There will come a time that you’ll feel the urge to start over with yourself. Maybe you’ve been harboring guilt that’s emotionally taking a toll on your everyday existence…. Maybe you need to forgive yourself for a big mistake you made. We’re often harder on ourselves than other people, so giving yourself a clean slate, so to speak, can be a challenge.

However, giving yourself the opportunity to let go of the past is a huge step forward toward a healthier, happier mental state. Here are five ways to give yourself a clean slate so you can thrive.

1. Be Mindful of Your Thoughts
The voice in your head can be your worst enemy, especially when you’re trying to forgive yourself. When regret, remorse or anger creep in, have productive thoughts you can rely on to counter those detrimental emotions. If you practice in advance, you’ll be mentally prepared to deal with those voices when they emerge.

2. Remove Visual Reminders 
Anything that reminds you of your past situation, life, habit, etc., should be excised from your space. If you’re truly giving yourself a clean slate, that means taking away both the mental and the physical manifestations of whatever needs to be cleared away. Visual reminders will only bog you down and keep you from true growth. Go through your home and pull out anything that nags you or cues you to think about the past in a negative way. Unless the items in question are invaluable to you (and you’d like to store them away for a future generation) donate or toss it.

3. Practice Self-Forgiveness
Being kind to yourself should be a daily practice, however, it’s not an easy one to keep up and do well. Help create and maintain that clean slate by realizing that you’re human and you make mistakes. Inspirational quotes, books, and people can help guide you toward truly being able to exonerate yourself for good.

4. Remember What You’ve Learned From Your Past
Write down or meditate on the reason you’d like to create a clean slate. The more lessons and wisdom you can discover from your past, the better equipped you will be to avoid such mistakes in your future. If it helps, talk with a friend, family member, life path psychic or therapist about what you hope to gain from your quest of self-forgiveness. These supportive people can assist you in mining your past for teachable moments.

5. Celebrate Your Wins
It’s easy to fall back into old, destructive patterns, whether those past behaviors entailed dating the wrong kind of people to engaging in bad habits like drinking too much. So, when you find that you’ve transcended whatever it is that made you clear your own slate, give yourself major props. The reward, whether emotional or physical, will inspire you to keep going. By motivating yourself, you’ll continue down a more positive, self-aware path.

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