Clear Your Home of Energy Blocks

Energy is all around us. Everything radiates energy. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that energy can build up, linger, and potentially drag you down. It’s easy to clear physical clutter out of your home. You can banish energetic clutter just as easily.

Ultimately, the power to clear that energy clutter from our homes lies with us. Emotions are exhibited in the etheric body, which lies within six to 12 inches of the physical body. You radiate energy from your etheric body, so working on your internal self will naturally lighten up your physical space. What you radiate affects the environment of the entire room. If you feel more positive, your home will become a brighter place. Here are six tips to help you clear energetic clutter from your home.

  1. Generate pleasant sounds. As with everything else, sounds have energy frequencies. High-vibrational sounds, such as chanting, repeating mantras, and spiritual hymns, will immediately begin raising the energy vibration around you. For help using them, search YouTube for videos that include captions, so you can chant or sing along.

Or, try Tibetan singing bowls, which produce rich, deep, bell-like tones when gently struck or stroked with their mallets. Such low-pitched tones will immediately raise the energy vibration in a space.

  1. Get moving. When we move around while focusing the intention of our movement, we infuse our environment with fresh energy. Snapping your fingers and clapping your hands can break up harmful energy blockages, which instantly allows the vibration to rise. Snap and clap all around your body, especially your head and shoulders, as well as in the corners of the room, where negative energy often gets trapped. The positive energy will radiate throughout your home.

You can also stand up and wildly wiggle in place—flap your arms, stomp your feet, clap your hands, and shake your whole body. To increase this exercise’s efficiency, call out the name of the spirit whose assistance you want to engage.

  1. Use crystals. Many modern electronic devices rely on quartz crystals’ ability to conduct energy. Therefore, it should not surprise you that placing quartz crystals, such as clear quartz, citrine, and amethyst, around your living space will raise the energy frequency there.

It will take some time to integrate crystals into your home. You won’t immediately feel a crystal’s effects when you set one on your table. Its energy will gently disperse through your entire home and encourage positive feelings, so your comfort level will gradually increase.

  1. Use a pendulum. Pendulums clear energy because they can carry your intent. Matter is infused with energy, so the pendulum holds your intent. It’s simple to use a pendulum to affect energy. If you don’t have a pendulum, anything weighty suspended on something you can hold, such as a necklace, will work just fine.

To begin, stand in the room where the energy feels stuck. If you’re too uncomfortable in that room, stand in an area nearby. Next, gently nudge the pendulum to set it spinning in a counterclockwise direction. Then, still your hand and ask the Universe to prevent negative energy from entering that room or your home again. Finally, let the pendulum naturally slow until it stops spinning or begins moving in a different direction. That’s your signal that you’re finished.

You can also use a pendulum to enhance the energy among the members of your household who may be at odds. While you’re alone, quiet yourself, dangle the pendulum, and gently swing it to spin in a clockwise direction. This will bolster positive energy. Ask the Universe to harmonize the energy among those in your household. End your exercise in the same manner outlined above.

  1. Fan some flames. Combining your mental focus with fire and tree medicine will enhance your ability to change, shift, and raise energy. To sanctify your living space, light some candles and express your intention for harmony and peace. To increase the power of your ritual, burn some bark from a birch tree, which represents new beginnings and rebirth, and growth.

The scent of birch bark will reconnect you to nature and help you visualize calming scenes like the wind stirring the leaves in a forest. You can say a prayer, mantra, or blessing as the bark burns. If you don’t have a fireplace, use a portable indoor fire pit or a tabletop fire bowl. You’ll refresh your home and feel invigorated and lively.

  1. Ask for assistance. While paraphernalia such as birch bark, pendulums, and crystals can help you increase good energy or remove bad energy from a home, they’re not required. Simply asking the Universe for help can be enough.

Energy follows thought, so you can clear the energy around you by just using your intention. It’s rooted in being mindful. Take a few breaths to calm yourself, then ask higher forces to help you by saying something like, “I ask the Universe to clear all negative energies from this home, for the benefit of all who live here.”

You can also ask the Universe to infuse the spirit of harmony or love throughout your home. The spiritual realm hears you more clearly when you’re calm, so it’s important to begin from a place of personal balance. Take several deep breaths to settle you. Then simply say, “I invite the spirit of peace to enter this home.”

Spiritual entities are always available, but letting them know you’re open to them will allow you to sense them more clearly. The process is simple: Just ask that the spirit guides of the highest vibrational frequency please join you, because you’re ready to connect with them. You’ll become calmer, which will allow more positive energy to come through. People will coexist more happily, and, ultimately, you’ll discover that you can handle whatever is happening.

Energetic clutter in your home environment causes negative feelings. Removing the chaotic energy clutter around you will make your surroundings feel lighter and brighter. Making a habit of clearing your energy will open your spiritual channels and increase your creativity.