Psychic Reading

Do you feel that your face or your hands hold secrets that people could learn about you? You can find out more about yourself and others by getting a face or a palm reading. A psychic can give you information that can change your life.

It is hard to tell which kind of reading is most accurate because this really depends on who does the reading for you. This is why it is important that you find a psychic that can read into your soul. You can find a lot through an astrology, tarot, palm, or other kind of psychic reading.

History of Palm Readings

Even as far back as Aristotle, palm reading was discussed. He believed that there were lines on your hand for a reason. No one is exactly sure where palm reading began but you can even find it through history in India, Eurasia, China, Persia, Egypt, Greece, and other areas.

Some people don’t believe in palm reading and they look down on it. Women that read palms were even killed or tortured as witches during earlier times and there were more than 9 million women that were questioned for their palm reading gifts.

Fingers on the Hand

There are four fingers that are included in a palm reading. These are the first 4 fingers and excludes the thumb.

Pinky Finger

The pinky finger is associated with Mercury. This finger on your non-dominate hand can have a line at the top of the knuckle area. If you have this, it can mean that you have strong finances. But if it falls below that line then it might mean that you have a lot of struggles in your finances.

Ring Finger

This finger is known as Apollo, and it shows what kind of talents you have. Hold out your left hand and then bend your fingers back. If they bend easily then this might mean that you have psychic gifts that are strong. If there is a line that runs at the crease of your fingers, then it can mean you are a person that is creative.

Do you have a bunch of little lines? This might mean that you don’t focus well, and you are always wanting to go in different directions.

Middle Finger

The middle finger represents Saturn. This is the longest finger, and it means being disciplined or having authority in things. If this line ends at this part of your finger, then you are probably someone that likes to be in traditional relationships.

Index Finger

This finger is run by Jupiter and shows what kind of ambitions that you have. This can also show how strong your ego is. If you have lines on either side of this finger, then you are considered to be ambitious and you like to set goals. This can mean you are balanced. If it stretches out longer though, this can mean you are a dreamer instead of a doer.

Fingers and the Hand

A person that has the two middle fingers that are together and then a distance between the ring finger and the pinky finger can mean that you are a creative person. If the pinkie is far away from the ring finger when you put your hands out, then it can mean you work best by yourself.

Do all of your fingers sit tight and lay flat? This can mean you work well in a group.

Face Readings

Maybe you are someone that likes to look at someone and you want to know what their face says. You can look at faces and do a facial reading which is something that originated in China and is part of the India and Hindu cultures.


The mouth can tell a lot. If you have a thin upper lip and your bottom lip sticks out, chances are that you have a problem with being helpful to others. If your bottom lip is smaller and your top lip is fuller, then it can mean that you are a giver in your relationships.

Having a small mouth can mean you are shy and if you have a big mouth then it can mean you are a giver. Small mouths are people that are often introverted, and big mouths are extroverts.


The eyes are one thing that shows who you are. Having small eyes can mean that you are someone that is nervous while big eyes can mean you are easy to talk to and someone that is approachable.

Shape of the Face

The shape of the face can tell if you are someone that is good in relationships or not. If you have a face that is oblong, this can mean that you are a narcissist. Someone that has a face that is shaped like a triangle can mean they are shallow but passionate. A square face can mean that you are controlling and intelligent.

Can a Face Know a Cheater?

Getting a face reading can give you an answer if your partner is cheating on you or not. If you have a male lover that has a moustache, you need to see how much of the top lip is covered by the hair. Showing the upper lip can mean that they will share their feelings with you but one that has the upper lip covered might hide things. Hiding the upper lip can mean that they are hiding things in a relationship.

The eyelids are important as well. Look and see if the eyelids are full only on one side. This can mean that the person will try to trick you in your emotions. Small eyes can mean that the person is secretive. A person that gazes at you or has bright eyes might mean that they are forward about what they have to say. When someone has eyes that shift a lot or wander, it can mean that they aren’t committed to you, or they are dishonest.

If the nose is tipped upward, this can mean that the person is dishonest. Try to ask a question and see how your partner looks at you. If they refuse to look at you then they are probably hiding something. Listen to your intuition and see what it is telling you about your partner. Look for signs that they are being honest, or they are lying to you.

Why Get a Psychic Reading?

You might want to get a palm or face reading if you need to have answers about who you are and what you want in your life. Your hands and your face can tell a lot about who you are and what goals you have. Once you know about your spending habits and your relationship habits, you can see that you can change.

A psychic can look at your face or your hands and tell you more about your personality. You can even do this through a video chat, and you don’t have to go into the psychic to get the answers you are looking for.