Some clients that is spoke with are very confused when it comes to relationship, dating and anything that has got to do with emotions. A lot would understand as they experienced the same thing on how things are going so well at a certain time and then worse in a minute. I told them to start paying attention of what the sign the moon was in as it can make a big difference.

The moon is a heavenly body that is used for everything from planting crops to cutting hair to tasting wine. It’s also a great tool for planning your dating calendar. We all have the moon in a certain sign in our birth charts, and that placement impacts how we deal with relationships. But the moon is always moving in the sky in real time, and the sign it’s passing through sets the emotional tone for the roughly two days it spends in each sign. By paying attention to the moon’s journey through the zodiac, we can plan activities for the best possible success in our relationships.

Best Moon Signs for Passion

There are certain signs that lend themselves to passion, and some that definitely don’t. If you are hoping to heat things up in a relationship or plan a romantic getaway, the following moon signs will help.

Scorpio: Well known for its spicy sexual zing, the moon passing through this sign sets an emotional tone for passion and intimacy. Don’t try to win points by making your love jealous, however, because it’s likely to backfire. Be straightforward, get out your little black dress, and open a bottle of wine.

Taurus: This is a great sign for an outdoor love fest or a gourmet candlelit feast followed by a bedroom retreat. Make sure you have your best sheets, yummy pillows, and decadent chocolate for after.

These signs are astrological opposites, but both can be sexually creative and keen. They are my faves for planning amour. Keep the kink for Scorpio and the erotic massage for Taurus.

Best Moon Signs for Commitment

If you’re hoping to step things up to going steady or even popping the question, some signs naturally bring the emotional energy to a serious, relationship-oriented place.

Capricorn: Don’t believe the bad Cappy raps; this is a great sign to make an informed commitment under. The energy is serious and responsible but also has a touch of humor and earthy sensuality, too.

Libra: If you feel like it’s time to start a conversation about greater commitment, then this moon will help you do it. Airy, fair-minded Libra brings an other-focused clarity—though if there is too much insecurity, the Libra energy can create indecision.

Cancer: The astrological opposite to Capricorn, this emotional and nurturing sign can be a great one to make a baby under or to start talking about having a  family. The energy is nurturing and warm as long as everyone feels safe. The energy is very fertile, however, so plan accordingly!

These three signs are focused on commitment and create the perfect energy to move forward with a person you already trust. But if you’re going on a first date under these moon signs, you might find the energies a little heavy or “too much too soon.”

Best Moon Signs for Communicating

If you need to get something off your chest or are looking to focus on getting-to-know-you chatting, then these three signs are my faves.

Gemini: This sign is perfect for lighthearted repartee or getting some deets on your new flame. The energy is easy and more superficial. Don’t try to have the most serious conversations here, as Gemini can be unfocused and mercurial, but it is great for fun, getting acquainted dates.

Aquarius: Renowned for objectivity and listening ability, this moon’s energy is more favored for tough discussions—unless you are dealing with really sacred cows, in which case the also famed Aquarian “I’m right” energy can kick in. If the cows are mooing, wait for a Libra moon instead.

Sagittarius: This is a great sign for an all night soul-sharing session. The energy can go deep while keeping it light, so there is staying power for both serious and fun topics.

Best Moon Signs for Fun

Of course, some signs just lend themselves to fun, extravagance, or exploration.

Leo: You will find great energy for over-the-top dates like masquerade balls or New Year extravaganzas under this moon. Make sure you are both on the receiving end of admiration and adoration, otherwise you might have a Leo drama-fest.

Gemini: The easy nature of the Twins ensures laughter and possible mischief. This sign creates a fun energy for double dates or group experiences, too.

Sagittarius: Exploration is Sagittarius’ forte; if you want to hike to a remote cliff-top, jump off, and swim to a picnic spot, this is the perfect energy to do it under! Likewise, a weekend jaunt to foreign shores or just exploring the new Ethiopian restaurant are good activities for this sign.

As with all astrological advice, know that your intentions and personal energy impact your dates way more than the moon does. But moon energy is palpable, both in astrological placement and the phase. Have fun tracking the moon’s energy and see if you notice certain trends. Don’t be rigid about anything. And if you are curious about how the moon affects you and your love life on a deeper level, consult an advisor about your moon sign or explore the location of other planets—such as Mars, Venus, and Mercury—in your chart or in transit.


  1. While astrology isn’t scientifically proven, it’s interesting to see how people use it to guide their social interactions.

  2. The article presents an interesting perspective, though it would be beneficial to see more evidence-based research on this topic.

  3. The correlation between the moon’s position and relationship dynamics is intriguing. It’s a different way to consider emotional influences.

  4. The idea of planning relationship activities around moon signs is novel. I wonder how many people actually find it effective.

    • I’ve tried it a few times, and it seems to align with my experiences. It’s worth experimenting with.

  5. I appreciate the detailed breakdown of moon signs for different relationship activities. It’s a useful guide for those who follow astrology.

  6. I wonder if there’s any empirical data to support the impact of the moon’s phases on human behavior. It’s a fascinating hypothesis.

  7. Understanding the moon’s influence on emotions might be helpful for those experiencing unpredictable relationship patterns.

  8. This is an engaging read, though I’m skeptical about the practicality of applying moon sign guidance to real-life situations.


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