Starseeds and Where They Live

Some people do not understand the term “starseeds” and the truth is that this term is describing someone that is very spiritual. They are thought to be from different stars, planets, universes or galaxies than we on earth are. These people have come to the earth to make the world a better place.

The thing is with Starseeds is that they don’t always know that they are Starseeds because they forget things when they go through reincarnation. There are different types of Starseeds and sometimes they have a hard time when they come to the earth because things don’t seem to make sense.

What Are Starseeds?

Starseeds are people that have a soul that isn’t from the earth. They can be any color; any race and they can come from different places. They might feel that they don’t belong where they are, and they might have a hard time understanding the world.

Starseed is from the idea of a person that incarnated on the earth after being born to the stars. This can be a person that comes from a paranormal state. These people can be from different solar systems or planets, and they might even be from a different dimension.

There are both Starseeds and people that are not Starseeds that live on the earth. If you have a hard time feeling like you fit in or if you don’t feel like you connect with people, you might actually be a Starseed. If you aren’t a Starseed, this can be hard to understand.

Are You a Starseed?

The term “Starseed” is relatively new, and it is something that people are often talking about. Many people wish that they were Starseeds, and they want to be more spiritual than others. Most people are more spiritual than they know, though, and those that seem to be experienced might not be a Starseed but might just be an old soul.

A person that isn’t a Starseed will live on the earth and will feel differently than those that are Starseeds. They will not be as connected with Mother Gaia or nature, and they might not be able to understand that evil and good exist together.

Some Starseeds will have a hard time understanding the planet earth because of where it is and because of the galaxies that they are from, but they will offer the world important gifts. Everyone is special in one way or another and it is important to know who you are. If you are a Starseed, read on so that you can understand yourself more.

If you end up being a Starseed, it is best that you can figure out who you are and what your giftings are. When you don’t feel like you fit in or you feel that the world is too harsh or violent, you need to find out what spiritual and physical feelings you do have.

Some Starseeds believe in things such as aliens and some love to do art or practice healing. Many Starseeds are psychics or witches. Depending on who they are is what will decide what kind of characteristics they will have.

Are Starseeds Different from Crystal, Indigo and Rainbow Children?

The answer to this is yes. Starseeds are form different dimensions or galaxies and they are here so that they can experience what the earth has to offer and to make it a better place. The earth is here to help them to understand humans and to learn how to make things good.

Starseeds want to help regular people to be powerful and to have strong self-esteem. They hope to make the world more peaceful.

Crystal, Indigo and Rainbow children are different because they have a specific purpose. They have bright and colorful auras that allow them to learn life lessons and to grow. In the 70’s, Indigo children came followed by Crystal children in the 90’s and Rainbow children in the 2000’s.  They are sometimes called a Sirian or an Andromedan.

Past Trauma

Starseeds often have strong trauma from their past. They bring these traumas to the earth with them. Since Starseeds have reincarnated over and over, they don’t always heal from their past and this can hold them back.

Sometimes they have trauma from a different planet, and they have to learn to work through this trauma and to experience earth differently. They also might repeat their past life in the same way.

An Andromedan, for example, might be afraid of being put in prison and so they seek to have freedom. They might be afraid of the government, and this is trauma from their past life that is being triggered.

Kinds of Starseeds

There are different types of Starseeds and none of them are exact. You might not feel like you fit in the earth, and this can be a big sign but sometimes a Starseed cannot figure out where they are really from. Some don’t know what kind of Starseed that they are, and they might be from multiple planets.

Pleiadean Starseed

A Pleiadean Starseed is one that lives close to the star clusters. They are from a place with the Seven Sisters in the Taurus constellation. These are people that are loving and easy to get along with. Most of the time, they are healers, and they want to use their spiritual gifts to help others.

The Pleiadean is often telepathic and can access their Akashic records. They have evolved over different lifetimes, and they are learning what the earth has to offer them. It sometimes takes them a while to understand nature and what is going on around them and to find their purpose.

These are the people that are called the record keepers because they help to heal the inner soul. They are old souls, and they are different even as children. They are usually good with kids and animals, and they are very loving and kind to others. They want to make the world a better place to live.

The goal of the Pleiadean is to make sure that people are better and that the human race is kinder. They work with crystals, and they are often seen in careers such as teachers, doctors and other healing or creative works. They love astrology and spirituality, and they are very loving and kind.

They know about love, and they have unconditional love, and they want to be around other people. They want to avoid any kind of conflict and they do not get involved with people personally because it can cause them pain. They want to save everyone and are often seen as codependents because they are trying to find their twin flame.

The heart chakra is the natural chakra for the Pleiadean to balance because they use their heart to love, and they also get hurt a lot. They have a hard time setting boundaries but need to.

Sirian Starseed

The Sirian Starseed is one that comes from the Alpha Canis Majoris. This is where they can reach their Akashic records.  The Sirian wants to have peace and they will fight for that. They are here to guide people through natural disasters, war or other problems that are going on around them.

