand is reflection of you and your value system.  A personal brand is rooted in one’s energy, presence, spirituality, and emotional journey as well as their years of professional experience and expertise.  By honoring your intuition, you value your authentic self and bolster both your vibrations and leadership talents.  Being authentic to yourself relies on maintaining alignment with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  Typically, women are more intuitive than men, and as a female leader one must maintain steadfast connection with her subconscious mind and wield it as a mean to elevate her thoughts and grow her passions.

Listening to one’s intuition will help a person rise above their limitations and reach new levels of personal and professional success.

Be receptive!

Opening up your mind and listening to your intuition will help you make more sounds decisions that are in greater alignment to your values system.  This will help you connect more with your inner wisdom and gain boosts in self-awareness, clarity, and confidence.

The logic of listening to your gut

Trusting your gut instincts is a powerful soft skill and will help you make more solid leadership decisions and bolster your career growth!

Reasons to honor your intuition

  1. Intuition is more than a feeling! It can help you embrace a new age entrepreneurial mindset that can increase your creativity, integration, and vision for success.
  2. Better strategic thinking: Typically, people gain their base experience through a blend of schooling and early corporate roles.  This primes people to think with their mind, rather than their heart or gut.  However, modern society demands we become more flexible and agile to make quicker decisions.  When you can connect your business into your emotional journey, you open up new regions of the brain to process scenarios.
  3. You become braver: You can see all the proper data in front of you, but how often can something not feel right.  This is your intuition tells you to take a step back and pause before you go “all-in.”  Your brain is analyzing these facts and figures with its belief system and past history to form a more complete picture of the situation.  This added energy expense could make you feel a range of symptoms from uneasy to out-right queasy. Going against your logic mind takes courage because you are fighting through existing ego, fears and biases that might be trying to get you to overthink or second-guess the situation.  When you embrace the power of your intuition and letting it steer you, you will understand what lays beyond what the reports are telling you to the full complex picture.