Oracle Deck

Oracle cards are cards that come in a set and can help you to reach your goals and help you when you are doing divination work. You can use these cards if you feel negative or emotional to make your mood better or if you want to reach your higher self. All the Oracle decks have a theme, and you can do them almost any way that you want. There are so many Oracle decks in the world and sometimes they are based on angels, animals, flowers and more.

The thing about Oracle decks is that you can create your own cards. Get some art supplies and get ready to make your own set.

Oracle Cards Versus Tarot Cards

Oracle cards and tarot cards are different for different ways such as:

  • There are 78 different cards in a Tarot deck and there can be as many cards as possible in an Oracle deck that you want.
  • The Tarot deck has Major and Minor arcana but the Oracle deck, even though it can have the same types of rules, are structured different in the cards.
  • The Tarot deck needs to be read with a spread of multi cards, but an Oracle card can be done one card at a time even though most people choose to do spreads with the Oracle decks.

Why Would You Want to Make Your Own Oracle Deck?

Oracle decks are good if you want to raise your spirit and if you want to increase your intuition. When you are working towards a goal, you can use this kind of deck to help you meet your goals and your dreams.

No matter what you choose, you can create a beautiful deck by using your intuition and make something that works to give you personal power in your life.

How to Get Started

The first thing that you need to do to make your own Oracle deck is to find out what kind of deck that you want. Look at the different decks online or in the store and find out which ones you like and what kind of cards you are drawn to. Find out what kind of themes make you feel good. Some Oracle cards are for divination, and some are just inspirational.

Once you see the cards, find out what you like. Most oracles will be either topical or character-based cards. This means that a topical will have different positive affirmations on them while the character cards will have different characters such as animals or other pictures.

Think of Themes

Once you decide what kind of deck you want to make, you need to start thinking of different themes that you like. Make a list of things that you like and be creative. Write down every single idea that comes into your mind and you will be excited about all the themes that you think of.

If you cannot decide what you like, let your intuition speak to you and give you an idea. You might want to make cards that have to do with things such as space or nature or you might choose shapes, herbs, music, affirmations, poems, different quotes or more. Find out what motivates you.

Once you choose a theme, write down different designs that you want to use. Imagine all the different colors and words that you want to include on your cards and what images will go with each one. Think on the different ideas that stand out to you most. Remember that this deck is going to be yours and you get to choose what you want.

Find the Right Materials

There are so many different materials that you can use and there are different resources that you can find. Most people have different supplies in their home that they never expect to use, and this could be a perfect time to use them.

Making Oracle Decks

Here are some ideas of things you can use to make your own Oracle decks:

  • Note cards that are the same size. These are great because they are stronger than paper and you don’t have to cut them down.
  • You can trace the cards that you want and cut them out.
  • Cardboard from boxes which will make strong cards. These are things that you can find in your home.
  • You can glue different pictures to your cards and then you can cover them in a clear gloss or Mod Podge to keep them strong.
  • Use paint brushes to paint on your cards.
  • You can use watercolors, acrylic or more.
  • Spray paint. Some people use spray paint that they have around their homes, and they can make stencils to make the cards unique.
  • Markers, pens, colored pencils, pencils. Find different things that you can write with. Some people will even use calligraphy to make their cards more special.
  • You can use glitter to make the card sparkle.
  • Some people will cut out pictures from magazines.
  • Find pictures of your family, friends, or others that you can put on your cards.
  • Postcards or birthday cards. These are great choices to make your Oracle cards with.
  • Dried flowers, herbs, grass. You can put these things on your cards.
  • Tissue paper. Tissue paper can be used, and you can glue on pieces or make pictures out of them.
  • Wrapping paper. Wrapping paper can make your cards shine.
  • Find tape around your house to take your pictures on the cards.
  • Other items. You can use whatever items you want from around your house.

Designing the Cards

Once you decide what cards you are making, you can start making your own designs. Make sure that all of the cards have the same kind of backs so that you can not be able to know the cards when you do a reading.

You can use stencils or other patterns to make sure that your cards are all the same size. This makes it easier when doing your own reading.

Each card can be different and even though this will not look like a regular deck, it is your deck, and you can do it any way that you want.

One great thing that some people do is to weave their cards. You can take different colors of paper and weave them through, and you can make the cards look like they are checkered.

Making the Front of the Cards

Look at the second list that you made for what you wanted your cards to look like in your Oracle deck. Now, using whatever kind of medium you want, decorate your cards just like you imagined them to be. Use your intuition to make them. Make sure that the cards can be shuffled, and this means that you need to be careful what kind of textures you use.

If you decide to draw on your cards, sketch things out on the side before you are ready to put them on your card. Make sure you are confident in your drawings and what you want.

Work on one card at a time so that you do not get frustrated and give up. You want this to be a fun project and not something that makes you feel aggravated or angry.

Card Meanings

Take all the cards that you have made and connect with them and let them connect with your intuition. You can do this by holding each card individually and see how the cards feel to you. Open up your heart and examine each card and let the meaning of the card come into your mind. Find out what the card means to you. Each card should have its own meaning and make sure that you take notes on the meanings of your own cards.

You can create your own card and you can come up with different meanings and different ideas. Write them all down and look them over to make sure that they are what you want. You can always go back and change the meaning of the card if it makes you feel different or if you feel the need to change it.

Cover Deck

You don’t want to damage your card, especially after you worked so hard on making them and so you need to make sure that they are protected. Tie a ribbon around the deck to keep them together and cover them with something like wax paper or some kind of clear gloss.

Then, take your cards and put them in a box that you have decorated so that you can keep your Oracle cards together. You can even find things that match to put in your box such as a cloth or a ribbon to hold your cards. This will help you to keep the energy strong.

Using Your Deck

Try out your Oracle cards and you can do this by taking one card each day and pulling it and letting it resonate with you. You can also create your own spreads by adding or taking away cards for that reading. You made the deck, and you get to make the rules on how you use them.