The Sirian has strong energy, and they are often known as empaths. They have strong emotions, and they are protective. According to a legend, they helped to build the Great Pyramids. The Sirian wants to be able to tell others how they feel, and they don’t do good at guarding themselves. They are often not understood because of their strong emotions.

They are very loyal and even if they do not open up to you right away, they will eventually if you give them time. They have a strong mind, and they will not often change it once they make a decision.

The Sirian will usually work in jobs that allow them to have freedom. They are not normally healers, but they go out and do things instead. Their third eye is the chakra that is most balanced because they are very strong minded, and they know what their purpose is.

They will sometimes try different religions and they like teachings from the Native Americans and from witches.

Mintaka Starseed

The Mintakan starseed is from Orion’s belt. They are from the Artuvia planet. They usually live under the water and sometimes they are referred to as being mermaids. These Starseeds aren’t always seen because of the environment that they need and if they leave where they are, they cannot go back.

These are people that are drawn to water because they want to go home. They are full of love and compassion for others, but they are also sad. Sometimes they have different problems on the earth like different phobias and it is hard for them to have peace.

The Mintakan look at the earth as something positive and they don’t see negativity where they are. They don’t know when someone is being mean to them, and they have a hard time knowing they are being used. They often have past trauma.

The root chakra of the Mintakan will need to be healed because they feel like they don’t belong, and they have a hard time grounding themselves with the earth. They need to connect with Mother Gaia, but they always cannot. Water helps to connect them wherever they are.

Orion Starseed

The Orion Starseed comes from Orion, and these are people that have a strong mental state and are very logical in their mind. They like to think things through, and they like to make a plan and stick to it. They progress through life, and they love to have new ideas.

The Orion are often inventors, and they like to argue with others because they have a strong mind. They want to understand what is going on in and out of the world and they are critical of people that aren’t as smart as them.

These are people that are very advanced in technology and other things and even though they aren’t very social, they like to have fun. They have a hard time fitting in with other people because of their logical thinking. Some believe these people are angry or not friendly, but the truth is that they are just logical, and they want to survive.

Sometimes the Orion are feeling homesick, and they know they cannot go back to their past place. Nothing on the earth feels good or familiar to them and they are worried about being enslaved in their life. They have much trauma from their past and they feel that they are trapped because of their thinking.

They want to control things and they want to be able to make their own choices. They want to know everything that they can, and they will do what they can to learn.

Arcturian Starseed

The Arcturian Starseed comes from Arcturus. They are people that have a hard time with their shadow self. They have trauma that sits deep inside of them, and they have to learn to learn about it and deal with it.

They know what is wrong and what is right but this changes based on the trauma that they have had. They have strong emotions, but they don’t like to let people in because they are afraid of being hurt. They don’t allow themselves to be vulnerable.

The problem with the Arcturian is that if they choose to ignore their shadow self then they will never fit in on the earth. They have to get rid of this and figure it out so that they can reach their purpose.

They often have an emotional and kind side, but they also are logical and cold. They can be hard to understand, and they have a hard time balancing their energies. They have both the masculine and feminine energies and when they aren’t balanced, they feel angry or are not able to connect.

They make great leaders, and they work hard to achieve whatever they set their mind to. They want to have strong energies and they are great at math, geometry and other kinds of problems. They also love crystals.

Andromedan Starseed

The Andromedins are from the Andromedan Galaxy. They are looking to be free, and they have a hard time on earth because they come from a place where they were free. They want to travel a lot and they have a hard time finding out that their freedom has to come from their inner being.

They are very anxious and often are depressed and have low self-esteem. They will connect with animals and kids and nature, but they have a hard time fitting in with other people. They are very logical, but they also love to create things.

Lyran Starseed

The Lyran Starseed is from the Lyran star system. They are considered the oldest Starseeds, and they can open themselves up. They like to trust others and they don’t need anyone to try and manage what they are doing.

They are very independent, and they love to travel and find adventure. They want to try new places and try different kinds of experiences. These people are very confident, and they love themselves. They want to tell you everything about their life. They sometimes look like cats and have a very fast mind. They will have bird type features such as longer noses and skinny faces.

The purpose of the Lyran is to help make life good for others but sometimes just to try something new.

Lemurian and Atlantean Starseed

The Lemurian and Atlantean are the ones that were here on the earth when there were no people. They come from other places such as the ocean and they are often found at the Bermuda Triangle.

Some believe that the Atlanteans were a strong race and that they were destroyed by something bad that happened on the earth. The Lemurians are considered very smart and are good at using technology. They are thought to have been destroyed by the Draconian or because of some kind of natural disasters.

Draconian Starseed

The Draconian Starseed comes from the Draco constellation. They are sometimes called reptilians, but they aren’t. Some believe that they are not good. They cannot pick up energy and they are people that have to take energy from other people, and they do this sometimes by manipulating others and by starting drama.

The Draconian can get energy from different people and they will leave them feeling tired or overwhelmed. They will learn to connect with you so that they can take your energy. They want to reincarnate to families that allow their children to learn from them and to get the energy from others.

