Lightworker or Starseed

Lightworkers and Starseeds matter because they are here to bring light and great change to the world. There are a lot of people on the Earth that are here with strong vibrations and the universe helps to make these vibrations stronger. The vibrations that they have are boosted as the planet changes and this allows them to be stronger and to bring hope to the planet.

Starseeds and Lightworkers are people that come to the Earth in order to help others. They bring about their vibrations and their energies and they give them to other people and to the planet. The boost that they give people will help to save the world and help to raise the vibrations of others so that they can focus on what they have.

Their vibrations allow others to feel grateful for the world and the people in it and this allows the world to have hope and to be positive. These people have peace in who they are, and they want to make others see that there is growth and expectations that are good for them.

The Good and the Bad

The world is the best place to live and the soul works with the universe to make things better. Even though things can be hard on earth and not everything is perfect, the world is not a bad place to be. Some people feel that they don’t ever want to come to Earth again because of the messes that are here but as we get to know the Earth, we see that it is not all full of bad energies.

Bad energies are everywhere, and you aren’t taking your good energy and just wasting it because you are here. There are many things to be thankful for such as Mother Earth and what she has given you. Instead of being mad about being here, look how amazing the planet is and work hard to keep it healthy and peaceful. Learn to live your best life and stop being negative.

As you put negative energies into the world, the universe is giving these energies back. Instead, we need to raise the vibrations of the world and talk about how important the world and people are. Instead of saying, “Humans aren’t worth the planet because they are messy,” we need to say, “This place is worth humanity and humanity is good.” As we do this, we will raise the vibrations and then good things will come. We have to stop putting humans down and Mother Earth.

Earth is a place that we need, and we can raise the vibrations. We can get the Earth to keep moving forward and increasing the vibrations if we learn to just appreciate what we have and appreciate the Earth. Some people want to raise the planet vibrations but instead they are just putting hate into the world.


Lightworkers and Starseeds help to raise the vibrations of the Earth. They will raise it for people, and they know better than to talk about how bad people are and how bad the Earth is. Instead, they know that they can fix the planet and so instead of talking down about it, they learn to raise the vibrations by talking about positive things.

People are able to manifest things and if they learn to manifest positive things into the world then they will make the planet a better place. Things cannot always be fixed but you can do your best to make the Earth a place that people want to come back to. You can make the planet a nice place to be. Keep raising the vibrations and keep focusing on how great the Earth is.

Not Doing Lightwork

Many people get impatient, and they want the world to be better immediately. This isn’t possible. You can only see a bit of what is going on in the world around you and if you aren’t doing the lightwork that you need to do, how do you expect things to get better?

Instead of always talking about how badly you hate the Earth, try to clean it up and try to make it a better world to live in. Raise people and stop adding to the mess. Stop being impatient when things aren’t perfect right away. Sometimes there are changes that you aren’t able to see at this point but as you keep raising your vibrations, then you can begin to see more things.

Manifesting with the Law of Attraction

You can manifest positive things with the Law of Attraction, and this happens when you put positive things into the universe. When you appreciate what you have and when you say good things, these things will come back to you.

Visiting the World

Instead of talking about how bad the planet is, start to look at it as a vacation place. Think about all the good things that you can experience and learn to have fun. Have fun with your life and with your soul and enjoy the planet while you are here.

Raising the Vibes

You can raise the Earth’s vibes by talking about how good the world is. You need to fix the vibrations and you can help do this by:

  • Talking positively about the world around you.
  • Help to keep the planet clean.
  • Tell Mother Earth how beautiful and worthy it is.

There are energies in the world that can help the Earth to be a better place. Don’t lower the vibrations by being negative but learn to have balance and to accept the nature of what the world has to offer you.

As lightworkers and Starseeds, you can choose to come to the Earth and make it better. Don’t bring dark energies but make sure that you bring light, and you choose to have love. Mother Earth expects you to help her and to raise her vibrations.

Raising your own vibrations can help to make this happen. As you raise your own vibrations and you become more positive, you will see the world around you grow stronger. Let your light shine and make sure that you are appreciating the beautiful world around you. Appreciate the life that you have been given and the life of others. Have fun and enjoy what you have, a vacation spot that will become your favorite place in the universe.


  1. It’s interesting how the article frames the Earth’s challenges as opportunities for growth rather than insurmountable problems.

  2. Promoting positive energy and reducing negativity can indeed be beneficial for personal and collective well-being.

  3. The concept of manifesting through the Law of Attraction aligns with many psychological theories on positive thinking.

  4. The emphasis on being positive and grateful is a good reminder, regardless of one’s belief in lightworkers and starseeds.


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