Reading Energy to Understand People

People often use energy readings to help understand people and to give them readings.  Some will see visions and images, and this is part of reading energy. Reading energy is more than just having a feeling but it involves many of the senses.

You may look at a picture and you might feel a mental energy that comes into your mind. You will be able to see the energy of the person in the picture and instead of seeing a circle of energy, chances are that it will look swirly and messy. If this happens though, you might see that there is something wrong with the person in the picture.

There can also be times when parents need to take things seriously when they go and get therapy and instead of doing this, they tend to not listen to the difficulties that they can face. They might later find that they needed to listen to the advice given to them because their child struggles later in life instead of getting the help that could have been given if they had listened.

When you meet people that have a mental illness or are depressed, chances are that you will find that their energy is not as strong or is slow. It almost will look like it is moving in a different direction.

Someone that is full of stress and anxiety though might have a fireball of energy that is moving all around fast.

Mental illness can come in people differently and instead of the energy acting like everyone else’s energy, it might be different, and it might be slow or even wild.

People have different kinds of physical energy that goes around them. If someone is tired or feels out of place, they might have different thought patterns. Evil or dark energy is different, and you might feel that you are in something dangerous when you are around them and feel nervous or even scared.

Reading energy is something that does not always have to be understood right away but you can learn about it as you go.

Sometimes energy will be brown, and this means that the person might have an addiction or something that is holding them back. Maybe they are someone manipulative or someone corrupt.

Grey energy is often a person that is doing things that are not safe for them and this can be something criminal or violent.

Black energy can mean that there is no light and they have crossed to the darkness. It can mean that they will harm others and be a danger to society. This karma is too risky for them, and they will have a lot of debt to pay back later.

People with dark energy also will have a door when they look but the door on the other side is full of light even though they are in darkness. People that are in light thought will not venture into the dark parts normally because the universe does not tempt them into darkness.

Having light is something that is normally white, pink, or blue energy and it is very bright. It can sometimes be strong, and these people have much energy to share, and they will not feed off the energy of those that are dark because they are reaching their infinite source.

Even beyond reading energy you can also often read what someone is feeling or thinking. When this happens, you need to learn to move forward, and you need to learn to handle the energy with grace.

If someone does not want you to read their energy then you can ask them to leave and if you feel evil when you use your telepathic powers, you might need them to leave. They might not want to harm you, but you want to avoid negative energies at all thoughts.

Dark people are not able to read the thoughts of people that are not dark, and they cannot read into light. Dark energy of people is when they are able to sense and smell someone that is vulnerable so that they can prey on them. If you are around someone like this, chances are that they have disconnected from the light, and they are fully into darkness. You must protect yourself from this kind of dark energy.