Opening your third eye

As our culture becomes more aware of the metaphysical, we hear a lot about the third eye is and how to open it. This is good and bad.  There is a lot of information  and misinformation about this powerful tool. If you are ready and willing to use this tool on your journey of spirituality, then read on.

What is the Third Eye

The Third Eye is one of the seven chakras that each person has.  The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word that means “wheel”. Each chakra spins to give energy in balanced doses to the healthy mind and body.   Health suffers if the chakra is out of balance.

The third eye is the sixth chakra.  It is located between the eyebrows and the energy runs from the mouth to the top of the head.  Physiologically the third eye is located near the pineal gland.  This gland is in the front of the brain and it regulates the hormone melatonin.


Opening your third eChakras function on based on balance.  Your body functions differently with a balanced third eye.  When the third eye is balanced, you will feel free and you  will be able to function equally well with all aspects of your world.

When your third eye is out of balance, you may be receiving too much input from the spirit world.   This can be caused by spending too much time with the metaphysical. If you have been spending too much time with astrology, card readings, etc, you probably have been overstimulating your third eye and have lost contact with the physical world.

If you have an underused third eye, you do not follow your intuition.  This probably has led to isolation from your spiritual experiences.


When your third eye is opened, you will experience heightened insight, and a sense of intuition. You will also have some insight into your past, present and future.  When you open your third eye, you reduce your anxiety and worry.   You will gain perspective as you get your chakras balanced. Once the third eye is balanced, you will have get control of your emotions and get some perspective on your life’s purpose.  Your third eye is also very important to overcoming your fear.

Other benefits

Once your third eye is open you will notice that you have some extrasensory ability. This does not mean you will be able to predict the future or move objects with your mind. This means that you will be able to access information that goes beyond your five senses. You may have gifts that range from clairvoyance, clear seeing to clear knowing or claircognizance. You may also have greater empathy and a heightened sense of smell and taste.

What is the downside?

You may be wary and wondering if there is any detriment to opening the third eye.

As of this writing, there are no long-term bad effects of opening this chakra.   The main problem seems to come from trying to force the third eye open.  This will result in a bad headache and pain in your face.

How to open your third eye 

Opening your third eye requires you to connect with your inner wisdom.

The first thing you have to do is reconnect with your natural self. You do this by relaxing and acknowledging that you will be working outside of your comfort zone. You need to keep an open mind.  Be open to new ideas and experiences.  Reduce your consumption of processed foods and try eating more natural foods.  Eat more vegetables and fruits. Keep your energy balanced by keeping your diet balanced.  Meditate.  Be Mindful. Don’t overthink. Relax and be at peace with the world.  Introduce  anti-oxidants to you diet.  Drink plenty of water. Take time to examine what you truly believe .

Use crystals to help you meditate and visualize during your meditation.

When your third eye begins to open, you may feel a buzzing and tingling in your forehead. You may experience headaches. You may have a sudden clarity about your life and life journey.  You may be able to think more clearly and effectively.

Not everyone has the same spiritual experiences.  The most important thing to remember is that you are on your own journey.   When you truly dedicate yourself to opening your third eye, you will discover how clear your path truly is.