One of the biggest obstacles to change is your resistance to it and most of the time this will result to failure. Deep down, you may want to change for the better, but your current path has you feeling trapped. But what if I told you you’re current path isn’t the problem? It’s actually your way of thinking. There is more to your fear of change than just fear itself—it’s how you interpret that fear.

Here are the six reasons you fear change and how to look at those fears differently.

1. You Resist New Ideas
Everything from the Paleo diet to your Aunt Matilda’s cookies has you thinking that the old ways are best. And there is nothing wrong with preferring the old ways, especially if they really are better. But, if the old ways cloud your judgment and keep you from evolving, it’s time to let them go.

Researchers at the University of Arkansas looked at how the idea of old versus new effects a person’s conclusion of its value, and they found that we quite often rate older things as being superior to the new. But, if you are given the opportunity to try something new, whether it be a work efficiency, fitness routine or something exotic from the supermarket, don’t pass it up. It could lead to improvement.

2. You Fear the Unknown
The future can be scary when we are unsure of the consequences of change. However, “the unknown” is only left to chance when you allow events to happen without trying your best to lead them in the direction you most favor. Change is not about following blindly into the unknown, but leading yourself to where you most want to be.

3. You Fear Failure
Losing is something we all learn to hate. It is shameful not to live up to our expectations, and therefore it seems logical to fear those moments that can lead to such disappointment. However, failure has nothing to do with losing, and everything to do with learning. You cannot succeed without failure, because you cannot find your path without trying a couple different ones until you find which one fits best.

4. You Fear Success
It is difficult to interpret your fear of success because it goes against everything you’ve been taught in life. Success is good, and therefore the change that comes with it should also be.  But success changes your home, your location, privacy, free time, friends, and your identity. Success can lead to a lot of “the unknown.” But remember that the unknown can be good if you’re leading the way.

5. You Fear Time Passing
Repetition makes time pass quickly, but it creates few memories; it’s both good and bad. However, repetition also keeps you from thinking about the different stages of your life, due to it’s sameness—there is little to take notice of. Marriages, births, deaths, graduations; imagine changing your life so much that you could be present for all these major life events? And if you were present for these events, how would they make you feel about your own life? This can be a difficult reality for some people, but it is much better than the alternative if you think about it.

6. You Fear Finding Your Path
In finding your true path, you may have to give up your current path. You may have to detach from people, places and things that don’t serve your higher good. You may find your path now, but that may change in 10 years when you have a new path to travel down. If you’re afraid of finding your true path, you need to reframe that fear. Call it “excitement” instead, especially if it is something you really want.

Accept the Discomfort

If you accept the discomfort that comes with change, you will be rewarded with a great sense of fulfillment once you reach the other side of fear. Truthfully, the fear of change doesn’t get easier with time, but that’s okay. Dreams never come easy, but when they come true, they’re worth it.