Some of these people will go to religious places or in politics so that they can get more energy. They will shapeshift and they believe that people should be slaves.  They will change their shape or their ways so that they can make people like them.

Gray Starseed

The Grays are another Starseed that are not the same as the reptilians. They are not the same in their looks and they do not get their energy the same way. They often will get their energy from going through dreams or traveling the astral planes.

Maldek Starseeds

The Maldek are from Mars, and they are from a war planet. They are very smart, but they don’t work well with their emotions. They have a hard time focusing on what is going on, but they are great with technology. They are smart and they have many gifts.

The problem with them is that they are not able to express how they feel, and they have a hard time having values and morals. They will have love, but they won’t show strong emotions. They make decisions based on facts and they will ignore other people or even their own relationships. They are very blunt and have a hard time relating to other people.

Martian Starseed

The Martian starseed is one that is from Mars. They come to the earth to stop things from going wrong, but they have many health issues. They need to have their soul healed and they need to be healthier in their body.

These are people with strong masculine energies, and they are considered to be warriors. They have a lot of anger, and they use this to help them survive. They are very smart, but they don’t have strong emotions. They can be loving once you get past their barriers, and they are very loyal.

They often suppress their feelings, and they will choose to go into the military so that they can feel better and have structure. They are loving but they are very organized and want to be grounded.

Venusian Starseeds

The Venusians are people that are from a different universe, but they are often from Venus. They came to the earth, but they are rare to see. They look like angels and sometimes look like they have wings.

These people are about forgiveness and love. They have a very strong and balanced heart chakra, and they show unconditional love. Their power is in their heart. They think that love will change a person and so they are very tuned into their surroundings and the power of other people.

They are sensitive to everyone, and they will choose a career as a healer because of their loving energy.

Polarian Starseed

The Polarian Starseeds come from a triple star system. They are from a place close to the North Pole. They are loyal people, and they will be loyal even when someone is not loyal back to them. They are great friends, and they work well in groups.

They work hard physically, and they are able to follow directions. Sometimes they struggle because they have to make decisions and they have to change. They have a hard time with change and so they will stay in places too long.

The Polarian are very stubborn, and they will do what they can to make things happen. They want to be part of their social groups and they are easy to get along with but don’t make good leaders. They are fine alone or in groups.

They are often dependent on others, and they sometimes work better with others. They want to make the world unified.

Hadarian Starseeds

The Harderian are people that are often codependent because they have so much unconditional love with others. They get manipulated a lot and they have people that will lie to them. They have a hard time telling people no and they are always giving.

They have a hard time with boundaries, and they can get used easily. It is hard for them to have boundaries and they often become addicted to things. They are great to be here, but they have to have boundaries.

Anunnaki Starseed

The Anunnaki is also called the Nibiruans, and they used to rule the earth. They have different cultures and myths that they follow. They are very tall, around 7 feet and they are considered natural animals sometimes. They are an ancient race.

Earthling Starseed

Earthlings are the people that first came to the earth, and they are natural people. They have strong intuition, and they want peace but know that violence is going to be there because of the duality of the world.

They don’t care about killing animals and they will do things and accept them without worrying about it. They have a hard time grounding and being stable.

Other Starseeds

There are other Starseeds than the ones listed here and if you think you are not one of these but that you are still different, you might be a different type. Just because of the things that are listed doesn’t mean that a Starseed doesn’t have other characteristics.

People don’t know everything there is about Starseeds and sometimes we don’t know hardly anything. You need to find your own Akashic records if you want to know more about your life and your past. Listen to what your intuition says to you and let it guide you.

Starseeds are often not understood, and they can be artists or musicians. They are sometimes famous people. Scientists that create things might be Starseeds and you might see them create new things or make a new discovery.

Starseeds have different qualities and values. Are you a Starseed? Find out what kind you are, today!


  1. The idea that Starseeds have come to Earth to make it a better place is a noble and motivating thought, regardless of its factual basis.

  2. Discussing Starseeds provides a unique lens through which to view human connection to the cosmos, even if it remains a speculative topic.

  3. The concept of Starseeds adds an interesting dimension to the discussion of spirituality and identity. It raises questions about the nature of the soul and human experience.

  4. The notion that some Starseeds don’t realize their true nature because of reincarnational memory loss is intriguing. It makes one think about how much of our identity is shaped by forgotten experiences.

  5. While the idea of Starseeds is interesting, it’s important to balance such beliefs with critical thinking and evidence-based knowledge.

  6. The concept of Starseeds being telepathic and accessing Akashic records needs scientific scrutiny. It would be interesting to see how these claims hold up under empirical research.

  7. I find it fascinating how the article distinguishes between Starseeds and Crystal, Indigo, and Rainbow Children. This classification seems to underscore the diversity of spiritual experiences and missions.

  8. The idea that Starseeds might have a hard time adjusting to life on Earth due to past traumas is a compelling one. It suggests that spiritual identities can be complex and multifaceted.


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